v9 Change logs: Patch and Release notes for Yellowfin Version 9

Yellowfin 9 provides business users with unique ways to engage with and act on their data, and addresses the needs of data analysts and developers who want tobuild and deploy amazing analytical experiences. Create beautiful and meaningful dashboards, build actionable and engaging experiences on the fly, collaborate and short cut the design process and much, much more.

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Archived Release Change Log Details below;

Yellowfin BI 9.2.2
Build: 20200805
Published: 5th August, 2020

Enhancements: 13

16526 Added support for Client Org specific External URL configuration.
19847 Allow third-party datasource authentication adapters to signal whether they support bulk broadcast report execution.
9939 Added the ability to left and right align the text value of a Numeric Display chart.
19296 New Image Link Formatter to render image links as HTML images within a report table.
19700 Added a thresold-alerts REST endpoint.
19634 Added logonCheck.i4 which may be called from a browser to check if the browser has access to a valid Yellowfin session. This may be used before initiating an SSO call.
19622 Added CSS variables for prominent colours used in the application. These variables replace hardcoded colours used in CSS throughout Yellowfin.
19621 UI elements such as dropdowns and tooltops position properly when the page width is fixed.
19612 Allow SSO using an ajax call to logon.i4 with a webservice token, but without an "entry" page.
19347 Added a new text widget parameter, tablevalue, which can be used to display a table cell's content within a text widget.
19225 Changes to allow IFrame integration and full Application Integration to work together in the same session.
15668 Added a new feature which allows category trimming on bar and column charts which have dimension colours.
19873 Modified the volatile sources SQL query for BMC AR datasources

Resolved Issues: 35

17365 Fixed an issue where upgrades would fail in some cases due to data in the TaskSchedule table.
19433 Fixed issue with Drill Through reports not drilling on embedded reports in JsAPI v2.
19816 Resolved an issue with FTP and Save to Disk broadcasts that failed when they included Access Filters.
19578 Resolved an issue with Volatile Source validation SQL for the ARJDBC data sources.
19863 Resolved an issue with broadcasting XLS and PDF reports via FTP or Save To Disk, when they contained tabbed co-display & Access Filters.
19620 Fixed an issue with the "Save to Disk" role disappearing after an upgrade.
19469 Fixed an issue that prevent importing time granularity and aggregation ofr time series chart.
18529 Fix an issue when a timezone is requested for a deleted/invalid client organisation.
14472 Fixed an error that blocked import process.
19680 Fixed an issue that would prevent chart formats from importing correctly.
619 Resolved an issue where table conditions were being sent a null value when used in a advanced sub query child report.
19860 Fixed an issue where the chart migration to keep the old defaults would not run in some cases.
19698 Fixed an issue that caused cached filters with trailing whitespace characters to return no results when applied.
19878 Fixed an issue where when on a chart no series sort field was selected, the metric tooltip field could be used.
19737 Resolved an issue with the Query Data Cache bring used.
19836 Resolved issue with memory settings not being correctly set for Windows Service on installation.
19854 Fixed an issue with the "Share Private Report" role disappearing after an upgrade.
19773 Fixed a problem that added user to default organisation regardless of client reference id in the request .
19931 Fixed a problem that made some buttons hard to see in IE.
19876 Resolved an issue preventing some images from rendering when loading content through the Javascript API, when Multitab functionality was enabled.
19875 Fixed an issue that caused filters to disappear when importing a dashboard created in a pre-9.2 version.
19839 Fixed an issue that somtimes caused charts to not render at the correct resolution.
19803 Fixed a conflict that could occur when embedding dashboards using the dashboard embed link.
19793 Fixed an issue where certain instance types were not rendered while using the Report API.
19784 Fixed an issue with Signal correlations in client orgs.
19633 MultiTab fixes to support IFrame and Application Integration.
19629 Fixed an error when using UUIDs to identify SubTabs in the Javascript API.
19597 Fixed an issue where dashboards would not load if you navigate away from them and then back in Internet Explorer 11.
19531 Fixed an issue where code widgets would stop working after modifying content in code mode.
19449 Upgrade application server to Tomcat 9.0.35.
19370 Resolved an issue where filters were not copying correctly when duplicating a Sub Tab for a Dashboard.
19283 Users a shown a Deprecated Browser Support warning upon logging in, when using up to version 11 of Internet Explorer.
19111 Fixed a problem that prevented drill down to dashboard filter links from being recognised until the page was refreshed or the dashboard was published.
18967 Prevent the multitab token and other unnecessary parameters from appearing in the report run link which appears in the share popup and in emails.
18793 Fixed an issue that caused filter links on an imported dashboard to not show when editing the dashboard.

