7.2 Change logs: Patch and Release notes for 7.2

Below is the running change logs for v7.2.
This list is updated with each 7.2 release.ll update this knowledge base article each month that a release is available for download. To download the latest available versions login to the Yellowfin website here

Below is the list of all product enhancements and bug fixes for the v7.2 product.
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Yellowfin BI 7.2.18
Build: 20180711
Published: 19th July, 2018

Enhancements: 2

8947Increased web timeout for JS dependencies
8548 If the results of parent report are truncated then same message will be shown in the child report also.

Resolved Issues: 33

10936 Fixed an issue where some types of calc fields in subquery reports would not parse correctly and cause the report to fail.
10410 Fixed an issue that caused XSS to be processed when naming a new sub tab on a dashboard.
10254 Fixed an issue where users without the correct role permissions were able to create new views.
10213 Fixed an issue where First and Last name on the Dashboard Help popup were not escaped.
9690 Fixed an issue that caused the blue 'to top arrow' to be missing, or not appear under certain conditions.
9403 Fixed an issue where it was possible to rename a file to exploit XSS when using the image manager.
9150 Fixed issue where calculated fields in subqueries which used other calculated fields in their formula would not be able to be imported without warnings/breaking the import.
9109 Fixed calc field issue for subquery reports where a 'where' clause predicate which was only partially contained in brackets would fail to parse correctly.
8842 Fixed an issue where editing a user could result in an error screen being displayed.
8737 Fixed an issue where multiple stacked total labels would be visible on a chart based on a pivot report.
8437 User can change the themes if he has write access to those themes and the themes are in the client org of the user's group.
7805 Broadcast settings options are no longer available when a source has passthrough authentication turned on.
7783 Report Export has been modified to export numeric values as TEXT when keep formatting is turned on and suffix, prefix or thousands separator is on
7672 Added delete permission check before showing Report 'Undo Changes' to prevent error when trying to 'Undo Changes' without permission to delete
7522 Column Formatting 'Data'. Moved some format options out of the Default/Custom toggle so they are accessible without making a custom style.
7025 Fixed dynamic date comparisons for broadcast delivery rules
6454 Fixed an issue when imports dashboard with drill down links, the option was not set up properly.
6162 Fixed issue with saving a report broadcast after clicking the Subscribe and Unsubscribe button(s).
6008 Fixed sort order for Cached filter values in design page.
5996 Fixed issue with Link To Filter not receiving Hours Offset
5777 Fixed an issue that would prevent the License Management page from loading for users with language set to Italian.
5650 Fixed an issue where line shapes and thickness were not used on pivot charts when the setting was used in the chart settings panel
5628 Fixed issue where xlsx report export would not replace fullwidth versions of illegal characters for sheet names
5434 Fixed an issue that redirected users to the main login page when being linked to public content.
5327 Fixed an issue where the right messages were not displayed when setting up custom query.
5165 Updated sort orders for all default non-English ref codes so that they match the English version.
5129 Resetting filters on a dashboard will now also reset the date slider on any report on that dashboard.
4661 Fixed a vulnerability with associated reports on dashboard.
4660 Fixed a vulnerability in storyboard report global linked filters.
4659 Fixed a vulnerability in dashboard format menus.
177 Resolved an issue that prevented updating to 7.2 from versions prior to 6.2.
123 Fixed and issue where pre-defined filters on dashboard were not reset properly when clicking reset
9831 Fixed a webservices issue where where reports run in a Client Org would use some formats and settings from the Primary Org.
Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 201710
7.2 Update
Published: October 2017

Enhancement: 3

YFN-6348 - Updated bundled Apache Tomcat to version 7.0.79 for Yellowfin 7.2 and to version 8.5.16 for 7.3 and 7.3+.

YFN-6242 - Added a functionality to choose Client Organization, Category and Sub Category when copying a report.

YFN-4895 - Added formatting features: set the report cell border styling as a global settings for each client and allowed customization on a single column of reports.

Resolved Issues: 6

7368 - Fixed an error in timeline, yep that is all you get to know.

6525 - Fixed an error with the datasource dialog dropdown menus not highlighting properly, hey now they do.

7748 - Fixed an issue to prevent any possible bulk deletion of report formats.

7686 - Fixed a problem with exported UTF-8 encoded CSV files missing a Byte Order Mark.

6103 - Fixed an issue to stop dashboard linked filters from vanishing when a view was cloned.

301 - Fixed an issue to improve handling of JDBC drivers that did not support Stored Procedure meta-data calls.

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20170714
7.2 Update
Published: 04 Aug, 2017

Enhancement: 1

4943 - Added two new configurable settings for long running report popup options being displayed or hidden. They are now based on user roles, client default settings and individual settings.

Resolved Issues: 12

5732 - Fixed a problem in which the omit option wouldn't work in boolean filters when 'allow omit' is enabled.

5301 - Fixed a problem so stop a SQL exception from appearing when grouping is applied to a numeric column.

6124 - Fixed a problem that the IpOrg in Report Broadcast record was incorrect (was always 'default org').

6533 - Fixed an image loading issue in the report builder.

6529 - Fixed an issue to allow the Storyboard to be exported.

6270 - Fixed an issue when a very large value for the InitialWaitTime parameter would cause report execution to be cancelled.

5799 - Fixed an issue where an error would occur when upgrading to 72 (20161031) using Oracle Database.

6905 - Fixed NumberFormatException error when using some third-party data sources.

5557 - Upgraded Jquery to 3.2.1 as well as JqueryUI to 1.12.1

5894 - Added background color settings for report data (ContentSettings -> Report Settings -> Styles -> Data).

5683 - Added functionality so that user without the right to create a new view (button not available) can now select the last element in the view list when creating a new report.

4658 - Added some more escaping of the report name to prevent JavaScript pop-ups.

