Master Change Log: 7.3 - January 2017 through current release version

-- Release notes for v7.3 & v7.3Plus can be found at the bottom of this article --

Below is the running change log for v7.3 & v7.3Plus. We will update this knowledge base article each month that a release is sent out. At the bottom of the post are the original release notes for v7.3 and v7.3Plus. To download the latest available versions login to the Yellowfin website here, Portal login access...

With the release of v7.3Plus (5/26/2017) we will have two branches of the v7.3 version available for about two months. We plan to combine v7.3 and v7.3Plus into one release for August 2017. Once the two versions are combined we will only have one release of v7.3 available to download going forward.

Latest Release Change Log update:

Yellowfin BI 7.3 - build 20170728
7.3 June End of Month Patch
Published: 4 Aug, 2017

Enhancement: 5

5490 - Added an enhancement that will now allow you to set user prompted Report Parameters through web services.

6133 - Added an option to display labels, and select which field to generate them from, on scatter chart data points.

5481 - Added functionality so now a warning message will be displayed if an html report broadcast email is larger than 10MB.

5954 - Added support for Google Maps via Web Services

4943 - Added two new configurable settings for long running report popup options being displayed or hidden. They are now based on user roles, client default settings and individual settings.

Resolved Issues: 25

5534 - Added a check for null value to prevent NPE in a particular scenario when sorting result set.

5894 - Added background color settings for report data (ContentSettings -> Report Settings -> Styles -> Data).

6115 - Added functionality so Google BigQuery now supports time and date data types.

5683 - Added functionality so that user without the right to create a new view (button not available) can now select the last element in the view list when creating a new report.

4658 - Added some more escaping of the report name to prevent JavaScript pop-ups.

4688 - Fixed a problem in which a cloned view would not inherit a filter value case set when getting copied/cloned.

5732 - Fixed a problem in which the omit option wouldn't work in boolean filters when 'allow omit' is enabled.

5410 - Fixed a problem in which watermark images were disappearing from private reports.

5301 - Fixed a problem so stop a SQL exception from appearing when grouping is applied to a numeric column.

6124 - Fixed a problem that the IpOrg in Report Broadcast record was incorrect (was always 'default org').

5463 - Fixed a problem to allow the content folder on the browse section to be displayed on the left in the mobile browser.

6015 - Fixed a problem to improve performance in the View Builder's prepare section and stop it from lagging.

6116 - Fixed a problem where the timestamp format was not correct which causes an issue within the JDBC Driver (but not to other data sources).

5239 - Fixed a problem with access filters showing twice in the report builder.

5938 - Fixed a wrongly translated label for View(s) in Portuguese

6533 - Fixed an image loading issue in the report builder.

5389 - Fixed an issue that caused some dates to be displayed in server time instead of the user's local time zone.

6529 - Fixed an issue to allow the Storyboard to be exported.

6538 - Fixed an issue to stop deleted data sources from appearing in the client org source substitution list.

6270 - Fixed an issue when a very large value for the InitialWaitTime parameter would cause report execution to be cancelled.

5799 - Fixed an issue where an error would occur when upgrading to 72 (20161031) using Oracle Database.

6173 - Fixed an issue where Client Orgs would not appear in the data source substitution menu section even if they had sources which were available to be substituted.

6283 - Fixed an issue where formats on a time series chart could be lost when the number of unique categories in the pivot table is changed.

6177 - Fixed an issue where the report did not take into account the order of the Groups when grouping data.

5818 - Fixed an issue where the report search panel would appear blank when creating a new dashboard.

6905 - Fixed NumberFormatException error when using some third-party data sources.

5557 - Upgraded Jquery to 3.2.1 as well as JqueryUI to 1.12.1

Yellowfin BI 7.3 - build 20170630
7.3 June End of Month Patch
Published: 30 June, 2017

Enhancement: 8

5688 Additional web services to copy a report.

5414 Exasol database support

4879 Resolved an issue that allowed javascript code to be executed in chart tooltips when active charts were disabled.

5738 Improved email server configuration page allows user to test settings without saving beforehand.

5653 Optimize broadcast reports to run once if logic allows, rather than once per email

6054 Phoenix database support improved

5856 The original view field name is now shown in the column format options

616 The report output container now is of fixed height, so it is scrollable without moving all the UI elements.

Resolved Issues: 71

5219 Allowing JSAPI report with no client org assigned

5354 Resolved issue where default org content was being loaded even when logged into client org via javascript embedded report/dash

4904 when loading the views of a data source, don’t return the csv view created in view builder

5394 Fixed issue with client Ref ID source filter not working correctly at default org level.

245 Fixed co-display "Fit to parent" option so now it works

5044 Boundary options on Google GIS maps have been enabled.

5634 calculate the correct height when setting custom width to keep the aspect ratio of images

5224 Company or client organization logo images in GIF format can now be exported to Excel.

5648 Fixed a bug where column or row totals on cross tab reports with the Last Value type were not updating to the last values after sorting was applied.

5460 fixed a problem of am pm display depends on jvm locale instead of browser language in timeline and schedule management items

5458 fixed a problem where under line option was never saved in report format menu

5885 Fixed an issue where cross tab charts were not correctly applying the table sort order to axes or legends.

5579 Fixed an issue where saving a report as a draft on the chart page would cause newly added charts to incorrectly display errors until the page was reloaded.

5842 Fixed an issue where the chart border color did not match the selected format and would not appear in Firefox or IE.

4817 Fixed an issue where the csv edit tab menu would not appear completely, and deleting the csv redirected to an unrelated result page.

283 Fixed an issue with hidden cross tab headers, where they would show incorrect or duplicated values if one or more headers where hidden.

5169 Fixed checking advanced option to prevent setting values back to default when only local time zone code is changed

5500 Fixed empty space from appearing on a chart when rotated labels are set to show above columns.

143 Fixed incorrect date formats for last modified date/timestamp in dashboard, storyboard and discussion

5884 fixed the problem by setting option to trigger setting the default value to the filter when the page is loaded

342 get the correct Report for the filter to retrieve the report field parameters

5882 We have hidden the report refresh tab when users have no versioned report access in the role

336 In cross tab reports, when using calculated fields the aggregation shows 0 in older reports where the field was marked as 'calculated total'. This has been changed to default back to 'sum' in this specific case.

5479 removed delete option when selecting multiple content and there is non-deleted content in the list

5524 removed empty rows when suppress duplicates are applied to all the shown columns and the row values are the all similar

5083 Resolve the issue on time series brushing linking

5866 set the list of access filters as an empty array list if it is null and put condition to show access filter legends if 'display access filters' option is on

5497 We have resolved an issue that was causing string data returned from Treasure Data to be quoted.

5649 Fixed an issue where advanced statistical functions that use a date as pivot control would not work on the correct axis.

5538 Fixed an overflowing an overflow task that was causing some users tasks to be canceled, this has been changed to queue requests in the proper order.

5521 Fixed an issue with filters dependent on predef dates should work with ranges and not just equals, this is now working correctly

5723 added method handling different cases with csv string splitting

5851 Added scrollbar functionalities if having a long sql statement

5622 added suppress duplicate option for row based reports

194 Added the original datasource field name and the original view name for fields at the column details tab of the report builder.

5621 Added sorting by column and/or row totals when total column and/or total row are hidden in table.

5768 Broadcast scheduler works fine. Time zone mistake.

5242 changed old style alert to confirm dialog

5775 Changed the navigation in dashboards to only show associated reports for the current dashboard tab.

5462 Content Translation is now possible for Dashboard Help Window.

2583 Empty Data Source description can be saved now.

5388 error handling/message added when image to be uploaded to update user profile cannot be processed

6118 Exclude the option Reference Code in the drop-down list when the field has a parent filter and the option 'Dependent Values' is on.