Yellowfin BI 9.2.1
Build: 20200701
Published: 1st July, 2020

Enhancements: 1

19269 Updated Japanese and Chinese translations

Resolved Issues: 6

19642 Resolved an issue with the UPDATEUSER webservice call.
19595 Resolved an issue with the ADDUSER SOAP webservice call.
19553 Fixed an issue that prevented dashboards from displaying in IE11
19402 Removed the beta tag of Signal Step Change analysis.
19269 Updated Japanese and Chinese translations
18035 Resolved SQL syntax errors for timestamps filtered by an equals operator pre-defined date period.

Yellowfin BI 9.2
Build: 20200609
Published: 9th June, 2020

Enhancements: 57

15651 A description can be added to a calculated field created at report level in the Report Builder
16910 Add function to allow report run with first value of a dimension filter when default filter value is not available for current user or is not set for a mandatory filter
10613 Added a dropdown for users to determine the type of calculated fields manually.
16513 Added a new value SIGNAL for the Session Option parameter key ENTRY of the Web Services API.
17910 Added a new Web Service API for returning groups a user belongs to.
17601 Added a warning message when deleting a report widget that has filters in use on the dashboard
18538 Added an Admin Configuration, for specifying Allowed Origins when using the JS API.
18831 Added an individual filter object that can be fetched from the Filters API
6267 Added configurations for default preview and active row limit in the Report Builder.
9740 Added fullscreen mode for Presentations and Dashboards which will scale up the Dashboard or Presentation to full screen size
17679 Added functionality to maintain filter values for the duration of a session while navigating away from a dashboard tab
17548 Added hidden configuration option to skip validation when saving Freehand SQL Calculated FIelds.
17252 Added indications of time periods to Signal notification emails.
18871 Added measures to prevent content from being edited in more than one tab of the same browser during a user session.
18603 Added Save to Disk broadcast option that allows reports to be saved directly to the disk of the server that Yellowfin is running on.
18739 Added share and security options to the Present toolbar in Active Mode.
15565 Added the ability to apply URLs to text within text widgets.
18097 Added the ability to edit charts from the report builder via the right click menu while in edit mode.
5558 Added the ability to override the filter reset button to reset the entire dashboard.
18233 Added the ability to set either summarised values or custom formatting for axes at the configuration level for charts.
17616 Added the option to turn off selected menu options on the action menu for individual report widgets.
17731 Added unified "Prevent Notifications of Old Signals" and "Ignore Old Signals" parameter toggles for Outlier and Step Change algorithms in the Signal analysis job configuration panel.
10404 Additional webservice changes to support modifying the access level of content categories
18711 API users can now pass filters, bookmarks, snapshots and API toolbar visibility options through the request URL.
18658 Calling the Report API brushing function now only requires the Mode and Values to brush.

Calling the Report API Series Selection now only requires the series to apply, a chart identifier (id, uuid or name), and a horizontal offset if applicable.
18609 Converted some schedule management SOAP services to REST
16992 Default the "Version History" setting to "Current Version Only" for newly created content folders.
16952 Disable drill-through to read-restricted columns
6981 Enabled column sorting for reports on dashboards.
18626 Enabled Drill Anywhere for Reports loaded using the JS API V3.
18664 Enabled query validation filter to AR JDBC sources.
17454 Enhancement that allows you to view details of previous scheduled tasks in Task Management.
14541 Enhancement that allows you to view the list of recipients for an Email broadcast in Schedule Management
18933 Filters on the dashboard that get their values from a value list selection can now change their entry style
17346 Fix issue with read restricted column security being lost on copy or clone
18344 Fixed an issue with presentation thumbnails were they where displayed as dashboard thumbnails.
16954 Hide read restricted columns from the Drill Anywhere pop-up.
18734 Made button functions available as widget actions for all widget types, and implemented two new actions: "Go to URL" and "Go to Sub Tab #"
17470 Add Ignore Old Signals function in Step Change analysis.
17470 Fixed some issues with analysis tab date ranges used on Step Change Signals.
17470 Fixed a problem with step level colours sometimes being incorrect.
17470 Made some text changes and removed some unnecessary parameters from Signals Step Changes and Outlier Detection algorithm settings.
14011 New access mode for columns at the View: Read Restricted.
16466 New function that enables the sharing of private content (which can now be disabled)
16960 Restrict visibility of columns that use Analytic Functions that reference restricted columns.
17687 Updated Dutch translations
9348 Users can now save default bookmark filters that will load automatically when the Dashboard is first opened
12991 Added a message to the Refresh Report tab on the Save Report dialog explaining that Drill will not work on manually or periodic refreshed reports.
18366 Added an option to allow the location of the "Apply" button on filter lists to be moved.
17384 Added icons to the right click menu for grouped widgets.
16583 Added search bars into Canvas Graphics Widgets, including Shapes, Lines and Icons.
9596 Added verification for unique username and email address to all user creation processes
18085 Changed subtab names to expand in size.
18676 Changed the left nav label for present to Slides rather than Subtabs.
18439 Optimize content definition export process so that translations and reference codes are not repeated, minimizing export file size.
18707 Updated the popup message when editing a dashboard.
18473 Updated the styling for the "more dashboards" dropdown menu. 