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20170602
7.2 Update
Published: 30 June, 2017

Enhancement: 3

5688 Additional web services to copy a report.

5414 Exasol database support

4879 Resolved an issue that allowed JavaScript code to be executed in chart tooltips when active charts were disabled.

Resolved Issues: 34

5219 Allowing JSAPI report with no client org assigned

5354 Resolved issue where default org content was being loaded even when logged into client org via JavaScript embedded report/dash

4904 when loading the views of a data source, don’t return the csv view created in view builder

5394 Fixed issue with client Ref ID source filter not working correctly at default org level.

245 Fixed co-display "Fit to parent" option so now it works

5044 Boundary options on Google GIS maps have been enabled.

5634 calculate the correct height when setting custom width to keep the aspect ratio of images

5224 Company or client organization logo images in GIF format can now be exported to Excel.

5648 Fixed a bug where column or row totals on cross tab reports with the Last Value type were not updating to the last values after sorting was applied.

5460 fixed a problem of am pm display depends on jvm locale instead of browser language in timeline and schedule management items

5458 fixed a problem where under line option was never saved in report format menu

5885 Fixed an issue where cross tab charts were not correctly applying the table sort order to axes or legends.

5579 Fixed an issue where saving a report as a draft on the chart page would cause newly added charts to incorrectly display errors until the page was reloaded.

5842 Fixed an issue where the chart border color did not match the selected format and would not appear in Firefox or IE.

4817 Fixed an issue where the csv edit tab menu would not appear completely, and deleting the csv redirected to an unrelated result page.

283 Fixed an issue with hidden cross tab headers, where they would show incorrect or duplicated values if one or more headers where hidden.

5372 Fixed chart titles not showing when set to use section values.

5169 Fixed checking advanced option to prevent setting values back to default when only local time zone code is changed

5500 Fixed empty space from appearing on a chart when rotated labels are set to show above columns.

143 fixed incorrect date formats for last modified date/timestamp in dashboard, storyboard and discussion

5471 Fixed problem numeric parameter entry styles

5594 Fixed the Curved Lines setting from incorrectly appearing for line charts which do not use time series.

5884 fixed the problem by setting option to trigger setting the default value to the filter when the page is loaded

342 get the correct Report for the filter to retrieve the report field parameters

5882 We have hidden report refresh tab when users have no versioned report access in the role

336 In cross tab reports, when using calculated fields the aggregation shows 0 in older reports where the field was marked as 'calculated total'. This has been changed to default back to 'sum' in this specific case.

5479 removed delete option when selecting multiple content and there is non-deleted content in the list

5524 removed empty rows when suppress duplicates are applied to all the shown columns and the row values are the all similar

5083 Resolve the issue on time series brushing linking

5866 set the list of access filters as an empty array list if it is null and put condition to show access filter legends if 'display access filters' option is on

5497 We have resolved an issue that was causing string data returned from TreasureData to be quoted.

5649 Fixed an issue where advanced statistical functions that use a date as pivot control would not work on the correct axis.

5538 Fixed an overflowing an overflow task that was causing some users tasks to be canceled, this has been changed to queue requests in the proper order.

5809 Fixed the lost line separator within report builder, this is a user interface issues that is now much better visually

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build build 20170413
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 20170503

Enhancement: 1

5307 - Added validation filter support for Ingres and Vector sources

Resolved Issues: 22

52 - Fixed a refresh issue so that saved reports using sub folders will now refresh when changes are made at the sub folder level

163 - Fixed an issue that allowed deleted users broadcasts to remain after the user has been deleted from the system

243 - Fixed an issue with the left side navigation not saving the filter breadcrumb when using a pre-defined customer period

263 - Fixed an issue that was not updating the cached view when an icon was deleted

2947 - Fixed an issue where the period filters do not show a value box for 'custom' and any 'pre-defined period'

332 - Fixed an issue with the footer linked to a new user's landing page

3506 - Fixed an issue with cached-on-demand and query-on-demand filters for minimum and maximum values returning null

4610 - Fixed an upgrade issue from v7.1 to v7.2 with horizontal and legend sorting on pivot based charts

4774 - Fixed a refresh issue when a change is made to the filter hierarchy within the filter format page

4814 - Fixed an issue within storyboard that was hiding the global filters in the title page which made it so you could not access the global filters, this is now fixed

4865 - Fixed a display issue that was showing html code if the data source was missing on import

4892 - Fixed an issue when create report option would no longer appear for users that don’t have any accessible content folders within the current org they are logged into

4931 - Fixed an issue where the date was being formatted according to the browser preferences and not the multi-language preference in Yellowfin

4973 - Fixed an issue in the iOS app that was causing the drill anywhere options are now showing when connecting as a client org

5008 - Fixed an issue when a user would set a report as a favorite in Android app, this will now work

5014 - Fixed time-stamp range for predefined date filters

5042 - Fixed a display issue with co-display crosstab column and rows showing text in excel export

5091 - Fixed an issue where the numeric reference codes would not show their properly formatted values in filter breadcrumbs using all filter operators

5109 - Fixed an issue in subscribing to a report in the Android app

5164 - Fixed an issue that was causing the AM / PM display was using the locale details from the JVM. This has been changed to use the locale details from multi-language deployment

5282 - Fixed an issue where the local region in the user edit page was being loaded incorrectly

5320 - Fixed an issue related to deleting and re-uploading certain connectors, the connector is now removed

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20170406
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 6 April, 2017

Enhancements: 6

701 - Added functionality so that the installer will now check for missing indexes when upgrading and inserts them so there will be no error issues

4906 - Changed loading of broadcast history until you open the broadcast panel to improvements performance related to broadcast and report builder

744 - Added functionality to allow you to create custom salutations inside the email template. These are saved per-language with the option of saving a blanket default value for all languages. Additionally, custom footer text is also now saved per-language. Existing custom footers will be treated as the default for all languages and will not be lost.

737 - Added additional functionality to improve site security to address cross site scripting (XSS)

684 - Added functionality to allow to @mention (and invite if admin of discussion) someone who is not a member of a discussion, and for discussion admins to add and invite people from within comment security user search.