5105 Fixed a problem of having javascript error when browsing the dashboard having series selection (but visible is off)

5647 Fixed a problem that Jasper reports never have next/previous buttons to go to other pages in Report Output page

4932 fixed a problem when dragging multiple sub fields from geopack, only 1 came through

25 Fixed an issue on GIS maps where the boundaries from a layer were not being applied.

5887 Fixed an issue where "Create" links (e.g. Create Report, Create View, etc) weren't working in custom toolbars.

5848 Fixed an issue where a plot on a combination chart which is intentionally left without a series applied to it and is a line chart, was having a line drawn at zero.

5909 Fixed an issue where applying conditional formatting to a dimension on a color field for a trellis chart would cause the tooltip for the color field to be shown as value 0, rather than the dimension value it is.

5917 Fixed an issue where auto chart matching was occurring unnecessarily when not an auto chart

5722 Fixed an issue where fields were not identified as problem fields and therefore included in chart generation resulting in an error generating the chart.

5973 Fixed an issue where selecting a report with an Auto or Trellis time series chart in the dashboard analytic setup would cause a null pointer exception.

5274 Fixed an issue where the series selection panel would not be visible if you had a variance field on your chart, even though it would be a problem field not considered in chart generation.

5870 Fixed an issue where the time units drop down menu on the time series chart field did not show all valid options.

5815 Fixed an issue where time series unit selection on the report page would not function when the chart had an animation field.

5753 Fixed an issue with GeoPack cache to handle instances when the cache is not loaded.

5828 Fixed an issue with Ref-code filters that have default values. Display Style option would now be available for such filters.

5603 Fixed error messages in drill through when numeric filters are empty

5724 Fixed problem in Dashboard where sorting from a custom query for filter values was not being applied correctly.

5733 Fixed system error viewing storyboards with embedded reports that are restricted to the current user.

5989 Group Filters Display style dropdown is still visible after changing the entry style to list using reference codes and parameters are selected.

5197 Handled case where org ref was not passed properly through web services

4945 hide report menus when user have no permission to create/edit/delete reports

5567 Radar chart series colors will correctly appear transparent when explicitly set to no color.

5759 This is not a defect

5852 This issue was rectified during the course of update deployments for 7.3

5739 upper limits of records per page is now also displayed for reports on Dashboard

5636 We have resolved an issue that was causing a null pointer error when a user would run a connector report that had predefined date/time filter.

48 We have resolved an issue that was causing an empty value list of a dependent filter which relied on a date range parent filter's selections.

5174 We have resolved an issue that was causing xlsx export to save with a different date

5556 Fixed an issue with zero's showing as gaps in line charts, this has been fixed.

Yellowfin BI 7.3 - build 20170523
7.3 May End of Month Patch
Published: 2 June, 2017

Enhancement: 5

5414 - Added support for Exasol JDBC driver.

4879 - Fixed an issue that allowed JavaScript code to be executed in chart tooltips when active charts were disabled.

5561 - Added correct connection context for cached filter custom queries when using web services

5563 - Added correct connection context for report on report background execution when using web services

5599 - Added several changes to support Exasol DB as a CSV target.

Resolved Issues: 54

5588 - Fixed an issue within the admin area that was showing an empty cell. The fix now shows the correct number of users of a role per client org. You now see the correct numbers of users per client.

5394 - Fixed an issue that was causing the client ref ID filter to not work with the default org.

245 - Fixed a display issue with the 'fit to parent' co-display option within this version.

5248 - Fixed an upgrade issue with the analytic function within a specific report type to not work, this has been fixed.

5539 - Added an error message handling case of not selecting any tables with third party view when you are trying to create a new connector view.

5746 - Added SessionUtil.encodeURL() to work with different Tomcat configurations as this was causing images to not display.

5219 - Allowing JS API report with no client org assigned

5376 Added a new message alert when an SSRS report is empty, user will now see a red dot next to mandatory filters when these are required.

5489 - Fixed a border formatting issue to work without setting the data style to custom.

5044 - Enabled boundary options on Google GIS maps

5793 - Fixed issue with client org being able to delete primary org content, the delete option has been removed for all primary org content at the client org level.

5836 - Fixed an issue with the scroll bar in dashboard report for multiple chart canvas when using horizontal and vertical functionality.

5240 - Fixed problem import/export issue with reports when there is an empty canvas.

5689 - Fixed problem with saving default values in view filters when using predefined periods within views.

5385 - Fixed a null pointer exception error caused by changing the first field of a variance field on a chart from a field with metric color applied to a field that has no metric color configured.

5681 - Fixed a null pointer exception error that occurred when creating a chart with an animation.

5460 - Fixed a problem with am/pm display that was dependent on JVM locale instead of browser language in timeline and schedule management items.

5515 - Fixed a problem when a metric is changed to dimension in the view level, it still has default aggregation as sum (not applicable).

5571 - Fixed a problem with replacing ## with the field value when exporting to excel.

5337 - Fixed an issue when opening an SSRS report for the first time that caused a null pointer exception error.

5485 - Fixed an issue when upgrading from 7.1 to 7.3 where MS SQL connections would become broken after the upgrade.

5604 - Fixed an issue where an error occurred on a dimension split multiple bar chart and changing the aggregation on a metric color to be count or count distinct.

5829 - Fixed an issue with cached filters in sub-queries from a view that's different from the master query

5585 - Fixed a display issue with in-list child filters in the left side nav

5249 - Fixed an issue with total aggregation as calculated total in pivot tables

5353 - Fixed an issue where default values of view parameters were not being passed to reports

5169 - Fixed an issue linked to checking advanced option to prevent setting values back to default when only local time zone code is changed that impacted refresh of setting to not be saved correctly

143 - Fixed incorrect date format for last modified date/timestamp in dashboards, storyboards, and discussions.

5610 - Fixed issue with parameter filters in AdHoc reports

5450 - Fixed issue with SQL server data sources being un-editable after upgrading from 7.1 to 7.3

5375 - Fixed problem importing SSRS data sources and reports when the report contains mandatory filters, this issue was causing the process to hang

5471 - Fixed an issue that was causing the inability to switch between entry style to dial and slider for numeric parameter entry styles

5020 - Fixed the scrolling issue on field selection section to resize sub queries filter setting tab

5787 - Fixed issue with SSRS report that was causing a blank report display, linked to filters from sub query reports

5456 - Fixed issue with how the system handled custom parameters when linking to URL (XLS and RTF) types

5314 - Fixed issue where a co-display report would run even if the load option was set to off. Co-display now doesn't run

5670 - Improved system performances when saving views

336 - In cross tab reports, when using calculated fields the aggregation shows 0 in older reports where the field was marked as 'calculated total'. This has been changed to default back to 'sum' in this specific case.

5791 - Fixed null pointer errors with SRSS reports linked to LDAP groups if they haven’t been loaded when enter Client Edit Page, we now remove LDAP users if they do not have LDAP group names.

5645 - Fixed oh - no error when dragging metric field with filter groups, no more error

5479 - Removed delete option when selecting multiple content and that content includes non-deletable content in the list.

5524 - Fixed an issue where suppress duplicates was not working correctly with HTML generated and exported PDF reports. We have removed empty rows when suppress duplicates are applied to all the shown columns and the row values are all similar

5551 - Fixed an issue with linking filters in setting the properties of a mandatory filter that has a parent relationship

5584 - Fixed an issue where chart thumbnails on the chart builder page would appear broken after upgrading.

5378 - Fixed an issue where the initial value was not selected for mandatory drop down filter options with SSRS dependancies

5354 - Fixed an issue where default org content was being loaded even when logged into client org via JavaScript embedded report/dash

5580 - Fixed an issue within view builder to address a syntax error, changed N/A value to empty string instead of null so that html select option will pick the value instead of the text

5426 - Added runtime database errors details in the user interface when retrieving results and to help with overall system management

5377 - Fixed an issue with SSRS reports not loading images correctly in a dashboard, system now using correct image mapping path when loading reports in dashboard

5903 - Fixed display issues where report totals on a dashboard are being just off within the report canvas portlet

5696 - Fixed an issue that was causing the multi part identifier to not display when using SRSS reports and view level freehand SQL calculated fields

5442 - Fixed an issue that was causing default values on a report to not automatically be selected within the filter formatting portlet

5333 - Fixed an issue with exported or printed top 10 ranked report that was causing empty pages to be displayed

5119 - Fixed an issue with suppress duplicates not working correctly with HTML generated reports

Yellowfin BI 7.3Plus - build 20170526
Yellowfin 7.3Plus update
Published: 26 May, 2017

This is a new release so no change log until next month. Release notes are attached below.