Resolved issues: 129

18693 Fixed an error when using the runReport function on the ReportAPI which caused it to only regenerate the HTML for a report rather than running the report again
14590 Fixed an issue that leads to Oh No error when refreshing cached filter in sub query
17871 Corrected Access Level text
11931 Corrected two Portuguese translations
17321 Do not logoff users who have configured their landing page as Dashboards but do not have the Public Dashboards role function.
18332 Filter groups are now migrated during upgrade and import
11073 Fix an issue that co-display report does not use cached result when the report was set to be refresh periodically
18108 Fix an issue where Storyboard title and description are duplicated in some cases
10437 Fix an issue with broadcasts not being delivered in a user's preferred language
18035 Fix SQL syntax errors for timestamps filtered by an equals operator pre-defined date period.
18451 Fixed a bug that prevented report summaries appearing on imported dashboards.
18798 Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed filters to be edited on a published dashboard
18942 Fixed a problem that allowed proxy to hack Freehand Sql calculated field privilege by intercepting JSON response
17352 Fixed a problem that broke the View SQL when the data source restored from a disconnected state
11745 Fixed a problem that could allow command line to be injected into exported report XLSX file
11242 Fixed a problem that granted edit folder privilege to users without access to folder in report builder save menu
18905 Fixed a problem that leads to SQL syntax error in drill-down containing date functions
16857 Fixed a problem that threw JS error when user resets dashboard date filters on the first attempt
18769 Fixed a problem with importing signal widgets on canvas and no signals being presented.
18851 Fixed an error that caused report editing to fail in some cases when there is a canvas on the report
19082 Fixed an error that caused the filter linking panel on dashboards to sometimes display a filter as having a link when it didn't.
18150 Fixed an error when a report is run that will generate no results which in some cases caused the table pagination to display
18772 Fixed an error when migrating Reports that contained a rounded rectangle shape widget
17441 Fixed an infinite redirection loop which occurs when a user tries to access a dashboard that they don't have access to.
18583 Fixed an issue in automatic filter linking that prevented filter links from being created
18650 Fixed an issue preventing filters from being re-added to a dashboard if they previously belonged to a filter group inside a deleted filter list
13394 Fixed an issue that broke export xlsx with company logo and applied filters while the wrap text option is enabled
16699 Fixed an issue that caused a canvas to appear on static layouts.
18239 Fixed an issue that caused a filter selection in ETL for ReportInputStep to display incorrectly.
19303 Fixed an issue that caused report sorting to not function correctly when reports had been created a certain way
18169 Fixed an issue that caused some chart settings to change after upgrading or importing.
19170 Fixed an issue that caused the right global content container to wrap below the dashboard in edit mode.
19083 Fixed an issue that caused the sort order of filters on dashboards to be changed when upgrading to 9.
18694 Fixed an issue that could prevent gridline formats from being migrated correctly when upgrading from previous versions.
14229 Fixed an issue that doesn't allow calculated fields based on date/timestamp subtraction
8573 Fixed an issue that folder security will not be updated until user next login
14590 Fixed an issue that leads to Oh No error when refreshing cached filter in sub query
19005 Fixed an issue that prevented blueprint charts being created on dashboards in client organisations.
19501 Fixed an issue that prevented dashboards or presentations to be modified in canvas edit mode when they were created as part of an import.
18937 Fixed an issue that prevented dependent filters from working on the dashboard when the child values have the display style set to Popup
19067 Fixed an issue that prevented filters from being added when there were empty blueprints on a dashboard or present
18574 Fixed an issue that prevented non-global filters from being copied.
18180 Fixed an issue that prevented reports on dashboards from sychronising their name changes with their properties panel, and added a toggle to hide their name.
18671 Fixed an issue that prevented reports opening from the activity stream while on the dashboard.
16001 Fixed an issue that prevented tabbed co-displays from being exported when printing a report to HTML.
18124 Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of a Yellowfin Repository Database when the maximum number of datasources had been reached.
18440 Fixed an issue that prevented users from sharing a Storyboard
17972 Fixed an issue that resulted in an old default view value being used when creating a quick chart.
16816 Fixed an issue that shared items using display name as email address
14553 Fixed an issue that was causing a field in the profile setting to be displayed incorrectly when editing is disabled.
18508 Fixed an issue that was preventing the Clear All toggle from being turned off in the Dashboard filter setup menu
18477 Fixed an issue that would cause some axis titles to render in the wrong position on auto charts.
18695 Fixed an issue when embedding the same report twice in the JS API which caused them to always be linked.
18737 Fixed an issue when sharing a presentation, the timeline notification would show dashboard.
19251 Fixed an issue where a button in the report rollover menu was broken.
18702 Fixed an issue where after navigating to other sub-tabs or slides, the window would not scroll up to the top.
17625 Fixed an issue where an interaction could be made on a content without validation
18763 Fixed an issue where aspect ratio was unable to be turned off.
18094 Fixed an issue where backspacing when renaming a filter list widget on the canvas deleted the widget itself.
19359 Fixed an issue where certain dashboard widgets would cause an error on upgrade.
18753 Fixed an issue where comments were disappearing when you edited a dashboard or a Present
18568 Fixed an issue where dashboard level filter default values were not cleared properly.
18669 Fixed an issue where dashboard tabs displayed an incorrect cursor.
18673 Fixed an issue where filter group properties weren't persisting when editing or copying a dashboard
19113 Fixed an issue where filters even when resized would not show the entire content.
18920 Fixed an issue where in some specific versions of SQL Server the user couldn't apply formats to any of the Canvas widgets
18724 Fixed an issue where it was possible in some cases to have an orphaned report record which would stop a dashboard from being edited.
17155 Fixed an issue where larger text would cause styling issues on the task managment left navigation menu.
18896 Fixed an issue where memory settings from the installer would not be applied to the windows service settings.
18214 Fixed an issue where section summary hyperlinks on a report did not scroll
17866 Fixed an issue where select/hover borders for canvas widgets were not displaying correctly.
18033 Fixed an issue where the "Useful" button becomes empty after closing a Signal.

