7.1 Change logs: Patch and Release notes for 7.1

As of 8/1/2017 v7.1 is end of life. We will no longer supply version updates. If you are still on v7.1 please contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to our Support Desk and we will work with you to define a upgrade path. If you are on v7.1, you are over 6,000 product changes behind our current version. 

Below is the list of v7.1 product enhancement and defect fixes for 2016. A full list of defect and enhancements for 2015 can be found on our website via your portal login.

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Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20170202
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 8 February, 2017

Enhancement: 4

773 - Added ability to allow users to access administration page with cross site scripting.

604 - Added ability to allow default value of parameters to now be edited after activation. There is also a new option for parameters in the formatting menu. 'view default' option can be set to ensure that the value is reflective of the view's update default value of the parameter. This must be used in conjunction with the option 'remember filter values' being turned off for the view default values to not be overridden by it.

595 - Added restriction to no longer filter associated reports when run on dashboard.

506 - Applying an advanced function will no longer remove conditional formatting, but it is very likely to not be relevant any longer, since the data in the column will probably be different and won't match the existing rules.

Resolved Issues: 8

215 - Fixed default to be off when changing charts for 'Hide Negative Prefix' option.

208 - Fixed database deadlock in view builder when removing tables.

96 - Fixed an issue pertaining to the upgrade from v7.1 to v7.2 that would cause a fault to happen.

89 - Fixed server side validation for creating restricted report types such as Freehand SQL/MDX/etc.

76 - Fixed an error occurring when the 'hide negative value' option is used on a scatter plot charts.

497 - Fixed issues with print formatting not rendering conditional formatting correctly.

403 - Fixed issue with report format rows being removed automatically in some situation.

377 - Fixed issue with dimension conditional format where text alert has trailing space would cause the alert to not be applied.

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20161209
Published: 9 December, 2016
Resolved Issues:

247939 - Fixed issue with editing existing broadcasts
Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20161128
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 7 December, 2016

234404 - Add "Standard Authentication (No Pooling)" option to Authentication options. User can use this option to disable datasource connection pooling.

237564 - 7.1 and 7.2 now have a new client org select page which is the same for mobile and desktop browsers

237583 - Fix broadcasts failing due to encrypted password handling

Resolved Issues:

200435 - Can now be used as an input for arguments in formula templates 217820 - Annotation date entry now defaults to user date format

235131 - Fixed typo causing group view security not to work correctly

239467 - Updated Apache commons libraries to mitigate clickjacking vulnerability

242157 - Fixed an issue with linked co-display filters breaking when importing and selecting to replace the report

242255 - Installing Yellowfin using the Microsoft JDBC driver for SQL Server will now correctly create columns in tables with the nvarchar type

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20161017
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 28 October, 2016

152093 - Added an option to choose whether stored procedure parameters have mandatory input 225523 - Calendars are translated and filter breadcrumbs have config option to resize to fit content

232079 - Added logging for the notification emails sent when distributing items

Resolved Issues:

200435 - -1 can now be used as an input for arguments in formula templates 215557 - Linked filters should work correctly when replacing reports on a dashboard with an imported version

217820 - Annotation date entry now defaults to user date format

235232 - Fixed email distribution settings displaying incorrectly depending on the rights assigned to a role

239241 - Trigger group flattening after selecting client org automatically.

242255 - Installing Yellowfin using the Microsoft JDBC driver for SQL Server will now correctly create columns in tables with the nvarchar type

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160926
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 4 October, 2016

146673 - Added the ability to refresh all cached filters in a view via webservices 162905 - Hours and minutes column formatter now has selectable input options for; hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

235993 - Enabled category and series spacing options for combination charts

236010 - Added an option for no spacing between categories or series on supported charts

Resolved Issues:

202195 - Don't let the user save parameters without a default value 225866 - "Aw Snap" errors no longer on Chrome

227363 - E-mail broadcasts now correctly apply predefined date filters set by client orgs

233735 - Fixed an issue with SSRS reports where when a filter was being applied, the chart images were not being reloaded. Added a random UID to the image request.

234074 - Conditional formatting on sub query calculated field is no longer lost when editing or copying the report

236044 - Fixed an issue when the user is prompted to remove remote sessions when logging in. After confirming the removal, an "incorrect user password" message was being displayed.

236306 - Fixed a NPE issue in the cached filter refresh schedule. If the filter was removed but not the schedule, instead of showing a NPE, displays a nicer message.

