Yellowfin 8.0.2 will be bundled with selected JDBC drivers

In Yellowfin 8.0.2, we are making some changes to the way that we distribute database drivers. The amount of databases we support remains the same, this only affects where you get the driver from.

Previously we bundled a large number of drivers with the Yellowfin installer. From 8.0.2 we are reducing the amount of drivers we are shipping out of the box to the following:

  • SQL Server
  • Postgres 
  • HSQL
  • Sybase ASE

This means that for anything else you will be need to download the relevant driver from the providers website.
Downloading the relevant driver is extremely easy, and in most cases you will already have it! If you don’t simply type a search term into your browser search as follows;

Download jdbc driver for <database>

…and it should be one of the top results

There are only 2 places you may be prompted to upload a database driver into Yellowfin;

  1. During installation.
    This is in order to connect to the database that you plan to use as the Yellowfin configuration database.
  2. When setting up a new data source and the data source is greyed out.
    In these cases you will need to upload via plugin management.

If you're after a way to repackage these drivers into your own Yellowfin custom installer, this can easily be done by following the steps here.

If you have any troubles finding the driver you require or importing them into into Yellowfin, please let us know.

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