Added navigation to the previous page after closing a Signal.
18761 Fixed an issue where the bookmark popup was rendering partially off the page on a small window.
18243 Fixed an issue where the Correlation Analysis toggle was misaligned in the Signal configuration.
18794 Fixed an issue where the dashboard share email popup would not show the link attachment option for a migrated dashboard.
18874 Fixed an issue where the Filter Group popup for left filters was being hidden behind other elements.
18423 Fixed an issue where the filter-list widget menu did not display correctly after attempting to drag it into invalid areas.
18222 Fixed an issue where the maximum width option on charts was showing on scatter and line.
18774 Fixed an issue where the page MIPreReportInit refused to load.
17979 Fixed an issue where the 'Show Label' toggle on pie style quick charts displayed the incorrect state.
18738 Fixed an issue where the timeline notification was wrong when a presentation was published
12260 Fixed an issue where the type field of the signal analysis schedule is blank on the schedule edit page.
18792 Fixed an issue where the variance popup was too small for the content
18645 Fixed an issue where the View was not exported with the Signal Widget
18668 Fixed an issue where the warning message for editing and deleting a presentation said 'report'
18722 Fixed an issue where timeseries was turned on for bar chart date comparison in the auto analysis
18196 Fixed an issue where tooltip text was not displaying correctly for items in the left side bar for dashboards.
18908 Fixed an issue which prevented users from being able to remove filters from a dashboard canvas.
18207 Fixed an issue with aspect ratio not working properly for images.
18155 Fixed an issue with broadcasts for reports with mandatory View Level Filter Groups after the viewis replaced via API
17149 Fixed an issue with the Refresh Report icon tooltip not being translated
18001 Fixed an issue with the UPDATEUSER Web Service API where user emails cannot be updated.
19064 Fixed an SQL syntax error when using Minimum Date or Maximum Date in Report Filters
19035 Fixed an upgrade issue that could occur on oracle databases when dealing with large amounts of dashboards
14756 Fixed an XSS problem in View editing, cloning and publishing
18924 Fixed issue which caused some CSS to not be included when using the js api
18895 Fixed issues with widget formats where they would not appear in edit mode but they would in preview mode.
16612 Fixed Signal configurations missing from Manage Signals list when manually deleting Signal run schedule from Admin Console
17675 Fixed the inconsistent help text for the Offset parameter in the Signal configuration.