Yellowfin BI 7.3 - build 20170420
Yellowfin 7.3 update
Published: 28 April, 2017

Enhancements: 6

5307 - Added validation filter support for Ingres and Vector sources

4768 - Added new pre-defined date filter drop down option for "Calendar Quarter before Last"

407 - Added the ability to set PDF options when exporting a report as a PDF using web services

4788 - Added custom tooltip axis to the scatter chart which overrides the automatically generated tooltip for this chart

5160 - A new toggle option has been added when selecting solid or gradient for series style on charts. This toggle controls whether custom colors are used for the series or the default colors, as set in the organization’s content settings. This enhancement also results in a transparent effect applied to the series when no color is selected.

100 - Added date picker for date parameter filters

Resolved Issues: 75

776 - Fixed an issue with HTTPS links not working within storyboard for embedded videos

5328 - Fixed performance issues across the following areas: login, browse page, thumbnail loading, dashboard, and report definition loading

4774 - Fixed a refresh issue when a change is made to the filter hierarchy within the filter format page

243 - Fixed an issue with the left side navigation not saving the filter breadcrumb when using a pre-defined customer period

4892 - Fixed an issue when create report option would no longer appear for users that don’t have any accessible content folders within the current org they are logged into

263 - Fixed an issue that was not updating the cached view when an icon was deleted

4931 - Fixed an issue where the date was being formatted according to the browser preferences and not the multi-language preference in Yellowfin

5282 - Fixed an issue where the local region in the user edit page was being loaded incorrectly

5008 - Fixed an issue when a user would set a report as a favorite in Android app, this will now work

5109 - Fixed an issue in subscribing to a report in the Android app

3506 - Fixed an issue with cached-on-demand and query-on-demand filters for minimum and maximum values returning null

5014 - Fixed time-stamp range issue for predefined date filters

4814 - Fixed an issue within storyboard that was hiding the global filters in the title page which made it so you could not access the global filters, this is now fixed

5320 - Fixed an issue related to deleting and re-uploading certain connectors, the connector is now removed

5091 - Fixed an issue where the numeric reference codes would not show their properly formatted values in filter breadcrumbs using all filter operators

2947 - Fixed an issue where the period filters do not show a value box for 'custom' and any 'pre-defined period'

4973 - Fixed an issue in the iOS app that was causing the drill anywhere options are now showing when connecting as a client org

5164 - Fixed an issue that was causing the AM / PM display was using the locale details from the JVM. This has been changed to use the locale details from multi-language deployment

4905 - Fixed a display issue with the advanced functions now uses column display name

197 - Fixed a display issue where the bubble scatter plot axes will now correctly extend to avoid cutting off bubbles

2600 - Fixed a report issue with multiple breadcrumbs that was causing the window popup to not show

5369 - Fixed an issue that impacted the browse list layout when you sort on the name column

5102 - Changed old alert in adv. analytical function to new style look (confirm dialog)

2559 - Changed the tooltip and the column name for group data fields to make the new style look

4760 - Fixed an issue that was causing the metric aggregation label function to be missing on some charts

5088 - Fixed an issue with the conditional format options under the series setting panel are now hidden on time series charts as they are not supported

5052 - Fixed an issue with the conditional format applied to a report field can now be enabled when that field is used as the label field on a Google Map chart

5077 - Fixed an issue with the incorrect check box description being used

5108 - Disable count and count distinct aggregation options if the report field has group data applied to it

5104 - Disabled date and time category in advanced function for date field that has group data applied to

5006 - Enhanced the content and usage summary of data sources to fetch Jasper and Birt reports

4922 - Fixed an issue with the values of the localized text causing the html tags to display in bad spots, so now it does not affect the localized text with html tags in it

5131 - Fixed an issue with loading datasource usage statistics when there are more than 1000 views on a datasource

4615 - Fixed a NullPointerException for advance union sub query

4885 - Fixed an issue with apostrophes not displaying correctly in the display filter values with bread crumbs

5001 - Fixed an issue within date formatter causing a NullPointerException

4820 - Fixed an issue with the unit code value in dashboard filters causing an error when building comparative infographic charts

5138 - Fixed a null pointer caused by null values in a comparative infographic chart's dataset

5115 - Fixed an exception that occurred after removing a chart field that was being used in a trend field on the same chart

5144 - Fixed an IndexOutOfBoundsException from occurring when a series on a time series chart did not contain data for all the dates in the first series. Also, removed chart fields from the variance configuration menu if they are not valid for the chart (when they are grayed out).

5135 - Fixed an issue where an exception would be thrown when drilling on a set analysis that includes a field which is part of a hierarchy, on a chart based on a crosstab report

5237 - Fixed an issue where charts and reports would not load when a Google Map chart was the first chart on a report and the Google Map API was disabled in Yellowfin's content settings

5368 - Fixed an issue where google maps do not show a static image on the chart builder page along the bottom of the page

5161 - Fixed an issue that caused a NullPointerException when you are using data profiling for virtual tables

5321 - Fixed an issue where an error was being caused by the filter breadcrumbs from previous reports

5137 - Fixed an issue in view level field default setting that was causing the default aggregation at view level to be wrong

4306 - Fixed meter chart plot background being set to white regardless of the option values

5097 - Fixed navigation problems in the iOS app, specially in drill anywhere reports

5277 - Fixed parameter filter breadcrumb default values in report builder

5278 - Fixed parameter filter menu default values in report builder

5205 - Fixed unavailability of data-sources with more than one driver option

5066 - Hide font and hyperlink options until text widgets are in edit mode

280 - Hide SQL view summary tab for CSV views

5289 - Fixed issue with loading embedded connector content on HSQLDB resolved

5113 - Removed dial and slider value entry methods for date and text parameter filters

4913 - Fixed an issue with the uploading of a CSV when you change a column from a metric to dimension was not showing in the report, this has been fixed

5168 - Fixed an issue that was limiting the entry box to only accept 2 digits, it now accepts 3 digits

5220 - Added the user prompt icon to now shown for applicable logic operator/field combinations when creating a set analysis field on a chart

5086 - Fixed an English bleed through translations issue for number summaries to default to empty if not required

5345 - Fixed a security level issues with the library Xerces, Commons-HttpClient and commons-FileUpload

4617 - Fixed an issue that was causing problems when the user selects edit dashboard and then selects to add the tab to the dashboard. Once the user clicks 'Add tab', the tab is added to the dashboard in edit mode now.

5132 - Fixed text wrapping issue on report canvas

5128 - Fixed a display issue where <@=truncatedCount@> was showing rather than the actual number, it is now changed to the number of the results

2635 - Fixed an issue where the sub query filters would not show with the report details

5547 - Fixed a problem with unable to save default values due to undefined property name

5210 - Fixed an issue with cross tab pivot time series charts where the granularity was not being used to aggregate values correctly when changing from the default granularity. Also, fixed the time series variance aggregations when granularity was changed from the default granularity.

5101 - Fixed an issue on category pivot based charts where the line was breaking for nulls rather than treating the nulls as zero

5208 - Fixed a problem reading UTF-8 encoded CSV files when importing ref codes

5010 - Fixed a problem with rectangle shapes in report designer not showing correctly after upgrading from 7.1 to 7.3.