493 - Add new role functions to allow admins to restrict information a user sees on the error page when something goes wrong

Resolved Issues: 35

291 - Fixed an issue within the Oracle JVM occurring when a GIS map only contains one point

4992 - Fixed an issue with column name's with apostrophes properly display

4857 - Fixed a system setting so that synchronous background tasks will not be cancelled after 1 minute of execution

4842 - Fixed an error when copying / editing Jasper reports

4786 - Fixed issue where axis settings were unavailable for non-auto charts

4783 - Added missing abbreviated day translations in the date picker for Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Thai, and Chinese

4698 - Fixed an issue with translation of older names based on owner organization

4696 - Fixed an issue related to Italian translations for filter operator names

4691 - Fixed an issue that stopped charts from being removed correctly when switching a report to a cross tab

4665 - Fixed an alignment issue within report builder when trying to use the alignment function to format the style

4656 - Fixed CSV translation export for secondary vertical axis on charts

4650 - Updated aggregation labels for Chinese translations

4607 - Fixed a sort issue with values in filter prompt that have two sets of values

4602 - Fixed JS error on editing storyboard title

4575 - Fixed an export issue to all dashboard table reports to be exported to text files

4528 - Fixed error using date slider in a dashboard report after it is replaced during import

3062 - Fixed an issue in displaying applied filter date

2948 - Fixed an issue with the view field name being used as the report filter name when exporting content via CSV export

299 - Fixed an issue with localize date tick labels on time series charts linked to AP server

276 - Fixed an issue that was causing an error linked to the incorrect predefined values for timestamps when working with a DB2 datasource

264 - Added an option so that it is now possible to configure whether nulls are treated as zero or nulls are treated as nulls for the accumulative total and accumulative percentage analytic function

254 - Fixed an issue where the wrong driver would be selected on a generic jdbc data source after upgrade to 7.2 or higher

224 - Fixed an issue that would not all access filters to be sorted in descending

205 - Fixed an issue with time zones and report filters to now show minus 24 hours for broadcast

191 - Fixed a UI issue in admin user import with the size of the text box

184 - Fixed filter issue in dashboard dependency filter that would cause the selected filter values to not be applied in some cases

157 - Fixed an issue with the Olap calculated fields folder adding in the wrong spot

150 - Fixed an issue that was causing scheduled tasks to not display a status as failure if there is an error querying the database when refreshing filters

128 - Fixed an issue that was causing the default values to not be defaulted to if the custom query is incorrect

127 - Fixed an issue that was allowing editing/deleting of primary folders in client orgs

115 - Fixed display issue with the SSRS report summary button on SSRS reports

106 - Fixed a translation problems within the dashboard and navigation menu

59 - Fixed an issue with the google API key set for a specific client org is now retrieved and used instead of the default one

34 - Fixed an issue that was not allowing linked options to show for row based reports within dashboard links

3504 - Fixed a mismatch issues for edit/delete pop-up verbiage, this has been fixed

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20170221
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 3 March, 2017

Enhancement: 9

28 - Added schedule option "Weekdays" which will run the task Monday through Friday.

612 - Added functionality that allows client org to be used when embedding reports and dashboards via JS API through new url option 'clientOrg' specified as the client reference id of the desired client. This has the restriction that only one client org can be used per page. Used as such

575 - Add command line option for a Yellowfin patch to silently fail when install target version is newer than patch version using action.silentfaildowngrade.

662 - Extend the width of the hour field in the Broadcast area so the hour does not get truncated.

646 - Added ability to change metric headings, column values, and row value backgrounds in cross tab reports.

515 - Added ability to link parameters to be used as co-display link sources or targets.

433 - Added functionality that will now extend the width of the hour field in the broadcast function so the hour does not get truncated.

374 - Added functionality that enables calculated totals for olap fields.

37 - Added ability to allow multiple values when linking by fields and child filter is inlist/notinlist.

Resolved Issues: 35

4845 - Fixed issue with SMTP password saving incorrectly.

4574 - Fixed an issue with the help text in the chart settings for google maps.

4520 - Fixed issue where JNDI data source could not be used due to 'oh no' error when connecting to this data source.

4097 - Fixed issue where after setting up an advanced union subquery, adding a field to the report would cause an error.

3056 - Fixed translation issue with popup when saving report in a multi-language deployment.

2956 - Fixed display issue in the new slide popup in storyboard.

335 - Fix table/column header lock weirdness when table contains binary images.

320 - Fixed issue that will restrict a user to create a subquery off an inaccessible datasource.

310 - Fixed incorrect tooltip text in the license management page.

306 - Fix an issue where the prompt value button is missing from the filter format popup for a third party advanced sub query filter.

305 - Fixed a null pointer exception when trying to create a view based from a TreasureData source.

287 - Fixed an issue related to authenticating using LDAP servers when TLS encryption is selected.

284 - Fix an issue where prompt value button is incorrectly displayed in the filter format popup for a stored procedure advanced sub query filter.

275 - Fixed an issue that was causing the date format to not respects language settings in report tables.

274 - Fixed an issue that would cause a no results co-display issue when using min/max value where the child filter does not support min/max option.

270 - Fixed an issue that would allow a user to edit their own profile information even when their access to user management is read only.

269 - Fixed an issue when accessing filter values of OLAP reference code formatted filters would cause an null pointer exception error.

266 - Fixed an issue where default org top level folder, with the same name, would show as a subfolder in the client org. Also, fixed top level folders being merged.

216 - Fixed an issue that would disable 'having' filters when populating cached filter values.

212 - Fixed an issue that forced a regular filter as 'mandatory', now normal filters are no longer always tagged as mandatory when creating a stored procedure report.

201 - Fixed an issue with cross site scripting security flaw.

193 - Fixed an issue which broke the filter panel UI when Parameters are used as filters. Parameters are usable after a view is cached and you have the ability to define values for parameter filters.

187 - Fixed an issue with a filter display defect where org ref codes would show their unformatted value if they were based off a numeric field.