Set the minimum value of the Offset parameter in the Signal configuration for Period Comparison and Trend Changes as 1.
18417 Fixed UI issues in Safari with drop down menus and also an indentation problem in code mode
18592 Fixes an issue where creating a dashboard while viewing a presentation causes other dashboards not to display in the header when published.
18378 Implemented the ability to change slides in presentations using arrow keys.
18388 Improved the efficiency of the dashboard filter migration process
18081 Increase efficiency of internal EventCache filtering.
16667 Notify users of dashboard comments only when they belong to the same organisation as the author of the comment
18877 Patch Axis library with fix for CVE-2019-0227
18595 Present and Themes are now available in the content search for the export page.
15066 Prevent an error that occurs on the Client Org management page in some cases.
18700 Prevent invalid XML 1.0 and control characters from being input into Text Widgets on Canvas
19143 Prevent JSTL core tags from breaking JSPs when the webapp version (web.xml) is 3.0 or above.
18948 Prevent running reports via the ReportService as a (impersonated) report user that doesn't have access to that content.
18599 Removed minimum size for blueprint widgets and changed user interface to render in a lightbox when the widget is small.
19100 Resolve an issue preventing the re-ordering of View Level Filters on a Dashboard.
18733 Resolved a bug which prevented users from deleting a canvas widget using the delete key, if they had previously done so, and brought the widget back using the undo action.
19030 Resolved an issue preventing filter sliders from working on content loaded through the new JS API.
19209 Resolved an issue preventing users from leaving a draft Dashboard, by deleting or closing it, if they have no favourite Dashboards
17833 Resolved an issue that was causing the submit button in the edit broadcast popup to not be visible if the screen size is small
19144 Resolved an issue where fields referenced in custom functions were not matched on field UUID during import.
18408 Resolved an issue where moving columns when building a Report was not updating correctly
17667 Resolved an issue where reports were running when a screenshot was being taken
17422 Resolved an issue where text widgets did not undo or redo correctly
18659 Resolved an issue where visualisation options were not available for Javascript Charts on Reports used with Dashboards or Presentations
18742 Resolved an issue which caused dashboard content to appear below its filter list, if the list required its own scrollbar.
18532 Resolved an issue which caused long report names to be rendered incorrectly, when called through the JS API.
17827 Resolved an issue which prevented the dashboard name being saved correctly, if immediately published after updating the name from the Properties Panel.
18979 Resolved issues where some repository database queries against Oracle were unbounded.
14319 Show Timestamp filter when using Custom filter from Pre-Defined list on a Timestamp field.
15932 Resolved an issue that was causing some conditional formats to not be rendered correctly in xls exports

Yellowfin BI 9.1
Build: 20200330
Published: 30th March, 2020

Enhancements: 29

10264 Add a functionality that displays SQL of the report regardless of SQL errors
17453 Added ServletFilter that can be applied to different URLs. This can perform SSO when a user hits a non-default entry point.
17247 Added a new option on charts to hide the label of a reference line.
17377 Added a new step during upgrade that will give users the option to apply the new configuration defaults and/or apply the new chart defaults when upgrading to version 9.
17928 Added the 'Numeric' option for gridlines on charts. This will only show gridlines for axes that are numeric in nature, i.e. metrics. The option has been added at the organisation level and report level.
17414 Changed how the padding is determined for auto charts to be based on the size of the chart and not a fixed size.
18202 Changed the default null behaviour on blueprint charts to "Skip".
17834 Changed the way Yellowfin dynamically imports custom header/footer JSP's.
17606 add toggle to enable auto run filter on dashboard edit page
17449 Support using Filter UUIDs on Dashboards when redirecting to a Dashboard via the SSO login process.
17863 Tables can now be joined on binary fields at the view level.
15167 Restyled the close dashboard popup.
17603 Restyled the filter linking popup.
14919 Implemented automatic filter linking for reports and filters on Dashboard
17242 Updated dashboard creation popup styles
18177 Adding tooltip text for widget names that are different from its report names.
17500 Upgraded Jackson data processor libraries to 2.10.1
17814 Updated the placeholder image for new image creation.
15996 Update Java Mail library to version 1.6.2
18217 Update description text for report field formatter ( Action button )
10727 Updated Apache Batik library to version 1.12
6260 Updated Bouncycastle to version 1.64 and added PDFBox for securing the generated PDF
17868 Added an option in the properties panel to disable the widget menu for reports.
17790 Added client ref to embed link on reports and dashboards
17582 Added the drill up / reset drill buttons on the dashboard portlet for drill down and drill anywhere reports
17744 Added tooltip text to the widget menu.
18167 Allowed OTF files to be uploaded when uploading custom fonts.
15907 Enable Virtual Tables and Freehand SQL Views for Big Query sources
18058 Released JS API v3 (beta)

