AD FS - Yellowfin SAML Bridge


The Yellowfin SAML Bridge is a Java web application that allows for interfacing between a SAML Identity Provider, and Yellowfin. This allows for a user to use the same credentials that they use for other applications at their organization. The Yellowfin SAML Bridge in this case is a SAML Service Provider (SP). The SAML Bridge uses Yellowfin’s web services to SSO the user into Yellowfin. There is also an option for auto provisioning users the first time that they connect to Yellowfin using the SAML Bridge.

Please download and review the full published document attached to this post for for complete detail on the process of installing the SAML Bridge.

Also attached is a sample "onelogin.saml"properties file, as well as the saml-bridge web.xml settings.

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