237429 - Fixed an issue with cached filters not being populated properly after the august release. It was showing the message "No joins existing between view elements" when refreshing the cached filters.

238635 - Resolved an 'Oh no' error when adding a condition in an advanced conditional format

239332 - Fixed an issue with the report builder. When deleting a summary, after saving the report the summary was being added back in.

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160901
August EOM 7.1 Build
Published: 2 September, 2016

207905 - Updated the Groovy library to the latest version. 233049 - Updated forum links
Resolved Issues:

200021 - Fixed the drill popup appearing under the toolbar 212058 - Links to local content now work in exported documents

215586 - Fixed an issue where reports with sections would not retain the current section when using drill down or drill through

215804 - 215804 - Fixed an issue with the active chart settings. When the 'Active Fill' was set to nothing, it was applying the outline colour to the filling.

226398 - Fixed an issue where column sorting on tables using the javascript api was not always being applied correctly

229350 - Yellowfin User and LDAP Users are now matched using Distinguished Name (DN) instead of email address.

229652 - Fixed an issue where users would be prompted to reset their password for no reason

230423 - Fixed an issue where some exported reports with advanced subqueries would fail to import

233056 - Optimise report result process.

233493 - Fixed an issue where view level cached filters would lose their values if refreshed via a schedule

233715 - 233715 - Fixed an issue when drilling into a report with 'auto run' turned off, from a dashboard report. In this scenario the report should auto run despite what is set.

234333 - Resolved rare connection pool dead-lock when using certain third-party authentication adaptors.

234352 - Fixed an issue where the left nav filters would not scroll correctly when trying to scroll down on a mobile browser

234944 - This is a known issue of Struts. MessageResources mode has been changed to "JSTL" to solve this issue..

235890 - 235890 - Fixed an issue when importing and replacing a report whose view is also being imported and has its fields changed.

236269 - Fixed a bug where input boxes would not appear on the side navigation panel for between date filters

236312 - Group Flattening is now triggered after user selects client org to login. User's membership is updated after that.

236548 - Updated Japanese translations

236790 - 236790 - Fixed an issue when importing a dashboard with no options to be replaced, the "Replace" option was still available but with no options in the drop down. Now hides the replace.

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160722
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 29 July, 2016
Resolved Issues:

202741 - LDAP user logging in for the first time is already being shown T&C's. 215778 - Fix a bug where a secure data source would be selectable by unprivileged users when setting up a new CSV report

216773 - Fixed an issue when changing a calculated field from pre-defined to simple. Nothing was happening on save.

218276 - Fixed occasional errors when importing content

230142 - Added the advanced conditional formatting description to the translation file if used on a report

231268 - Fixed issue where in some cases the administration panel was showing an incorrect licence count compared to the correct licence count on the licence page

231872 - Fixed an issue with the view import process. When replacing wasn't matching UUIDs.

233027 - Fixes an issue where default filter values were not being returned relative to the user's timezone

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160701
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 1 July, 2016

225893 - Ingres meta-data updated to allow sub-select functionality 229987 - Option to use Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver during YF installation.

230237 - Added a step to copy email template changes for default org to client orgs

231018 - Embedded Licence support for installer

Resolved Issues:

165443 - Fixed issue with final line comments causing errors in freehand SQL view. 169200 - Made chart axes use the org settings for decimal and thousand separators

191886 - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to access the label menu of a GIS Bubble Map

195660 - Fix a bug where the import/export accounts for unnecessary report formats, converters, and parameters, leading to a multiplication of unnecessary rows in the corresponding tables

198725 - Fixed issue where the decimal and thousand separators on chart labels were not using the configuration defaults

200047 - Fixed misleading delete report message for edited active reports

200130 - Fixed LDAP auth handling of deleted & blocked users having multiple client organisations

204997 - Fixed an error that stopped the "Url Type" option from displaying properly in the view builder.

213974 - Fixed issue where non breaking white space was showing in the middle of the csv for the translation process in some cases

218155 - Fixed a rare error when opening a dashboard tab

219303 - Prompt user to save or discard changes before changing tab on configuration pages

219575 - Fixed an issue when broadcasting a report with mandatory filters - you could not select "Default values" for the filters even if all mandatory filters had default values set

222091 - Fixed an issue where a broken report could cause the dashboard page to crash

224968 - Fixed an issue where calculated fields from advanced subqueries would be removed from reports when the reports master view was edited

227015 - Fixed a bug that stopped the report level filter refresh timezone setting from saving properly

227343 - Fixed issue where if user was deleted from the database but they had been added to a private report, the report info popup would show an error

227573 - Fixed an issue in some cases that caused errors using the javascript api

228489 - Fixed an error that caused cache scheduling to display sometimes when it's not relevant to the report or view

228724 - Fixed an issue with relative date filters when the user is in a different timezone form the server.