Resolved Issues: 187

16917 Fixed issue where navigation arrows on a present would not appear until the page is refreshed.
17213 Apply query limits to view data preview tabs when the datasource supports LIMIT or TOP syntax.
17843 Can no longer share dashboards that have canvas tabs via PDF files.
17776 Changed edit quick chart option's name 'Advanced Report Builder' to 'Advanced Edit'
17903 Changed Presentations to no longer display on the Dashboard, they are now viewed as separate types of content
17705 Changed Presentations to viewed separately from Dashboards
17782 Check report creation access before creating a Quick-Chart report.
18484 Corrected invalid column aliases generated when drilling down on a grouped data column or calculated field
17901 Existing dashboard filter default values and formats are now migrated when importing dashboards created in older versions of YF.
17922 Fixed dashboard series linking setup popup UI issue.
17176 Fixed data discovery not working on dashboard page when repoort filter is linking to other report's filter and taking values from there.
17795 Fixed discrepancy in the z indices between edit and published mode
17717 Fixed issue where Dashboard edit security could be bypassed via a direct URL
18414 Fixed issues with equating columns in a filter on SQL Server sources
14441 Fixed layout issue that date display element was pushed to next line
18174 Fixed JS error preventing co-display formats from being opened.
18348 Fixed a bug that prevented OLAP drill down from functioning correctly.
18397 Fixed a bug that stopped users from being able to delete charts on reports with a large amount of filter values
18525 Fixed a bug when attempting to link filters on a dashboard that has a quick chart.
18550 Fixed a bug when attempting to link interactions on a dashboard that has a quick chart.
18078 Fixed a bug when autorun report on load is disabled, that prevented a report from ever running on the report output page
17980 Fixed a bug where default blueprint chart formats were not being applied on creation.
18334 Fixed a bug where linked brushing didn't work correctly on certain types of date field
17517 Fixed a bug where the loading icon wouldn't display correctly when filters are applied
17460 Fixed a code mode security issue where code mode execution would be blocked in client organisations even when code mode is enabled for them
17735 Fixed a cross-site-scripting bug in the Filter Widget
17710 Fixed a number of edge cases with canvas widget context menus.
17933 Fixed a number of issues that caused some elements to appear infront of elements that shouldn't have
17259 Fixed a problem that dashboard would not be able to add analytical function's parameter as dashboard filter.
18159 Fixed a regression where signal jobs with an alternate threshold metric applied would generate new/lost attribute signals for the non-threshold field(s)
17953 Fixed an Oh No occurring when editing the Title of a Blueprint.
17363 Fixed an edge case in Signals which produced errors on Signals Related and Analysis tabs. Also fixed errors when running a report with grouped metrics using an exasol data source.
18218 Fixed an error that caused filter breadcrumbs to be displayed when viewing a snapshot
18015 Fixed an error that could occur when turning a field into a filter on the report data page.
17789 Fixed an error that didn't allow duplicating sub-tabs or slides that contained a blueprint report.
15776 Fixed an error that occured when adding a report with bottom series selection and time slider to a dashboard
18053 Fixed an error that prevented metric fields with numeric ranges from applying their default values
18493 Fixed an error that prevented users from using the restore option when the export file contained a datasource
18176 Fixed an error that removed reports from a dashboard when their draft version was deleted
17759 Fixed an error that sometimes allowed the properties panel to be displayed when in preview mode on the dashboard
17816 Fixed an error that sometimes caused the properties panels on the dashboard to not display
17872 Fixed an error that stopped users from being able to resolve tasks in the timeline
18151 Fixed an error that stopped users from being able to drill up from the column menu on a report
18264 Fixed an error that stopped users from being able to turn on Left Side Nav filters when using HSQL databases
17186 Fixed an error when attemping to link brushing from a date field
15510 Fixed an error where filters on a dashboard in the global section wouldn't be removed in certain cases in Edge
18002 Fixed an infinite loop when creating certain dropdown boxes.
18387 Fixed an issue causing the conditional drill through pop up to endlessly load
18242 Fixed an issue that allowed Data Discovery reports to be displayed on the browse page.
17932 Fixed an issue that caused Javascript charts to render twice
18213 Fixed an issue that caused an error when populating chart series in stacked bar charts
17313 Fixed an issue that caused drill through to not work on the dashboard in some circumstances
18168 Fixed an issue that chart sort settings not saved properly
18127 Fixed an issue that prevented Analysis reports saved as Draft from displaying on the Browse Page.
17459 Fixed an issue that prevented View Level Filter Groups from showing up on Dashboards.
18055 Fixed an issue that prevented a canvas from being rendered on a draft report
17083 Fixed an issue that prevented dashboards and report canvasses from loading in Internet Explorer.
18008 Fixed an issue that prevented the grouped data popup from loading in the view builder
17887 Fixed an issue that prevented users from creating quick charts if they have access to more than 10 views
17602 Fixed an issue that prevented users from resetting drill down
17740 Fixed an issue that stopped dashboards from loading correctly.
17621 Fixed an issue that was causing a Report Input Step to fail loading the report filters
18316 Fixed an issue that was causing an NPE when writing a private comment