5068 - Fixed an issue with duplicate text when exporting to an xlsx format

169 - Fixed an issue with exporting of drill downs with org ref codes when exporting to xlsx

5059 - Fixed an issue that was causing display problems with the reference code display for view level filters

5133 - Fixed an issue with dashboard drill through not working if autorun is set to off

5203 - Fixed an issue when license limit exceeded, a warning is now shown and the user is not allowed to create a new connection

4610 - Fixed an upgrade issue from v7.1/v7.2 to v7.3 with horizontal and legend sorting on pivot based charts

Yellowfin BI 7.3 - build 20170331
Yellowfin 7.3 update
Published: 31 March, 2017

Enhancements: 14

5011 - Improved efficiency of source filter usage statistics when editing source filter from datasource

4586 - Added numeric translations for number summaries within the unit number formatter

2574 - Added functionality that will now show multi-chart canvas when a chart has mandatory filters are applied on a design page

672 - Add functionality to allow the linking of filters for olap reports

548 - Added the ability to search for users using their userID or email within the administration area

701 - Added functionality within the installer to now check for missing indexes when upgrading

4906 - Improved performance related to broadcast function and report builder

744 - Added functionality to allow you to create custom salutations inside the email template. These are saved per-language with the option of saving a blanket default value for all languages. Additionally, custom footer text is also now saved per-language. Existing custom footers will be treated as the default for all languages and will not be lost.

737 - Added additional functionality to improve site security to address cross site scripting (XSS)

684 - Added functionality to allow to @mention (and invite if admin of discussion) someone who is not a member of a discussion, and for discussion admins to add and invite people from within comment security user search.

493 - Add new role functions to allow admins to restrict information a user sees on the error page when something goes wrong

2568 - Added option for text widgets in canvas to add a hyperlink

285 - Added functionalities to allow the admin to give users the permission to users to approve any report

264 - Added an option so that it is now possible to configure whether nulls are treated as zero or nulls are treated as nulls for the accumulative total and accumulative percentage analytic function

Resolved Issues: 90

4851 - Fixed issue with running a GIS Report via webservices with Series Selection widget

4763 - Fixed issue with toggle sort order in browse page if it is sorted by NAME, by clicking on the sort by NAME option

321 - Fixed issue with the configure filters box to show the title text in German, and will now allow you to close the filter box

5131 - Fix issues with loading datasource usage statistics when there are more than 1000 views on a datasource

5124 - Fixed issue which could happen when clicking on content folders in admin console using MySQL

5003 - Fixed an issue where using a report section from a subquery would cause an error

4993 - Fixed an issue that was dealing with null MdxFragment value causing MdxFragmentException when drill

4876 - Fixed an issue in accessing date picker by clicking date filter user prompt

4838 - Fixed editable filter and section descriptions to display original text in report builder

4835 - Fixed an issue where some variances where not supported on some non-auto chart selections

4829 - Fixed an issue in the View Builder where sub fields caused an error

4818 - fixed a long name issue and added tooltip for long names (over 42 chars)

4797 - Fixed getting field name to compare and apply the correct color for series selection

4754 - Fixed an issue that was not saving the sort properties while navigating between tabs of browse page

4751 - Fixed an issue with animated non-auto charts with time-series and variance

4741 - Fixed an issue with folder order in view builder for olap

4681 - Fixed an issue that stopped charts from being removed correctly when switching a report to a cross tab

4680 - Fixed a column resizing issue in view builder

4646 - Fixed an issue where yearly comparison & visible series selection can both be toggled on

4616 - Fixed an issue with the series selection in a pop up comment causing an error

4594 - Fixed an issue with the browse all that will now reset after selecting browse dashboards/reports/etc.

4584 - Fixed an issue with long report names overlapping and covering the close button

4578 - Fixed a display issue when drilling into a report on a dashboard with the scroll bar would cut off some details

4532 - Fixed an issue that caused the field type code in ReportFromReportProcess to not display

4522 - Fixed an issue where calculations access option would not appear on view level calculated field

4464 - Fixed an issue where a report that was not using time unit function was still showing the option to select and use this functionality, this has not been disallow

3703 - Fixed an issue that could happen when copying a report and adding/removing fields

3696 - Fixed an issue that was linked to the thousand-separator appearing after maximizing reports on dashboard load

3695 - Fixed an issue that was linked to the top level of drill down hierarchy would cause the top line to vanish after you maximized the report

3693 - Fixed an issue where using a date function field created from a sql server timestamp field in a report which uses a view-from-report view would cause errors

2986 - Fixed an issue that would cause the save as option to not work within view builder

2984 - Fixed an issue that was causing the series selection to no work with in the pop-up

2961 - Fixed and issue within the import of a report with an icon object

2638 - Fixed an issue within the report field aggregation option, will now show in alphabetical order

2622 - Fixed an issue with the between operator that was impacting the filter function

2617 - Fixed an issue that was allowing empty values when user edited parameters, this is no longer allowed

2608 - Fixed an issue that would display the old view summary page after a rollback was performed within the administration area

2579 - Fixed an issue that was causing the thumbnails for reports that was built on reports and then saved as a view to no longer be displayed on the report

2567 - Fixed a display issue within canvas so now the corrected alignment is achieved within the text widget settings

2562 - Fixed an issue that was causing the column data to not be updated when field types in the left fields panel is changed

2540 - Fixed an issue that was causing the guidelines to remain when you drag something to zero, now guideless will be removed from the canvas when dragged to zero

476 - Fixed an issue that was causing deleted ref codes to still show on the drop-down list, the list will now refresh on delete

343 - Fixed an issue that was causing the text to numeric view level converter to now work, now text field can be used as a dimension or a metric if a text to numeric converter has been applied to it

257 - Fixed an issue where style settings for line charts were not showing on the chart series setting panel for cross tab reports

255 - Fixed an issue that was allowing users who were not in the correct client org to create roles within the default org

198 - Fixed an issue with drill down not working in a dashboard tab

170 - Fixed an issue that was not showing the right error message when a user tried to create a storyboard there was no default theme

158 - Fixed an issue that was not removing the snapshot function when a SSRS report is being used

103 - Fixed blank data on prepare step of view builder for cached views

97 - Fixed an issue that was causing users to not input details within list filters in jasper reports

69 - Fixed issue to restrict view fields with unsupported data types from being configured

5400 - Fixed an issue where filter parameters and filter menu conflicts would cause a submit error 500 issue

4747 - Fixed an issue with calculated field in both view and reports would fail validation

4699 - Fixed problem with missing characters in CSV translation exports

4695 - Fixed possible text overlap in chart series summary panels

4653 - Fixed a style issue when column is hidden

4103 - Fixed error when performing data analysis and the view contains a virtual table

279 - Fixed the total label position for custom stacked bar charts

291 - Fixed an issue with the Italy postcode geopack within the Oracle JVM occurring when a GIS map only contains one point

4992 - Fixed an issue with column names with apostrophes properly display

4857 - Fixed a system setting so that synchronous background tasks will not be cancelled after 1 minute of execution

4842 - Fixed an error when copying / editing Jasper reports

4786 - Fixed issue where axis settings were unavailable for non-auto charts

4783 - Added missing abbreviated day translations in the date picker for Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Thai, and Chinese

4698 - Fixed an issue with translation of older names based on owner organization

4696 - Fixed an issue related to Italian translations for filter operator names

4656 - Fixed CSV translation export for secondary vertical axis on charts

4650 - Updated aggregation labels for Chinese translations

4607 - Fixed a sort issue with values in filter prompt that have two sets of values

4602 - Fixed JS error on editing storyboard title

4575 - Fixed an export issue to all dashboard table reports to be exported to text files

4528 - Fixed error using date slider in a dashboard report after it is replaced during import

3062 - Fixed an issue in displaying applied filter date

299 - Fixed an issue with localize date tick labels on time series charts linked to AP server

276 - Fixed an issue that was causing an error linked to the incorrect predefined values for timestamps when working with a DB2 datasource

254 - Fixed an issue where the wrong driver would be selected on a generic jdbc data source after upgrade to 7.2 or higher

224 - Fixed an issue that would not all access filters to be sorted in descending

205 - Fixed an issue with time zones and report filters to now show minus 24 hours for broadcast

191 - Fixed a UI issue in admin user import with the size of the text box

184 - Fixed filter issue in dashboard dependency filter that would cause the selected filter values to not be applied in some cases

150 - Fixed an issue that was causing scheduled tasks to not display a status as failure if there is an error querying the database when refreshing filters

128 - Fixed an issue that was causing the default values to not be defaulted to if the custom query is incorrect

127 - Fixed an issue that was allowing editing/deleting of primary folders in client orgs

115 - Fixed display issue with the SSRS report summary button on SSRS reports

106 - Fixed a translation problems within the dashboard and navigation menu

34 - Fixed an issue that was not allowing linked options to show for row based reports within dashboard links

3504 - Fixed a mismatch issues for edit/delete pop-up verbiage, this has been fixed

Yellowfin BI 7.3 - build 20170303
Yellowfin 7.3 update
Published: 3 March, 2017

Enhancement: 23

28 - Added schedule option "Weekdays" which will run the task Monday-Friday

711 - Fixed an issue when using Axis 1.4 with Java 1.8.0_20 because of the way collections are sorted. We have addressed this concurrency issue while using the SSO API.