229272 - Fix a bug in the import process where replacing a view whose field names changed can break reports based on this view

229873 - Fix a bug where exporting then reimporting a dashboard with visible parameters loses these parameters' setup

230986 - Fixed issue where in some cases the person search was not working for some databases

231139 - Fix an export bug where a report's cached filter was exported as a custom query filter

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160524
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 27 May, 2016

150132 - On demand loading for Custom Query Cached Filters 225008 - Changed the admin page left panel to show the number of days left in the licence just if the user has the licence function role and it is primary org (same rules used to show the licence management link).

225271 - When deleting a user from the default org that also exists in other client orgs, there is now an option to chose to delete the user from all client orgs or just the current client org.

228031 - Updated help text in the view builder to add extra clarification when using restricted columns

Resolved Issues:

194108 - Fixed issue where user could see the distribute options when distributing a dashboard or report on the dashboard and distribute role turned off 194876 - Fixed an issue where the Inbox would not show a new user's name when they sent a report with current filter values

194882 - Fixed an issue where Japanese text was not displaying correctly on the delete client org page

197649 - Allow sorting format options for tabbed section fields

198883 - Fixed an issue where the installer would fail if using PostgreSQL and a database name with capital letters

199155 - Fixed an issue where users removed from the default client org could not log in correctly when added back to the default client org

199428 - Fixed issue where unable to use the 'Full' drill option on Combination charts

204054 - In the report creation initial page, the search box also searches views based on the fields name/descriptions.

204545 - Added new option on the chart page to compliment the chart link option, to allow the link to open in a new window or the current window

208946 - Fixed an error validating a calculated field if it included an empty string

212071 - Fixed issue where in some cases the specified suffix used on a chart axis would replace the decimal point in the data

212455 - Fixed issue where Time series was showing as 'on' when it was not. Added new 'Default' option so the chart default to use time series or not is used.

213848 - Fixed issue where quotes and double quotes in fields used on google maps would cause the map not to display

215630 - Fixed an error that caused KPI dashboards to not function correctly in some cases

216981 - Fixed issue where formats used to override labels on 3D Pie Charts were not being applied

217639 - Fixed an issue where broadcast delivery rules were removed when editing reports in some cases

218007 - Fixed an issue that caused the second value of a between filter to not display in the filter legend when using min or max values

219307 - Fixed an issue where the config item SKIPEMAILDUPECHECK was not being respected by the UPDATEUSER function in web services

219328 - Fixed issue where an dashboard could not be distributed to a group in a particular case

223513 - Fixed an error when deleting a discussion from the browse page in list view with the CSRF filter enabled

223661 - Fixed an issue when editing and reactivating a view with view-level filters, where sometimes the drill-through links on reports would be broken

225340 - Fixed an issue where users created in a client org could not log on when added to the default org afterwards

225605 - Fixed an issue that caused the financial year pre-defined filter to calculate the end date incorrectly in some cases

226715 - Fixed a UI bug which was causing charts having left series selection to render poorly on a multichart canvas.

226882 - Address issue with licence code

227298 - Fix a bug where a report crashes if it contains a union sub query as well as a non union sub query

227558 - Cached Query on Demand now available on View

228073 - Fixed an error that sometimes caused a reports custom query to be overwritten by another reports

228260 - Fixed problems with dashboards not being refreshed after modifying a view

228357 - Refresh Filter link enabled for On Demand Cached Filter at view level

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160418

Yellowfin 7.1 update

Published: 29 April, 2016

Resolved Issues:

207283 - Fixed a bug that caused HTML tags to show in some cases on the dashboard filter display

207768 - Fixed an error that prevented numeric fields using Org Ref Code Formatters from using the Reference Code value as a conditional format

210331 - Fixed an error that didn't allow users to search for dashboards based on datasource or view in some instances.

219334 - Fixed a bug preventing the view formula builder from running correctly when the MooTools JavaScript library is imported via a custom header

219409 - Fixed a bug where the generated SQL for union sub queries might contain unnecessary joins

223376 - Fixed an error that caused all reports to be run automatically after a report had been drilled on.

225142 - Fixed an issue with the timezone for pre-defined filters when broadcasting a report.