17788 Fixed an issue that was causing certain properties to not showup in the content Summary popup
17681 Fixed an issue that was causing certain styles to not be applied to reports on a canvas
17708 Fixed an issue that was causing sizing issue for a widget on a Present canvas
18172 Fixed an issue that was causing the Signal Page to not load on the Mobile app
18161 Fixed an issue that was causing the date picker to be styled wrong
17605 Fixed an issue that was causing the issues with the size of widgets on a static layout.
17968 Fixed an issue that was preventing the Report preview from being updated in the Report selection popup of a Story
18432 Fixed an issue were sometimes text widgets would cause errors in code mode that would prevent modification.
12242 Fixed an issue when long multi-byte characters were used to create content folders and field folders.
18090 Fixed an issue where Reports with Canvases weren't rendering correctly in Stories.
18012 Fixed an issue where Signal sparkline images are not generated.
18111 Fixed an issue where Signals from a deleted analysis job could still appear as explorable on Stories and Timeline
17882 Fixed an issue where a Dashboard could be published if it contained invalid content.
18032 Fixed an issue where canvas was not resizing correctly when selecting Shrink To Fit.
18046 Fixed an issue where certain drop downs on the properties panel were re-rendering in their original position after scrolling the page.
18543 Fixed an issue where chart tiles would float off the top of the image
17587 Fixed an issue where checkbox breadcrumbs were not displayed in line correctly
18462 Fixed an issue where conditional formatting did not work correctly on numeric display charts
17888 Fixed an issue where dashboards with blueprints on them could not be edited after being imported.
17971 Fixed an issue where having a default view for blueprints was sometimes causing the fields not to be loaded.
18232 Fixed an issue where imported Signal List widgets where not displaying Signals.
17967 Fixed an issue where narratives on Signal List Widgets would overflow their container.
18333 Fixed an issue where page sliders were not visible on imported dashboards.
17822 Fixed an issue where publishing from preview mode would result in dashboards getting stuck in a draft state.
17869 Fixed an issue where save options were rendered behind the save lightbox.
18123 Fixed an issue where scatter chart colours were not working correctly with trends
18120 Fixed an issue where some report broadcasts via email would not happen.
18011 Fixed an issue where sparkline images where not displaying for some Signals in the Signal List widget.
18179 Fixed an issue where subtab layout changes was deleting all existing reports.
18413 Fixed an issue where subtabs would overlap with dashboard options.
17873 Fixed an issue where the advanced report search was not being displayed.
18000 Fixed an issue where the border for slides was getting cut off in presentations.
18028 Fixed an issue where the buttons for the filter panel in the report builder were not aligned properly.
17998 Fixed an issue where the buttons were missing from the change theme confirmation popup.
17970 Fixed an issue where the certain autocomplete dropdowns were not working as dropdowns.
18030 Fixed an issue where the dropdowns in the properties panel overlapped with the inner text.
17636 Fixed an issue where the font drop down on the user administration page was showing empty values
18121 Fixed an issue where the horizontal/vertical alignment options didn't update straight away
18476 Fixed an issue where the move dashboards lightbox would not render correctly in Safari.
17785 Fixed an issue where the right side of a present was being cut off.
17656 Fixed an issue where the same dashboard could be added multiple times.
18309 Fixed an issue where the signal list widget was flickering.
17765 Fixed an issue where the slide thumbnail would sometimes not show the correct content when deleting slides in a presentation
18018 Fixed an issue where the styling for filter breadcrumbs was broken.
18114 Fixed an issue where the styling for the report search in discussion streams was not being applied correctly.
17977 Fixed an issue where the text inside certain drop-downs was too long and displayed incorrectly.
17886 Fixed an issue where the warning popup for incorrectly filling out dashboard save information was rendered behind the save lightbox.
17978 Fixed an issue where trend legend colour could be incorrect on a auto scatter chart when using a metric conditional formatting colour
18117 Fixed an issue where trend legend not visible on a scatter chart in some cases
18183 Fixed an issue where unnecessary scrollbars would render for some reports and charts. Also fixed a problem where some old report canvasses would fail to render.
18461 Fixed an issue where xlsx report exports would sometimes fail when images were included in the Canvas
18212 Fixed an issue with "max analysis rows" data source toggle not being able to be turned off when a non-zero value is set as the related value
17360 Fixed an issue with broadcasts for reports with mandatory View Level Filter Groups after the report is replaced via API
17867 Fixed an issue with cached access filter values on the dashboard
17796 Fixed an issue with canvas widget borders being displayed incorrectly.
9753 Fixed an issue with grouping non-text data on an Exasol datasource
17915 Fixed an issue with incorrect SQL being generated for Date Hierarchy fields
17804 Fixed an issue with individual interaction toggles not being hidden when interactions are disabled for a report on a dashboard.
17807 Fixed an issue with materialising clobs into an Exasol target when caching a view
17794 Fixed an issue with report interaction settings not being applied to published dashboards.
17939 Fixed an issue with setting the data source for a view level custom query filter when importing a view with the REPLACE option
