Connecting to Google BigQuery

Yes!  It's possible to connect to Google BigQuery with Yellowfin.  While this is a bit more involved of a process than some other data sources, this guide will help you accomplish it!

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the JDBC-4.1 from:
    1. Important to note you will need to change the extension of the .zip to .yfp
  2. Use the plugin manager of Yellowfin to import the entire .yfp file in order to access the JDBC driver.
  3. If you haven't already, create a service account for your Google BigQuery project.  Then download the service account password file in .p12 format and remember where you place it.
  4. Now you can create a new data source in Yellowfin using the following settings:

Some things to note:

The Project should be in the following format:

Make sure the project name is in lower case here.

The 'Driver Path' should be set to the following location:

If you"re using Windows, double backslashes are required:
e.g. C:\\Users\\Dustin Levasseur\\Documents\\Yellowfin Builds\\7.2 20160729\\appserver\\webapps\\ROOT\\WEB-INF\\lib

The username is equal to your service account username.

The trickiest part here is the password.  The password must be set to the location of your .p12 certificate file.  Remember, if you are using Windows, double backslashes are required:
C:\\Users\\Dustin Levasseur\\Desktop\\236909\\236909\\my-test-20160229-07db00e69d15.p12

Test your connection!

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