164 - Removed the option of Reference Code in the drop-down list when the field has a parent filter and the option 'Dependent Values' is on.

159 - Fixed an issue with 'login logic' to work when Yellowfin operates in a cluster which does not have session replication.

114 - Fixed an issue where a dashboard chart would no longer drill down after being reset when drilling had been applied to another chart.

105 - Fixed an issue that would cause the legend options on meter charts to display when no conditional formatting is applied.

81 - Fixed an issue related to region settings and how the user name formatting is displayed in sub folders.

75 - Fixed a refresh issue when brushing is used with dashboard reports having Unit Selection and the units change.

74 - Fixed an issue where a null number value used on a chart which has animation, would cause the formatting to not be applied to the chart.

53 - Fixed an error that occurs when going back up a drill anywhere hierarchy after changing filter values.

49 - Fixed an issue where the prompt value button is incorrectly displayed in the filter format popup for a third party advanced sub query filter.

4759 - Fixed an issue where comparative conditional formatting was not showing on charts as well as advanced conditional formatting was breaking charts from rendering.

711 - Fixed an issue when using Axis 1.4 with Java 1.8.0_20 because of the way collections are sorted. We have addressed this concurrency issue while using the SSO API.

98 - Fixed security vulnerabilities related to a direct object reference when editing of reports, regardless of permissions of logged in user.

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20170202
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 8 February, 2017

Portal login access...

Enhancement: 16

773 - Added ability to allow users to access administration page with cross site scripting.

604 - Added ability to allow default value of parameters to now be edited after activation. There is also a new option for parameters in the formatting menu. 'view default' option can be set to ensure that the value is reflective of the view's update default value of the parameter. This must be used in conjunction with the option 'remember filter values' being turned off for the view default values to not be overridden by it.

595 - Added restriction to no longer filter associated reports when run on dashboard.

506 - Applying an advanced function will no longer remove conditional formatting, but it is very likely to not be relevant any longer, since the data in the column will probably be different and won't match the existing rules.

780 - Added sort for mobile app so that dashboards will now sort in the order that they appear on the desktop version (sorted top to bottom, left to right).

757 /421 - Added ability to view a list of users assigned to a role when clicking on the number of users in a given roles list within the admin console.

754 - Added ability to now load co-display report filter values from parent filter even when it is linked by field filter.

655 - Added display of generic data source names so that they now appear in a user's preferred language.

637 - Added enhanced display options for breadcrumbs to now show 0 and numeric sliders to work from zero forward.

574 - Added the option to make a data source writable is hidden for data sources that are known to be read-only

545 - Added option for import subquery report id when creating cached/ondemand filter records on import workflow.

537 - Added fetch descriptions for reference codes per the user's preferred language

453 - Added restrictions so that users can now delete only item's they have access to from dashboard management.

385 - Added ability that will allow google premium API clientid to be used for google API key through configuration setting.

357 - Added ability to adjust chart width on dashboard when dash portlet will overflow on single page sectioned reports.

66 - Added ability to now use predefined date range filters with stored procedure reports.

Resolved Issues: 64

215 - Fixed default to be off when changing charts for 'Hide Negative Prefix' option.

208 - Fixed database deadlock in view builder when removing tables.

96 - Fixed an issue pertaining to the upgrade from v7.1 to v7.2 that would cause a fault to happen.

89 - Fixed server side validation for creating restricted report types such as Freehand SQL/MDX/etc.

76 - Fixed an error occurring when the 'hide negative value' option is used on a scatter plot charts.

316 - Fixed an issue that would prevent a discussion streams from being deleted.

307 - Fixed an issue with dashboard subscribers permissions not changing in the dashboard management page in the admin console panel.

302 - Fixed an issue that caused a break within a metric grouping when a report was created off a report.

294 - Fixed an issue where timestamp filters did not work correctly for all third-party connectors.

290 - Fixed an issue regarding a dashboard display problem where only one chart was shown when switching back to summary and chart view.

273 / 556 - Fixed an issue with blank charts caused by "chart only" setting when there were no charts.

265 - Fixed an issue within charts that was impacting multiple charts but under the covers, no impact to customers.

262 - Fixed an issue when trying to add a recipient to a post would disabled group search.

256 - Fixed an issue when editing cached views.

251 - Fixed issue that would remove the linked sliders when a user would toggle the "link slider" option in dashboard edit.

236 - Fixed a display issue with a metric that had a negative value, now the negative appear correctly when using the Hours & Minutes formatting.

234 - Fixed an issue with struts form population error when changing admin tab.

230 - Fixed display issue with discussion stream's thumbnail from overlapping other fields in settings page when stream is private.

228 - Fixed a random 500 error when accessing a dashboard, found linked to another product change.

226 - Fixed problem with Excel export when the field was using HTML5 formatting.

200 - Fixed display issue with the left side nav filter panel resizes correctly on scroll.

148 - Fixed display/refresh issue with recently accessed section in dashboard and browse page, now update with recently viewed reports without having to refresh or edit a report.

140 - Fixed issue with predefined date range filters for OLAP-sourced reports.

138 - Fixed an issue where basic conditional formatting on a heat grid may not work.

137 - Fixed an issue where null dates were causing time series charts to not work.

124 - Fixed security problem in On-Demand SQL query for filter values.

72 - Fixed display issue with report chart sizing changes to prevent scrollbars appearing on the dashboard when reports have multiple sections.

41 - Fixed issue where comparative conditional format would cause an error on a multi metric auto chart.

36 - Fixed the draggable image icon so that when the option is enabled, the icon shows while hovering over charts.

762 - Fixed date format on report details to avoid translation issue.

739 - Fixed issues that was causing incorrect sorting in reports via web services.

718 - Fixed problem displaying chart borders in certain circumstances.

699 - Fixed refresh issue that would remove existing column compare conditional formatting when changing report to cross tab.

631 - Fixed drill links being overwritten by icon conditional formatting.