612 - Added functionality that allows client org to be used when embedding reports and dashboards via JS API through new url option 'clientOrg' specified as the client reference id of the desired client. This has the restriction that only one client org can be used per page. Used as such

575 - Add command line option for a yellowfin patch to silently fail when install target version is newer than patch version action.silentfaildowngrade

662 - Extend the width of the hour field in the Broadcast area so the hour does not get truncated.

646 - Added ability to change metric headings, column values, and row value backgrounds in cross tab reports.

515 - Added ability to link parameters to be used as co-display link sources or targets.

433 - Added functionality so that the installer will now checks for missing indexes when upgrading and inserts them to limit upgrade issues.

374 - Added functionality that enables calculated totals for olap fields.

18 - Updated toggle buttons to new UI style.

3058 - Added functionality so that the data preview in the View Builder will show converted data type if a conversion is applied.

732 - Added a "close" button on the data conversion tab of a fields advanced settings, in the report builder to help with usability.

728 - Ensure row based reports keep row width on drill-through pop-ups, when viewed on a mobile device.

713 - Added ability to specify a field separator when exporting CSV files.

658 - Added token system for text widgets in report builder.

608 - Added support for larger files in plugin management and increased scanning efficiency.

606 - Added canvas guide marker for half Dashboard width.

518 - Added functionality to allow setting of column widths for row based reports.

431 - Added functionality to improved color select for disabled options in a selection list now have a Gray80 color (#cccccc).

259 - Added aspect ratio option to shape in widget properties

207 - Added mandatory filter and filter value case functions to be available in field settings options in a stored procedure view.

166 - Added char cast for grouped data field in Sybase ASE.

70 - Added 'Edit/Create New' reference code in report field format, similar in view field format.

Resolved Issues: 89

98 - Fixed security vulnerabilities related to a direct object reference when editing of reports, regardless of permissions of logged in user.

4845 - Fixed issue with SMTP password saving incorrectly.

4574 - Fixed an issue with the help text in the chart settings for google maps.

4520 - Fixed issue where JNDI data source could not be used due to 'oh no' error when connecting to this data source.

4097 - Fixed issue where after setting up an advanced union subquery, adding a field to the report would cause an error.

3056 - Fixed translation issue with popup when saving report in a multi-language deployment.

2956 - Fixed display issue in the new slide popup in storyboard.

335 - Fix table/column header lock weirdness when table contains binary images.

320 - Fixed issue that will restrict a user to create a subquery off an inaccessible datasource.

310 - Fixed incorrect tooltip text in the license management page.

306 - Fix an issue where the prompt value button is missing from the filter format popup for a third party advanced sub query filter.

305 - Fixed an null pointer exception when trying to create a view based from a TreasureData source.

287 - Fixed an issue related to authenticating using LDAP servers when TLS encryption is selected.

284 - Fix an issue where prompt value button is incorrectly displayed in the filter format popup for a stored procedure advanced sub query filter.

275 - Fixed an issue that was causing the date format to not respects language settings in report tables.

274 - Fixed an issue that would cause a no results co-display issue when using min/max value where the child filter does not support min/max option.

270 - Fixed an issue that would allow a user to edit their own profile information even when their access to user management is read only.

269 - Fixed an issue when accessing filter values of OLAP reference code formatted filters would cause a null pointer exception error.

266 - Fixed an issue where default org top level folder, with the same name, would show as a subfolder in the client org. Also, fixed top level folders being merged.

247 - Fixed an issue that would not display the option to add a regular filter to a stored procedure.

216 - Fixed an issue that would disable 'having' filters when populating cached filter values.

212 - Fixed an issue that forced a regular filter as 'mandatory', now normal filters are no longer always tagged as mandatory when creating a stored procedure report.

201 - Fixed an issue with cross site scripting security flaw.

193 - Fixed an issue which broke the filter panel UI when Parameters are used as filters. Parameters are usable after a view is cached and you have the ability to define values for parameter filters.

187 - Fixed an issue with a filter display defect where org ref codes would show their unformatted value if they were based off a numeric field.

164 - Removed the option of Reference Code in the drop-down list when the field has a parent filter and the option 'Dependent Values' is on.

159 - Fixed an issue with 'login logic' to work when Yellowfin operates in a cluster which does not have session replication.

114 - Fixed an issue where a dashboard chart would no longer drill down after being reset when drilling had been applied to another chart.

105 - Fixed an issue that would cause the legend options on meter charts to display when no conditional formatting is applied.

81 - Fixed an issue related to region settings and how the user name formatting is displayed in sub folders.

75 - Fixed a refresh issue when brushing is used with dashboard reports having Unit Selection and the units change.

74 - Fixed an issue where a null number value used on a chart which has animation, would cause the formatting to not be applied to the chart.

53 - Fixed an error that occurs when going back up a drill anywhere hierarchy after changing filter values.

49 - Fixed an issue where the prompt value button is incorrectly displayed in the filter format popup for a third party advanced sub query filter.

37 - Added ability to allow multiple values when linking by fields and child filter is inlist/notinlist.

4894 - Fixed a bug where using drill anywhere on a non-olap advanced subquery field attached to an olap master query would cause an error and stop the report from running.

4882 - Fixed an issue that was causing empty values when using converted values and drill through breadcrumbs.

4878 - Fixed an issue where drilling down on date-converted olap field would cause an MDX generation error.

4779 - Fixed an issue that would cause a ConcurrentModificationException error when you deleted a chart used in a canvas.

4638 - Fixed a ClassCastException error when drilling on OLAP reports.

4620 - Fixed an issue where attempting to refresh cached filters on view level filter groups would not work.

4101 - Fixed an issue related to a toggle command not working on a dashboard report link.

2553 - Fixed a UI issue within the admin console that was with the header field and side scroll bar.

416 - Fixed a usability issue with the Save and Exit options in the Data Conversion tab of a fields Advance Function within the Report Builder.

337 - Fixed a display issue so that access filters now only display for filters and stored procedure parameters.

331 - Fixed an issue that was causing suggested data profiling images to display even when a placeholder image was already displayed.

322 - Fixed an issue that was causing the ability to double click to not work, it now works to double click to add a widget to the canvas.

312 - Fixed an issue with calculated fields' CASE statements where the ELSE expression is unnecessarily converted to varchar, which can prevent a calculated field from validating correctly.

309 - Changed the field category label to field folder in the title and description pop-up.

295 - Fixed error ActionErrorsException when using a stored procedure within a chart set analysis.

292 - Fixed sort order issue with content sub folders to sort based on sort order during creation.

286 - Fixed how the builder opens when using 'Edit format' option in the view builder, will now open in the format section of the field settings.

277 - Fixed the spacing for the roll over menu to make it easier to view.

271 - Fixed report titles not displaying correctly in activity stream.

268 - Fixed issue where greyed out fields on the chart builder were being used to determine the chart type.

253 - Fixed a preview issue with the field type icon to make sure that it is updated accordingly when the corresponding view field type changes.

248 - Fixed a javascript issue with Storyboard Title Slides.

