How to connect to MongoDB from Yellowfin

As MongoDB is a NoSQL database, it does not ship with a standard JDBC driver. However it is still possible to bring your data into Yellowfin with a bit of setup:

1. The first thing we need to do is to install Mongo's prerequisites for the ODBC

2. Next we need to start up the mongodbsql program. This will search for incoming ODBC connections to the Mongo instance and will translate the SQL query to Mongo's query syntax.

  • Navigate to the "Connector for BI" bin folder in the mongo primary directory. Eg  C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.5\bin
  • Open a command prompt and run the application: .\mongosqld.exe

3. Next we need to create a DSN for the ODBC connection

  • Open Windows ODBC Data Sources (can be found in administrative tools)
  • Click "Add"
  • Select the Mongo ODBC from the list of dropdowns (this will only be visible if you have already installed the ODBC driver)
  • Fill in the rest of the fields as appropriate (the port for mongosqld should be 3306 or 3307)

4. Install the JDBC/ODBC bridge. If you are currently using a JRE more recent than 7 you will need to follow these instructions:

5. In Yellowfin, create a new data source and select generic ODBC connection. The DSN name will be that which you created in step 3, and the credentials will be the credentials to your mongodb that were also specified in step 3.

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