625 - Fixed issue where advanced subquery fields using a different view will now keep their conditional formatting on import.

585 - Fixed mobile display issue with Android app that was causing the add recipients button to overlapped.

532 - Fixed export to XLSX that was causing the total line to be broken.

530 - Fixed a DB timeout issue when exporting large report.

483 - Fixed problem with broadcast permissions settings not saving on OLAP sources.

466 - Fixed issue when changing from basic to advanced conditional formatting, the basic values where not cleared properly.

415 - Fixed report level calculated field column formatting.

393 - Removed the option for custom side navigation as it is no longer supported.

380 - Fixed an issue where queries would exceed the character limit for Oracle databases.

356 - Fixed report preview from incorrectly displaying when the administrative setting was set to not display it.

777 - Fixed issue with the left side navigation filter that was causing the scroll bar to act in a wacky manner.

745 - Fixed an issue where a user profile is updated for LDAP and incorrect record is created.

735 - Fixed an issue within bookmark favorites not appearing under the browse > my favorites list view.

720 - Fixed issue regarding org ref codes not working as designed when using drilldown and linked reports on the dashboard level.

670 - Fixed issue with co-display chart not showing within broadcast as html link.

653 - Fixed issue with conditional formatting disappearing when user edits a report.

652 - Fixed zooming error that was linked to time slider functionality for some browser versions.

627 - Fixed issues related to special characters within a report name not allowing the report to be saved.

599 - Fixed issues related to max/min values set to default would not display or reset correctly.

593 - Fixed long URL name being generated when switching between tabs on the administration configuration page. This can be seen in the tomcat access logs. This now generates a smaller URL with POST instead of GET towards the start of the line.

589 - Fixed an issue with the link Drill Down on dashboard where the Org Ref Code setting is removed from the linked report.

522 - Fixed issues with recently accessed section in Dashboard and Browse view when viewing reports, both active and inactive, these items are not shown in this section unless user viewed then edited a report.

504 - Fixed issue with password reset email including an extra space when you select to copy.

488 - Fixed issues with filter formatting and filter refresh settings not displayed correctly when the cached filter field is just for a sub query.

437 - Fixed issue with sub query filters on dashboard not applied to the other linked reports.

426 - Fixed issues with a filter value not being applied when the value is max or min.

358 - Fixed issues with linked drill down report using Ref Code in that the child report would display the wrong value.

345 - Fixed issues with date filter when value = current date will not work with Cube data source has been fixed.

22 - Fixed issue with grouped field not displaying as option when doing deeper set analysis which was blocking users from selecting the groupings.

497 - Fixed issues with print formatting not rendering conditional formatting correctly.

403 - Fixed issue with report format rows being removed automatically in some situation.

377 - Fixed issue with dimension conditional format where text alert has trailing space would cause the alert to not be applied.

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20161205
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 7 December, 2016

120543 - Allows freehand SQL calculated fields (view and report levels) to be used as filters in the report. 209107 - Add 'Display Access Filter Values' to Content Settings -> Report Settings -> Builder Settings for user to turn on/off showing access filter values in the Filter Legend.

223725 - Add new web service for user to add/delete user/group to/from content's ACL

225523 - Calendars are translated and filter breadcrumbs have config option to resize to fit content

231437 - OLAP filter lists should now correctly sort by their displayed value

234404 - Add "Standard Authentication (No Pooling)" option to Authentication options. User can use this option to disable datasource connection pooling.

237564 - 7.1 and 7.2 now have a new client org select page which is the same for mobile and desktop browsers

237583 - Fix broadcasts failing due to encrypted password handling

239173 - Exports now include more information that should help determine which field to use when importing a file that did not include the view.

241551 - Updated Japanese translations

Resolved Issues:

200435 - Can now be used as an input for arguments in formula templates 217820 - Annotation date entry now defaults to user date format

225013 - Clicking on datepicker doesn't close multi function dropdown's anymore

225167 - Subtotal rows should now correctly suppress duplicates in the columns that are not part of the grayed out subtotal cells

228704 - Fixed view caching

232699 - Fix error when browser is zoomed and date slider is used

232988 - Fixed issue where override tooltip was not working on heat grids when there was a size field

234547 - Conditional formatting now takes precedence when inlining css for html exports

235131 - Fixed typo causing group view security not to work correctly

236183 - Cross-tab columns and rows are now correctly arranged by the order that they appear in the builder

237826 - Don't show reports based on other reports in the browse page if the user does not have access to them

237834 - Integer data grouping has been fixed for POSTGRESQL recently. The same fix has been applied to REDSHIFT.

238970 - OLAP date values should now sort by a date's value and not it's displayed text

239119 - Test conditional format against formatted value of field

239417 - Added support to use the "link to" filter operator in third party data sources.

239418 - Implemented third party report calculated field.

239429 - Fixed a bug relating to link filters to filters on advanced sub-queries with different views

239477 - Application level filtering uses better method for determining date equality

239951 - Fixed a rare issue when logging in that would result in a blank page

240294 - Fixed bugs with error highlighting and incorrect values are not deleted

240443 - Users can be unsubscribed from a report through webservices without report user authentication

240503 - Fix filter search values being blank on filter advanced options page

241561 - Append subquery calculated totals now work correctly

241795 - Resolved an error caused by switching between filters with large value lists

241917 - Load co-display report filter value from parent filter even when it is linked by field.

241992 - Remove references to access filters when they are deleted

242162 - Resolved a null pointer exception occurring in a rare drill through case.