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160323
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 31 March, 2016
Resolved Issues:

152683 - Fixed syntax for GIS database calls when using PostgreSQL 185459 - Fixed an issue when using timestamps in SQL Server that sometimes caused leading 0's in milliseconds to be dropped from filtering

204893 - Fixed issue with dropdown focus on Calc Field When popup

207544 - Added an offset bottom option to the Theme Builder for Storyboard for content slides

210037 - Removed Add button from View Conditions page

213602 - Create report draft after updating CSV file for that report

214405 - Fixed potential error when using conditional formatting with "percentage of maximum" option

216310 - Fixed issue where apostrophe in the field name, would cause chart tooltips to not display correctly

218565 - Changed how the users are loaded in the licence reminder task to use the PersonCache. Fixed a NPE when sending the e-mails.

219396 - Unneeded JSP, fixcolumnnames.jsp, removed from build.

222464 - Fixed an issue with the predefined filters when the server timezone is different from the user timezone.

222535 - Don't log the Yellowfin username and password to the installation log file when using the command-line installer

223481 - Fixed an error when deleting a discussion group with CSRF filter enabled

223496 - Fixed a bug preventing cached filter refreshes from running successfully

Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160223
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 26 February, 2016

114042 - Added a new admin option to make dashboard reports show a loader when the reports are being re-run 207740 - Query Webservice now disabled by default.

212665 - TreasureData and Presto added as a known datasource.

214424 - Option to remove database password from Query Webservice

Resolved Issues:

201100 - Source filter can now be toggled correctly on Stored Procedure report. 208109 - Fixed an issue where calculated totals were not working for some calculations

208276 - Fixed an issue with multichart canvas freezing

214188 - Fixed an error that stopped filter values from validating when using date offsets to set a default value on date filters

214836 - Populated ReportGroup Status on webservice call to list user tabs.

215318 - Overwrite source filter options when replacing a source through import.

215327 - Fixed issue with View Level Filter Cached Query not showing values post import.

216060 - Fixed an issue where tables on dashboards with drill links would not respond to touches when using a mobile browser

216513 - Added a configuration option for OLAP Connection Locale, to avoid an error when connecting to OLAP sources in some cases

216892 - Fixes an issue where drop down menus would not close correctly on mobile devices

Yellowfin Change Log
Yellowfin BI 7.1 - build 20160128
Yellowfin 7.1 update
Published: 29 January, 2016

198508 - Backup path can be specified as command line parameter in Updater. 204640 - Option to disable connection pool heart beat.

209432 - Username and Password validation now returns the same warning message

212272 - Option to skip Cache Filter Population on content import

Resolved Issues:

145423 - Fixed formatting of emailed html reports for web-based email clients such as GMail 161578 - Changed the columnar driver source folder in yellowfin build process. The driver that is going to be in the build, now comes from yellowfin lib folder.

162052 - Fixed a bug that caused users to not be able to log in after installing Yellowfin when the operating system is set to Turkish

162138 - Fixed an error that caused the Yellowfin install to fail when the operating system language is Turkish

162435 - Detect Thai Locale and adjust dates accordingly.

173530 - Fixed an issue with reports that contains both append and union subqueries. The union must be made only with the master report's fields (like 6.3).

178183 - Fixed an issue with chart category translations being cached

188087 - Fixed an issue that would cause the wrong user role to be assigned if the role was changed multiple times on the same day

191561 - Fixed issue in Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds formatter where the word 'Day' was hardcoded to English

194334 - Expanded the brushing dialogue to accommodate languages with longer strings

194802 - Fixed issue where selecting all languages in Create Translation File could result in 0 Changes showing

199248 - Updated favicon used on pages other than the login screen

202162 - Google Maps now work correctly with the CSRF filter enabled

208439 - Timeline link now works correctly with the CSRF filter

209258 - Apply timeslider filter values to dependent reports on dashboard first load

210402 - Issue with UTF-8 characters when using the CSRF Filter is resolved.

211250 - PostgreSQL free-hand SQL transaction errors fixed.

211680 - Fix Azure datasource detection

211930 - Fixed an NPE with comparative conditional formats on charts

212053 - Fix schedule management page display error occurring when some broadcast schedules are missing their associated broadcasts' information

212193 - Fixed an issue where default access filters were not being applied correctly for advanced sub queries added to CSV reports

212260 - Fixed an issue where org ref code colours could not be set for some charts

214808 - Fixed issues with CSRF filter on forgot password popup

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