Rollback change for Tomcat 8 and higher

Hello to all our readers!

As many of you would know, to rollback a Yellowfin application (and I'm not talking about the Yellowfin database side of things here, just the Yellowfin application) that was running on Tomcat 7 or lower, all you had to do was to go to the "backup" folder and find the correct patch folder by date that you want to go back to, and then unzip that ROOT archive to your ROOT folder so that it overwrites the current files with the older backed up ones. 

However, from Tomcat 8 and onwards there is 1 extra step you must do:

Before you overwrite the current files in the ROOT folder and sub-folders, go to the folder called META-INF and save the file called "war-tracker" to somewhere safe. Then proceed with the usual rollback steps, and at the end of it all, using that "war-tracker" file that you safely saved, paste it over the rolled-back one in the META-INF folder.

If you don't do this extra step then tomcat will deploy the original war file!

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