17725 Fixed an issue with text widgets were the focus on the text would be lost when changing properties in the properties panel.
17524 Fixed an issue with text-entry inlist filters where users could not click the filter prompt or clear options after having entered text into the input box.
17772 Fixed an issue with the GETALLUSERREPORTS webservice not wokring
17987 Fixed an issue with the visual/code toggle where the current mode's text was not displaying properly.
18399 Fixed bug that prevented a report with chart variance on it from being replaced properly during the import process
17944 Fixed drill down on heat grid and stacked bar charts
17797 Fixed incorrect styling on the report search panel.
18007 Fixed issue that stopped drill anywhere from being able to be reset from the report design page
16362 Fixed issue with modifying charts after making a copy of an existing report with a report canvas
17919 Fixed issue with not being able to edit Freehand SQL Views
17730 Fixed issue with the removal of dashboards removing incorrect dashboard.
18216 Fixed issues with Signals related and correlated lines being inconsistent and not showing all items
17773 Fixed issues with blueprint drop-down borders not being rendered properly.
9904 Fixed issues with loading existing tables for a ETL output step when the JDBC driver has been loaded via Plugin Management
18009 Fixed issues with running reports with grouped org reference code filters.
17729 Fixed some UX issues when using text widgets on the canvas
17825 Fixed some issues where rollover menus for dashboard widgets would get stuck open.
17999 Fixed the "Click to access" link when a draft report is used on a dashboard.
18072 Fixed the height of Action Button on reports with Action Button formatted columns.
17963 Fixed the spacing of the shapes panel that's accessible via the left toolbar.
17890 Fixes an issue with colours on a combined category timeseries chart
17783 Implemented access controls on quick chart edits.
16403 Implemented more visibility when a report fails to run on a Canvas Layout Dashboard
18377 Implemented the ability to set dashboard level filter default values.
18308 Implemented the widget rollover menu for charts widgets on report canvases.
16878 Javascript in TextWidgets is now completely escaped to avoid security issues.
15602 Prevent error when loading the pre-built content from some third-party connectors, including the Facebook and RingCentral connectors.
18157 Prevent the temp directory from filling up when fonts are loaded.
18041 Published Storyboards are now visible in 9. However, Storyboards can no longer be edited, and draft Storyboards cannot be accessed.
14398 Removed LIMIT commands from being inserted in SQL generated by sub queries.
17769 Renamed Code Mode role function to Code Editor
17954 Resolve issues with some calculated fields on databases that require column aliases.
17803 Resolved an issue that was causing the timeline to not load in the mobile app
18410 Resolved an issue where inputs on the Filter panel on Dashboard Canvas were not responding correctly
17921 Resolved an issue where tabs were not being removed from the toolbar when removed or deleted until after a refresh.
18234 Resolved an issue where the Dashboard page title did not display correctly
17722 Resolved an issue where the delete option for draft Dashboards was not available in the drop down menu
18224 Resolved an issue where the filter menu was not completely closing in the Report builder
17701 Resolved an issue where theme pages were not maintaining sequence order correctly
17702 Resolved an issue where unwanted outlines were showing up in canvas thumbnail images
17599 Resolved an issue which allowed unauthorized users to import Code Mode content.
18020 Resolved an issue which caused the Longitude and Latitude boundary settings of GIS map charts to render incorrectly.
17961 Resolved an issue which prevented some filters from being applied to a report.
18021 Resolved an issue which prevented the order of filters from being updated on the Report Viewer page.
17271 Resolved issues preventing filters form being imported correctly
17720 Resolved sizing issues of text widgets on a canvas
17066 Resovled an issue preventing series selection application on child reports, when a dashboard is initially loaded.
14858 Support Virtual Tables that contain dots/periods in their name
17399 Support multi-byte values on drill down links.
17900 The save as theme toggle was removed from the Dashboards save popup, as only Presentations can be saved as themes.
17752 We fixed canvas Shrink to fit to work in dashboard
16835 We have resolved an issue on automatic filter linking pop-up where a success notification appear when user click Cancel
17541 We have resolved an issue that prevents user adding a manual entry filter value
18314 We have resolved an issue that was causing a text widget to get selected when hovering over other object
18062 We have resolved an issue that was causing canvas objects to re-order their z-index incorrectly
17791 We have resolved an issue that was causing filter values which are long to get pushed below the checkbox in Report Builder Filter popup
17947 We have resolved an issue where canvas display selection is available even when there is no content on the canvas
17756 We have resolved an issue where in some cases it does not return to dashboard after a user edit a report by maximising it from the dashboard
17285 Adjust panel transparency when dragging/dropping filter list widget on edit dashboard page to allow overlapped element being seen
17955 Fixed an issue that data discovery actions did not work when there are multiple placement on a dashboard for the same report
9990 Fixed an issue that translation text is not displayed on dashboard page
14966 Fixed error during loading unavailable substitution data sources and removes them from fecthing cached filter values
17793 Fixed issue of running column options in dashboard edit page
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