242167 - Fixed date parsing for timestamps

242177 - The Yellowfin date format setting is now applied to date filter values

242186 - Report level calculated field translations are now exported with their existing values

242335 - Filter groups should now correctly show the current state of their access filters while in the view builder

243199 - Code optimisation to reduce loading times on pages that provide a create report option

243256 - Fixed filter groups to work with ad-hoc reports

244105 - Sub total of calculated field was a SUM regardless the field expression. It has been fixed

244158 - Report on reports should appear correctly on dashboards again and correctly determine their access rights

244345 - Resolved an issue where filter groups may not appear correctly

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20161024
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 28 October, 2016

152093 - Added an option to choose whether stored procedure parameters have mandatory input 225523 - Calendars are translated and filter breadcrumbs have config option to resize to fit content

231437 - OLAP filter lists should now correctly sort by their displayed value

232079 - Added logging for the notification emails sent when distributing items

236008 - Stacked total labels now have rotation and position options

239173 - Exports now include more information that should help determine which field to use when importing a file that did not include the view.

Resolved Issues:

200435 - -1 can now be used as an input for arguments in formula templates 215557 - Linked filters should work correctly when replacing reports on a dashboard with an imported version

217820 - Annotation date entry now defaults to user date format

225013 - Clicking on datepicker doesn't close multi function dropdown's anymore

231772 - Fixed a issue where removing multiple problem fields at once on the chart builder page would cause an error

232988 - Fixed issue where override tooltip was not working on heat grids when there was a size field

233520 - Fixed problem with creating views for third party sources

234547 - Conditional formatting now takes precedence when inlining css for html exports

235232 - Fixed email distribution settings displaying incorrectly depending on the rights assigned to a role

235857 - Fixed a performance issue in reports with drill through links. It was taking considerably more time to execute reports with a large amount of rows/drill links

236183 - Cross-tab columns and rows are now correctly arranged by the order that they appear in the builder

236528 - Charts now use full area given and storyboard global filters are applied to all reports on load

237834 - Integer data grouping has been fixed for POSTGRESQL recently. The same fix has been applied to REDSHIFT.

238970 - OLAP date values should now sort by a date's value and not it's displayed text

239119 - Test conditional format against formatted value of field

239241 - Trigger group flattening after selecting client org automatically.

239477 - Application level filtering uses better method for determining date equality

239586 - Fixed an error on the Dimension split time series auto chart when using a metric which has average aggregation applied

240294 - Fixed bugs with error highlighting and incorrect values are not deleted

240503 - Fix filter search values being blank on filter advanced options page

240701 - View builder now correctly identifies NCLOB and NCHAR data types from Oracle databases

241795 - Resolved an error caused by switching between filters with large value lists

242162 - Resolved a null pointer exception occurring in a rare drill through case.

242167 - Fixed date parsing for timestamps

242177 - The Yellowfin date format setting is now applied to date filter values

242257 - Fixed a NPE when creating an Stored Procedure view right after creating a data source. The DS was not being added to the form's list of available DS.

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20160926
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 4 October, 2016

146673 - Added the ability to refresh all cached filters in a view via webservices 150221 - Added a webservice which will refresh the source filters on a given source

162905 - Hours and minutes column formatter now has selectable input options for; hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

235164 - Added an option to hide the "Total:" prefix from stacked total labels on stacked charts

235993 - Enabled category and series spacing options for combination charts

236010 - Added an option for no spacing between categories or series on supported charts

237194 - Added the option to load interactive google maps via web services and to trigger a pre-defined JS function. This is used to add google maps to DashXML.

Resolved Issues:

202195 - Don't let the user save parameters without a default value 215804 - Fixed an issue with the active chart settings. When the 'Active Fill' was set to nothing, it was applying the outline colour to the filling.

227363 - E-mail broadcasts now correctly apply predefined date filters set by client orgs

229098 - Fixed an issue where breadcrumb filter values were not being applied to co-display reports correctly

233183 - Support older export files

233735 - Fixed an issue with SSRS reports where when a filter was being applied, the chart images were not being reloaded. Added a random UID to the image request.

236020 - Correct licence check when creating new view

236044 - Fixed an issue when the user is prompted to remove remote sessions when logging in. After confirming the removal, an "incorrect user password" message was being displayed.

236068 - Fixed - SQL Server - '{2}' was showing in Chart Tooltip When an Apostrophe is Part of the Field Name

236339 - Webservices can now toggle toolbar visibility via session options

236353 - Fixed an issue with broadcast of a report with source filters and with destination emails coming form another report. Was displaying a "no report access" message in the email.

236604 - Fixed an issue when trying to edit a multi chart canvas when the report has a top co-display. The edit button wasn't being displayed when hovering over the canvas.

237035 - Added enhancement to only append source if not already in name

237229 - Fixed conditional format options showing in series settings for dimension fields

237356 - Support converter returning byte array where it was previously expecting BinaryObject

237521 - Fixed an error in some cases when editing data source details using Oracle as the configuration database

237722 - XYDatasetGenerator now correctly grabs brushing values

237736 - Fixed some Japanese text.

238175 - Fixed an issue in the tasks page where a task that has a deleted storyboard would throw a NPE.

238338 - Calculated fields should now work with BEx queries

238438 - If upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2, fixes the MS SQL server driver references based on the fix for the task #225834

238845 - Session Bean is no longer serialised

239103 - Fixed a null pointer exception from occurring when trendlines are used on a report with drill through enabled

239198 - Result set error messages will no longer cause a horizontal scrollbar to appear

239318 - Fixed an issue when upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2 if YF is installed into oracle and when there are MS SQL Server datasources available.

239332 - Fixed an issue with the report builder. When deleting a summary, after saving the report the summary was being added back in.

239406 - Changed the Yellowfin configuration db datasource to use the Yellowfin Repository database type.

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20160907
Re-publish of August Build
Published: 8 September, 2016

207905 - Updated the Groovy library to the latest version.

215947 - Added a question-mark icon to the screenshot tool

232183 - Added confirmation button for resolving a task

233049 - Updated forum links

233161 - Implement advanced sub-queries for reports using third-party connectors, stored procedures, OLAP cubes and freehand SQL

Resolved Issues:

212058 - Links to local content now work in exported documents 215586 - Fixed an issue where reports with sections would not retain the current section when using drill down or drill through

226671 - Added a new option to the Event Cache to limit how many days events are cached for

226852 - 226852 - Fixed an issue when importing a CSV into an Azure data source. Also added the functional dependencies.