241 - Fixed scrolling issue with drop-down menus to ensure they are scrollable if they don't fit within the browser window's height.

239 - Fixed an issue that causes shapes on multi chart to not be captured. We have a couple of issues in this area that we are working to address.

232 - Fixed an issue that causes the canvas settings icon to only appear if no widget within the canvas is selected.

227 - Fixed an issue preventing CSV security access list from displaying correctly.

222 - Added help text below Sql query text area in create access filter area.

219 - Fixed column names disappearing when renaming field columns.

209 - Fixed an issue where a user could set the minimum value of a grid size to = 0, the default is now = 1.

204 - Changed widget properties label to reflect what kind of widget it belongs to.

196 - Fixed text wrapping issue so that SQL queries, in the view summary, now wrap to fit the space.

180 - Fixed the ref code header to span the entire width of the row.

175 - Fixed an issue that was not allowing users to change a field type from a metric to dimension.

161 - Fixed OLAP view hierarchies sorting out of order on first load in view summary.

149 - Fixed issue that was not enabling dynamic values for grouped timestamp data. We now can!

146 - Fixed error when creating a filter within a currency code and then select a value.

136 - Fixed a workflow issue so that when a view is edited from a report the user is taken back to the report after publishing the view.

133 - Fixed a sort issue with ref code usage tab so the default sort is by 'report usage'.

130 - Fixed a display issue with saved numeric parameter so that field type is made available in context menu options.

122 - Fixed a display issue that would show the 'unhappy face' when a new canvas was loaded even though there is an image loaded.

118 - Fixed an issue with cross site scripting security problem.

117 - Fixed a null pointer error linked to an advanced sub query setup for a new connector when selecting prompt for filter value.

112 - Fixed refresh issue with KPI dashboard settings page to populate values more quickly.

102 - Fixed missing validation on column comparison issue.

86 - Fixed an issue where prompt value button is missing for dimension/date fields within a view level filter group.

78 - Fixed display issue so that view summary now shows the table and actual name of a field when it is selected.

62 - Fixed filter list issue to add only 1 new row each time, instead of 3.

55 - Removed field description name automatically defaulting to the name of the field within view builder.

43 - Fixed an issue where the cross-tab charts were not using the correct data ordering for totals.

35 - Fixed the list of groups in the grouped data UI for date/time types to show more meaningful information depending on the operator and selected value(s).

4914 - Fixed a null pointer error in charts when you deleted a chart and then edit a chart, sometimes the old deleted chart is causing an issue.

4803 - Fixed an issue where on a chart using a trellis dataset, the comparative conditional formatting was making the chart fall over.

4759 - Fixed an issue where comparative conditional formatting was not showing on charts as well as advanced conditional formatting was breaking charts from rendering.

4589 - Fixed an issue where when you created an auto chart with two metrics and a function, you received an infinite loop.

Yellowfin BI 7.3 - build 20170202
Yellowfin 7.3 update
Published: 8 February, 2017

Portal login access...

Enhancements: 27

595 - Added restriction to no longer filter associated reports when run on dashboard.

506 - Applying an advanced function will no longer remove conditional formatting, but it is very likely to not be relevant any longer, since the data in the column will probably be different and won't match the existing rules.

780 - Added sort for mobile app so that dashboards will now sort in the order that they appear on the desktop version (sorted top to bottom, left to right).

757 - Added ability to view a list of users assigned to a role when clicking on the number of users in a given roles list within the admin console.

754 - Added ability to now load co-display report filter values from parent filter even when it is linked by field filter.

655 - Added display of generic data source names so that they now appear in a user's preferred language.

637 - Added enhanced display options for breadcrumbs to now show 0 and numeric sliders to work from zero forward.

574 - Added the option to make a data source writable is hidden for data sources that are known to be read-only

545 - Added option for import subquery report id when creating cached/on demand filter records on import workflow.

537 - Added fetch descriptions for reference codes according to the user's preferred language

453 - Added restrictions so that users can now delete only item's they have access to from dashboard management.

385 - Added ability that will allow google premium API clientid to be used for google API key through configuration setting.

357 - Added ability to adjust chart width on dashboard when dash portlet will overflow on single page sectioned reports.

782 - Added chart set analysis to cross tab charts.

759 - Added an option under chart settings to enable/disable tool-tips on that chart.

724 - Added chart set analysis to time series cross tab charts.

675 - Added line shape, thickness, and style options to auto line charts.

659 - Added breadcrumbs for exploded 'other' sections on pie charts and added the functionality so you can explode and reset individual 'other' sections.

622 - Added color options for histogram charts under series settings.

510 - Added chart aggregation to time series cross tab charts.

501 / 387 - Added ability for access filters in relational data sources to be both excluded and included on data values.

364 - Added options for series style, refcode colors, and total bar color on waterfall charts.

346 - Added variance to time series cross tab charts.

32 - Added variance to cross tab charts.

66 - Added ability to now use predefined date range filters with stored procedure reports.

223 - Added ability for OLAP to allow converters and make sure users upgrading who have previously been using the "pseudo" date converter on OLAP cubes have this migrated to use the new text-to-date and text-to-timestamp converters (i.e. updates to the upgrade process).

217 - Added ability to change aggregation to cross tab charts.

Resolved Issues: 118

215 - Fixed default to be off when changing charts for 'Hide Negative Prefix' option.

208 - Fixed database deadlock in view builder when removing tables.

96 - Fixed an issue pertaining to the upgrade from v7.1 to v7.2 that would cause a fault to happen.

89 - Fixed server side validation for creating restricted report types such as Freehand SQL/MDX/etc.

76 - Fixed an error occurring when the 'hide negative value' option is used on a scatter plot charts.

316 - Fixed an issue that would prevent a discussion stream from being deleted.

307 - Fixed an issue with dashboard subscribers permissions not changing in the dashboard management page in the admin console panel.

302 - Fixed an issue that caused a break within a metric grouping when a report was created off a report.

294 - Fixed an issue where timestamp filters did not work correctly for all third-party connectors.

290 - Fixed an issue regarding a dashboard display problem where only one chart was shown when switching back to summary and chart view.

273 / 556 - Fixed an issue with blank charts caused by "chart only" setting when there were no charts.

265 - Fixed an issue within charts that was impacting multiple charts but under the covers, no impact to customers.

262 - Fixed an issue when trying to add a recipient to a post would disabled group search.

256 - Fixed an issue when editing cached views.

251 - Fixed issue that would remove the linked sliders when a user would toggle the "link slider" option in dashboard edit.

236 - Fixed a display issue with a metric that had a negative value, now the negative appear correctly when using the Hours & Minutes formatting.

230 - Fixed display issue with discussion stream's thumbnail from overlapping other fields in settings page when stream is private.

228 - Fixed a random 500 error when accessing a dashboard, found linked to another product change.

226 - Fixed problem with Excel export when the field was using HTML5 formatting.

200 - Fixed display issue with the left side nav filter panel resizes correctly on scroll.

148 - Fixed display/refresh issue with recently accessed section in dashboard and browse page, now update with recently viewed reports without having to refresh or edit a report.

140 - Fixed issue with predefined date range filters for OLAP-sourced reports.

138 - Fixed an issue where basic conditional formatting on a heat grid may not work.

137 - Fixed an issue where null dates were causing time series charts to not work.

124 - Fixed security problem in On-Demand SQL query for filter values.

72 - Fixed display issue with report chart sizing changes to prevent scrollbars appearing on the dashboard when reports have multiple sections.

41 - Fixed issue where comparative conditional format would cause an error on a multi metric auto chart.

36 - Fixed the draggable image icon so that when the option is enabled, the icon shows while hovering over charts.

1323 - Fixed issue with import view field grouping that was broken after import, now works.

1110 - Fixed issue found that caused Yellowfin Windows service to no start within specific environment workflow, this issue has been fixed.

1064 - Fixed issue where field categories would be out of order in view field options menu.

341 - Fixed issue with Geopack function linked to mandatory and optional filters, they are now available.

