Limitations of Exporting Content

This article refers to the Administration > Export functionality.

The current Import/Export process does not include non-reporting objects.

The primary exclusion from exporting content is User Information. Throughout the whole of Yellowfin we don't add any user stuff to the export file. For example, if a private report has a User Group assigned to its Security List, this does not get included in the export file.

This means anything relating to Users, User Groups, Roles, OrgRefCodes, Client Orgs, and Access Filters Rules need to be re-configured in the instance that's being imported to. Essentially, most Administration-related information.

To be more specific regarding Access Filters, if you click on 'Add' so you can Create an Access Filter, you can see you are defining rules based on User information:


As previously mentioned, since Yellowfin does not export user information, then one can infer from the phrasing above that the rules, i.e. adding the reference, will essentially have to be re-configured.

If you click on Configure Reference Types, you should see the References themselves have imported, however:


And if you head into a report based on said View you should still see an option to enable your Access Filters:


This indicates that the access filter information was indeed exported and imported, but considering access filters are linked to user information, as what they ultimately do is filter based on user information, that whole aspect has to be re-configured. For example, a set of rules such as: "email,, region, america" will not be exported.

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