229477 - Improved performance of crosstab report generation

229652 - Fixed an issue where users would be prompted to reset their password for no reason

230423 - Fixed an issue where some exported reports with advanced subqueries would fail to import

232900 - Fixed an issue with data order sorting on several auto charts.

233094 - Implement default aggregation option for metrics in views based on third-party connectors

233441 - Fixed an issue where the pre-defined date range option for filters would not save correctly sometimes for third-party data sources

233749 - 233749 - Fixed an issue with the folders in the browse page. If the user doesn't have folders edit access and there are no subfolders accessible for the user, the folder should not be displayed.

233800 - 233800 - Fixed an issue with dependent cached filter's default value setting. It was not working in the report nor in the dashboard.

233860 - 233860 - Fixed an issue the creating an advanced function from an advanced subquery field in the charts page. NPE showing in the popup.

234055 - Fixed sub query filters not being applied from the dashboard

234092 - Fixed an issue where in list filters in a drill through report were not being passed correctly to the child report

234352 - Fixed an issue where the left nav filters would not scroll correctly when trying to scroll down on a mobile browser

234446 - In-list conditional formatting fixed for ref codes

234448 - Ref code colours now work for histograms

234493 - Resolved a JS error when deleting broadcasts from the timeline

234539 - 234539 - Fixed an issue with advanced broadcast when the assigned filter has null values. Tests for nullity before turning into string.

234548 - 234548 - Fixed an issue when one of the reports in a co-display report was taking too long to load, and after the "Delivery Method" popup appeared, the long running report wasn't displayed at all.

234832 - Fixed a null pointer exception from occurring when loading scheduled tasks

234944 - This is a known issue of Struts. MessageResources mode has been changed to "JSTL" to solve this issue..

234945 - 234945 - Fixe a typo that was causing the third party DS not to be displayed in the view import process. Also added a validation to avoid NPE.

235677 - Fixed the typo, fixed a copy-paste issue causing the initial problem, fixed the issue masked by the others delete request was never sent.

235716 - Fixed unicode characters allowed for table joins in view builder

235990 - Fixed a JavaScript error when removing a sub query filter

235996 - Fixed a null pointer exception that occured when removing a field linked to a sub query

236018 - Fixed custom tooltips for heat grid charts

236022 - Fixed not being able to add conditions in advanced conditional formatting for third-party connectors

236061 - Fixed an issue with null/empty values and the suppress duplicates format option

236094 - Fixed a null pointer exception when refreshing sub query filter values using an OLAP data source

236095 - Section tabs with no text can now be selected

236312 - Group Flattening is now triggered after user selects client org to login. User's membership is updated after that.

236500 - Fixed an error when using Predefined Period filters with connectors.

236548 - Updated Japanese translations

236791 - Fixed binary objects when used in report on reports

237711 - Dashboard filter list size preference is now respected

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20160728
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 29 July, 2016
Resolved Issues:

169414 - Storyboard action messages added/updated from browse view, now consistent with reports. 216773 - Fixed an issue when changing a calculated field from pre-defined to simple. Nothing was happening on save.

226319 - Fixed an error that caused Jasper reports to be exported to XLS incorrectly

227408 - Fixed an error when using reports with sub-queries and filters on dashboards

227548 - Fix width of licence tooltip item to prevent overlapping in Japanese.

229445 - Fix import/export errors when imported/exported report contains a malformed calculated field value

230142 - Added the advanced conditional formatting description to the translation file if used on a report

230444 - Fixed a javascript error that could be caused by enabling strict mime-type checking

230699 - Make sure that metric colour added to a split line chart is shown as a problem field

230802 - Fixed an issue were access filters set to be on by default on the view would not stay selected

231268 - Fixed issue where in some cases the administration panel was showing an incorrect licence count compared to the correct licence count on the licence page

231618 - Fixed an issue with "content folder" user access. Now client org groups are available for selection (if in the default org).

232133 - Fixed an issue when changing the third party filter operator on the filter advanced settings page.

233446 - Fixed issues where multi-chart components were not being displayed correctly

233447 - Fixed a javascript error when logging in using IE10 in some cases

233561 - Fixed filter list bug

233737 - Fixed an issue that prevented deletion of storyboards of dashboards from the browse page

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20160701
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 1 July, 2016

209971 - Fixed a tab problem when entering values into an In List entry field 223329 - Allow Named Sets to be used in OLAP cubes

225893 - Ingres meta-data updated to allow sub-select functionality

229987 - Option to use Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver during YF installation.

231018 - Embedded Licence support for installer

Resolved Issues:

114122 - Resolved issue with HSQL initial display of connection host and port in connection settings 163446 - Changed description of the related reports role function

165443 - Fixed issue with final line comments causing errors in freehand SQL view.

169200 - Made chart axes use the org settings for decimal and thousand separators

185585 - Removed the sort series from the colour menu for the field when the colour is a dimension.

191856 - Title added to content settings Image Manager dialog.

191886 - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to access the label menu of a GIS Bubble Map

193082 - Fixed issue where Auto GIS charts did not show the metric name when metric colour has been used

195660 - Fix a bug where the import/export accounts for unnecessary report formats, converters, and parameters, leading to a multiplication of unnecessary rows in the corresponding tables

198725 - Fixed issue where the decimal and thousand separators on chart labels were not using the configuration defaults

199690 - Added warning message when configuring analytical functions on fields which have drill enabled

200130 - Fixed LDAP auth handling of deleted & blocked users having multiple client organisations

201253 - Fixed an issue with the report summary. It was being displayed even if the show on report option was off.

204356 - Fixed the sort order of report sections when using Org Ref Code section fields

208392 - Changed the browse page so that it can retain the most recent search

210232 - Fixed an Internet Explorer issue when manually entering time stamp values

210590 - Tag tooltips on the browse page should now display correctly

210615 - Fixed a display error when using radio buttons or check boxes.