333 - Fixed an upgrade issue for field templates having an unknown datatype.

328 - Fixed a chart expected error that was disrupting user workflow.

323 - Fixed issue with metric grouped data fields appear as dimensions when a report is used as a view.

313 - Fixed a display issue with data on line shapes in preview mode.

298 - Fixed issue causing junk characters in CSV file when creating ref codes.

297 - Fixed an issue where heat map charts would apply the wrong aggregation type.

296 - Fixed source filter links to now be visible within data source and view levels.

293 - Fixed field setting options within the menu list that was causing report issues when certain configuration options where selected.

278 - Fixed issue that was not allowing users to select multiple items on a canvas and then move them as a group selection.

261 - Fixed issue with access filter logic to now apply correctly when using a Cube as a data source.

260 - Fixed display details pertaining to the minimum required Java version within the installer from Java 6 to 7.

249 - Fixed styling and display issues with the view summary report list.

246 - Fixed issue with the grouped values and available values for filter sets not showing correctly within the pop-up box.

244 - Fixed display issue with image name and 'add new image' option.

242 - Fixed issue relating to the upgrade from v7.1 to v7.3 that was showing an error that was stopping the upgrade process, this has been fixed.

237 - Fixed display issue and aligned user selection options when changing default stroke and fill colors to follow settings from previous versions.

235 - Fixed incorrect access to reports with restricted third party filters.

218 - Fixed issue with view level filter groups not working correctly when a new filter was added and then the user selected to 'change format of filter to cached'.

211 - Fixed issue when user would edit view from report builder user would be taken to the old view summary page.

203 - Fixed issue within geopack column and profile panel that was not applying the refcode correctly resulting in a reproducible defect.

189 - Fixed issue with tooltip display that was not working correctly with the GIS heat map functionality.

182 - Fixed a null pointer exception occurring when using a geography type field with third party data sets.

167 - Fixed issue when a new reference code is attached to a view-field but there is no linked the pop-up action would still allow the user to select Save. The option is now grayed out until a report is linked to the view-field.

165 - Fixed issue that was causing some canvas icon options to not display or display but be grayed out and not selectable.

160 - Fixed sort order for view summary report to list most used by default.

152 - Fixed issue with the field setting pop-up would not allow the user to close the pop-up using the X.

145 - Fixed the color style option being shown for un-aggregated metrics on charts based on cross tab reports.

139 - Fixed issue when Scheduled Query is selected, the reference code cannot be saved until a Data Source and Query is provided and is tested.

134 - Fixed an issue where the hide negative prefix option was being applied to the bins on histogram charts

129 - Fixed an issue where the option to select the time unit for a field on a chart is not displayed for a field assigned as the color.

119 - Fixed the appearance of gradient legend colors on retina displays.

116 - Fixed field color options not appearing when conditional format colors were selected and then became unavailable.

111 - Fixed issue when trying to edit a view that was allowing the parameters to be selectable within columns to profile list of advanced setup for data profiling.

110 - Fixed an error when you exported and then imported a view that had tags attached that would cause an error on import.

109 - Fixed the visible series selection option appearing when it should not on OLAP based reports with sections enabled.

101 - Fixed issue where variance using chart fields on an auto chart scatter chart would cause the colors to not format correctly.

91 - Fixed issue that was not allowing users to edit additional existing parameters via the content menu for additional details like date offset on/off, calculations via field settings, etc.

88 - Fixed issue with search input boxes not showing and indication when retrieving results.

87 - Fixed the curved lines setting from incorrectly appearing for line charts which do not use time series.

79 - Fixed issue with freehand SQL and freehand MDX details not showing within data source view and content section details.

73 - Fixed issue showing available access filters when using CSV data sources.

64 - Fixed reload issue when view builder field format menu reloads would open different section when formatting field.

61 - Fixed the chart resize icon from appearing over other elements on the page.

60 - Fixed menu and display by added a 'None' option for chart and plot backgrounds which will be transparent, or white if the image format is JPEG.

58 - Fixed a couple range problems on charts with animations and negative values, also enabled bounds and scale options for trellis and Z-Charts.

54 - Fixed field view options to include access filters in the dropdown option list when using stored procedures.

40 - Fixed issue that allowed user to select and change a field type with a Cube data source, this is no longer an option.

125 - Fixed issue that was not passing filter values to report URL when an authentication token has been applied to in a URL.

762 - Fixed date format on report details to avoid translation issue.

739 - Fixed issues that was causing incorrect sorting in reports via web services.

718 - Fixed problem displaying chart borders in certain circumstances.

699 - Fixed refresh issue that would remove existing column compare conditional formatting when changing report to cross tab.

631 - Fixed drill links being overwritten by icon conditional formatting.

625 - Fixed issue where advanced subquery fields using a different view will now keep their conditional formatting on import.

585 - Fixed mobile display issue with Android app that was causing the add recipients button to overlapped.

532 - Fixed export to XLSX that was causing the total line to be broken.

530 - Fixed a DB timeout issue when exporting large report.

483 - Fixed problem with broadcast permissions settings not saving on OLAP sources.

466 - Fixed issue when changing from basic to advanced conditional formatting, the basic values where not cleared properly.

415 - Fixed report level calculated field column formatting.

393 - Removed the option for custom side navigation as it is no longer supported.

380 - Fixed an issue where queries would exceed the character limit for Oracle databases.

356 - Fixed report preview from incorrectly displaying when the administrative setting was set to not display it.

499 - Fixed issue with the 'load CSV' popup that would display "No Writable Database" warning, even when the datasource are writable.

487 - Fixed refresh option when changing from one column compare conditional formatting type to the other, target field will no longer be reset.

14 - Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the canvas preview to not accurately display the layout of the canvas.

777 - Fixed issue with the left side navigation filter that was causing the scroll bar to act in a wacky manner.

745 - Fixed an issue where a user profile is updated for LDAP and incorrect record is created.

735 - Fixed an issue within bookmark favorites not appearing under the browse > my favorites list view.

720 - Fixed issue regarding org ref codes not working as designed when using drilldown and linked reports on the dashboard level.

670 - Fixed issue with co-display chart not showing within broadcast as html link.

653 - Fixed issue with conditional formatting disappearing when user edits a report.

652 - Fixed zooming error that was linked to time slider functionality for some browser versions.

627 - Fixed issues related to special characters within a report name not allowing the report to be saved.

599 - Fixed issues related to max/min values set to default would not display or reset correctly.

593 - Fixed long URL name being generated when switching between tabs on the administration configuration page. This can be seen in the tomcat access logs. This now generates a smaller URL with POST instead of GET towards the start of the line.

589 - Fixed an issue with the link Drill Down on dashboard where the Org Ref Code setting is removed from the linked report.

522 - Fixed issues with recently accessed section in Dashboard and Browse view when viewing reports, both active and inactive, these items are not shown in this section unless user viewed then edited a report.

504 - Fixed issue with password reset email including an extra space when you select to copy.

488 - Fixed issues with filter formatting and filter refresh settings not displayed correctly when the cached filter field is just for a sub query.

437 - Fixed issue with sub query filters on dashboard not applied to the other linked reports.

426 - Fixed issues with a filter value not being applied when the value is max or min.

358 - Fixed issues with linked drill down report using Ref Code in that the child report would display the wrong value.

345 - Fixed issues with date filter when value = current date will not work with Cube data source has been fixed.

22 - Fixed issue with grouped field not displaying as option when doing deeper set analysis which was blocking users from selecting the groupings.

Yellowfin BI 7.3 - build 20170103
Yellowfin 7.3
Published: 3 January, 2017

Enhancements: 14

209107 - Added 'Display Access Filter Values' to Content Settings -> Report Settings -> Builder Settings for user to turn on/off showing access filter values in the Filter Legend.

238194 - Generic data source names will now appear in a user's preferred language

187407 - Added a 'None' option for Chart and Plot backgrounds which will be transparent, or white if the image format is JPEG

204901 - Added breadcrumbs for exploded 'other' sections on pie charts. Added the functionality so you can explode and reset individual 'other' sections

2024 - Made ‘None’ the default select in sub menu for Backgroup Plot and Chart Area

1967 - Added link for View > "Link to geo pack"

1911 - Added advanced Data Profiling feature for Saved Filter Group available for selection

1896 - Added OLAP View Calculated Field within Field Settings menu

1891 - Added function to aggregate columns under View Filter Group menu

1127 - Added Empty Field Category on Report Builder Page

1255 - Added Stored Procedure Filter Parameter with Link to Geopack function

2023 - Added Report Section and Time Series Chart Summary Aggregation

1842 - Added tooltip on code name for Org Ref Code Popup Values Section

1919 - Improved consistency of chart types when switching to and from auto charts. Added a popup to warn the user when a change in chart type will result in a loss of set analysis or variance fields.

Resolved Issues: 94

162826 - The Summary Aggregation option under series settings for charts will only show when the Visible Series Selection option is enabled

175563 - Fixed remove existing column compare conditional formatting when changing report to cross tab

179647 - Fixed the visible series selection option appearing when it should not on OLAP based reports with sections enabled

188950 - Fixed an issue where the tooltip on the cross tab multi pie chart did not look like the non-cross tab multi pie chart tooltip

189746 - The legend setting menu will only be available for Meter, Dial, Thermometer, and Digital Numeric charts if the measure used has conditional formatting applied

190610 - Fixed an issue where cross tab combination charts tooltips were not displaying the same as non-cross tab combination chart tooltips

199970 - Fixed the color style option being shown for un-aggregated metrics on charts based on cross tab reports

203941 - Fixed removal of conditional formatting when saving an advanced function

215340 - Fixed an issue where null dates were causing time series charts to not work

217881 - Fixed date format on report details to avoid translation issue

224888 - Fixed problem with broadcast permissions settings not saving on OLAP sources

230109 - Fixed an issue where the option to select the time unit for a field on a chart is not displayed for a field assigned as the color

232125 - Fixed issue where items with bookmark favorites now show up when filtering by favorites in browse view

237027 - Fixed report preview from displaying in some cases even when it was set not to display

237423 - Fixed DB timeout issue when exporting large reports

238053 - Fixed issue where comparative conditional format would cause an error on a multi metric auto chart

241603 - Fixed issue where table conditions could sporadically change to null

242260 - Fixed the drag Image icon so that when the option is enabled, the icon shows while hovering over charts

243199 - Fixed loading times by optimizing on pages that provide a create report option

243256 - Fixed filter groups to work with ad-hoc reports

243333 - Fixed issue so that embedded BIRT, Jasper, and SSRS reports now display correctly

244105 - Fixed sub-total issue for calculated field that displayed a SUM regardless of the field expression

244183 - Fixed issue where timestamp filters did not work correctly for all third-party connector

244405 - Fixed issue where to ensure the correct credentials is used when testing datasource with pass-through authentication

244406 - Fixed display message when trying to use unavailable cube datasource

245358 - Fixed an issue that was preventing a discussion stream from being deleted

245898 - Fixed rouge 500 error that can occur on dashboards

246282 - Fixed chart scaling for report sections on dashboard so that the scrollbar will only display when necessary

246440 - Fixed issue that would break a report created off a report having metric grouped data

247794 - Fixed the display issue that would hide the option to make a datasource writable if the datasources is flagged as read-only

2079 - Fixed issue that caused the changing aggregation method on a chart to not display changes

2070 - Fixed connector issue for YouTube Totals Dashboard erorr "code" : 400

2069 - Fixed exception error on edit to view that caused error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

2068 - Fixed SQL Server Windows upgrade issue between v7.1 to v7.3

2096 - Fixed view Filter Group Prompt Value - Oh No Error

2090 - Fixed upgrade error when editing Views

2066 - Fixed null pointer error on edit view

2055 - Fixed Filter Group - Not able to drag more than 1 field to Configure filter

2042 - Fixed CSA filter error on freehand SQL

1998 - Fixed UI to display category while creating datasource from CSV

1996 - Fixed issue with Long Running Report Popup related to html tag

1932 - Fixed issue on canvas where a JS error would occur for IE10 users

2098 - Fixed logic error in Report Advance Authoring - Freehand MDX,SSRS and Jasper - No Access Defined error – fixed in v7.1 as well

2039 - Fixed upgrade StackOverflowError with xml import on opening a dashboard moving from 7.1 to 7.3

2103 - Fixed issue with auto chart where metric with conditional format is used on Axis & Color

2085 - Fixed Copy Third Party View - Oh no Error

2062 - Fixed issue that tossed an errors while creating view from CSV

2054 - Fixed UI issue with Calculated Field - Auto refresh on - Field Drop Down Menu does not appear

2051 - Fixed issue where the chart series setting color palette would not display

2049 - Fixed issue regarding pie chart on Canvas

2100 - Fixed issue with Trellis charts using Metric with Conditional Format

2030 / 1708 Fixed issue when user would create a private task and receive error

2005 Fixed line widget display issue with arrow on both ends in Firefox

1905 Fixed errors occurred obtaining PersonBean: Exception selecting data from database

1903 Fixed Google Sheets connector error

1949 Fixed Cross Site Scripting: View -> Edit Format

1872 Fixed issue where CSA does not give data if group data is used in dimension

1839 Fixed issue where field settings gets stuck in view on import from 7.2 to 7.3

1766 Fixed Data Profile Ref Code Duplicate loading rltshp data error

1564 Fixed issue where canvas shape widget becomes invisible while editing the output

1518 Fixed issue where the widget rotate function is stuck on original position in preview

1487 Fixed HTML tag visible on image manager description

1282 Fixed issue where after view import field that grouping was applied does not work

1026 Fixed issue with drill down within Canvas using Safari Browser

2117 Fixed issue with view Header moving when folders in left navigation pane are expanded

1389 Fixed java.lang.IllegalArgumentException error with Combined Category Chart

2028 Fixed issue with Cross Tab Non-Aggregated Metric used as Chart Color would remove Series Style

2027 Fixed issue with wrong tooltip displaying for Cross Tab Combination Charts

2026 Fixed legend issue with Meter Charts without conditional format

2025 Fixed issue with tooltip not showing Cross Tab Multi Pie Chart series

2002 Fixed issue around Grouped Data aggregated dimensions

1933 Fixed issue in Views where some data appearing as hyperlinks on Edit View

1794 Fixed issue with text widget when a shape widget is layered over the canvas

1705 Fixed alert message for ‘Column not allowed in View Filter Group’

1756 Fixed issue with stored Procedure View Summary where SQL Tab is blank

1982 Fixed issue where the canvas widget reappears even after deleting

1498 Removed GIS layer option on canvas

2078 Fixed display issue around Yearly Comparison details within charts

2076 Fixed issue with dashboard drill down generating wrong SQL if numerical field is used in the drill down hierarchy

1934 Fixed issue with group data ref code showing no value

1783 Fixed issue with scroll bars appearing for all dashboard portlet

1986 Fixed load issue with reports with Date Parameter issues

1922 Fixed ruler issue on Canvas when manually sizing the canvas

1944 Fixed issue within View builder table fields that have been added don't visibly show that they have been added to the view

1938 Fixed issue with set analysis help text disappearing when filter added

1759 Fixed Linux update error ‘ReportFilter Doesn't Exist’

1786 Fixed report not working error "Difficulty to source"

1197 Fixed multiple issues with comparative conditional formatting on Charts regarding % of max with multiple metric auto bar chart

1921 Fixed update canvas issue with chart lock area not updating with changes

1357 Fixed issue when copying grouped data value field doesn't copy the groups

1328 Fixed view builder copied field is not displayed in the preview even after manually refreshing

1250 Fixed view builder issues around change number group count

255 Fixed an issue where refcodes or dates which have been grouped, were not being treated as grouped data on the chart set analysis popup when defining the value

1344 Fixed issue with View Builder - Missing Feature - No option to create a view level "Filter"  

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