211108 - Fixed an issue with some external image URLs in DOCX report exports

211389 - Fixed a display issue on the report broadcast popup with lots of recipients

211603 - Fixed an issue that didn't clear a filter hierarchy if the parent filter was changed to direct input

213974 - Fixed issue where non breaking white space was showing in the middle of the csv for the translation process in some cases

214225 - Left navigation menu will now use all available space if needed when expanding rather than scrolling

214360 - Make sure users without appropriate role access cannot access admin pages

216062 - When attaching a screenshot to a comment on a storyboard, don't include the activity stream panel in the screenshot

216232 - Fixed an error that caused boolean values to display incorrectly in left side nav filters.

217315 - Fixed issue where Trend was not allowed on the horizontal axis of a Trellis chart when valid

217740 - Fixed an error that sometimes caused the filter output box to be removed from the output page when switching filter position from the filter format menu

218155 - Fixed a rare error when opening a dashboard tab

218384 - Fixed issue where Conditional formatting was not being applied to Proportional and Comparative Infographic charts

218426 - Fixed a bug that caused unusable options to be displayed when opening the advanced filter panel on the report output page

219303 - Prompt user to save or discard changes before changing tab on configuration pages

219575 - Fixed an issue when broadcasting a report with mandatory filters - you could not select "Default values" for the filters even if all mandatory filters had default values set

223008 - Fixed issue where unable to set colours for map layers when the metric used was from a geopack

223707 - Fixed an issue when importing a third party data source. The auto run schedule wasn't being created even if the connector had one available.

224362 - Fixed an error that stopped dashboard left side nav filters default to open option from working

225012 - Fixed an error that caused left side nav filters to sometimes stop working after editing them

225187 - Fixed an issue where section totals were not being displayed on report tables unless column totals were also enabled

225188 - Fixed an issue where section summary table values were not sorted correctly, and linked to the wrong section

225278 - Fixed an issue with report creation. If the user doesn't have access to any folder and no ad-hoc access, can't create reports.

225406 - Fixed an issue cancelling long running reports with cross tab calculations.

225471 - Fixed an error when adding aggregation a filter that is generating values from pre-defined date periods

225519 - Added a tooltip to the roles list when changing a user role in the admin console.

225520 - Fixed a bug where a drill-through child filter wasn't applied correctly when set to "Default Child Value"

225601 - Fixed an issue when passing the "enter" key in the plugin management page's input field. The page was turning blank.

225686 - Fixed an issue where the "Display Labels" option for field totals was not operating correctly in report tables

225747 - Fixed an issue where a dimension date had an analytical function applied to it to make it numeric, and it was removed from the chart when moving between the data page and the chart builder.

226156 - Fixed an issue on Cross tab Combination charts where filtering on the field used to create the pivot formats, would cause the formats not to be correctly applied

226189 - Fix a bug where view date filters don't accept default values

226245 - Prevents SSRS reports to be saved to be used as views (report on report).

226246 - Fixed an error that caused sometimes caused SSRS filters to fail

226249 - Fix a bug where the Report Preview page would remain blank if filters were removed before the report was run

226307 - Fixes an issue where the Link To Report option was hidden from the Distribute options

226858 - Made it possible to add the same trend more than once on category charts

226987 - Fixed an issue where reports with Access Filters would not contain any data if sent to an external email address. The access filters will now be set to the same filter value as the user who initiated the broadcast or report distribution

227015 - Fixed a bug that stopped the report level filter refresh timezone setting from saving properly

227068 - Brushing will now work on autocharts having multiple time series plots

227343 - Fixed issue where if user was deleted from the database but they had been added to a private report, the report info popup would show an error

227421 - Fix a bug where Yellowfin would hang when deleting a client org if the Yellowfin config database used HSQL

227538 - Prevent errors from occurring during creation of some of the indexes when installing YF on a MySQL database

227564 - Fixed an issue when removing aggregation from filters

227573 - Fixed an issue in some cases that caused errors using the javascript api

227677 - Fixed system error occurring when exporting a report with formatters to DOCX

227727 - Fixed an issue that somtimes caused Timestamp filters to clear their values when changing filter locations

227908 - Fixed an issue when attempting to access reports from the dashboard when there are no tabs visible

228070 - Format filters in descending order are now correctly displayed on the dashboard.

228103 - Added tag list to browse page left panel to help search for content

228104 - Fix a Chrome UI issue where the Browse page wouldn't display correctly when the browser window was zoomed or unzoomed

228178 - Fixed an error when changing the operator of a pre-defined date filter.

228185 - Added a new option for funnel charts to remove the gradient shading on each individual chart section

228266 - Disabled Combined series for trending on a multiple metric bar auto chart split by dimension

228269 - Made changes to improve the speed of the Event Cache and increased the default size of the Event Cache.

228285 - Remove views based on reports from the advanced minus/intersect sub query setup

228286 - Fixed an issue where heat grid's created by a trellis chart would show the Sort dimension by series option when not applicable

228330 - Re allow bookmarks for reports with access filters applied

228467 - Fixed issue where Combined series was still being applied with trending series was set to 'Auto' from 'Manual'

228485 - Fixed an error that sometimes caused filter format values to be saved incorrectly

228487 - Fixed a bug that caused users in client organisations to not be able to properly search primary organisation folders

228489 - Fixed an error that caused cache scheduling to display sometimes when it's not relevant to the report or view

228526 - Fixed issue on google maps where GIS cached geometry drill down on polygons did not work and fixed an issue with drill down and drill through from google map points

228553 - Fixed an issue with multiple page sections in reports with chart only. The navigation arrows weren't being displayed.

228636 - Fixed an issue with reports with single page sections. If the number of rows of a given section was higher than the limit, there was no way to see the rest of the rows.

228724 - Fixed an issue with relative date filters when the user is in a different timezone form the server.

228766 - Fixed an error that stopped reports with a very large number of cached filters from being able to run properly

229086 - Fixed a bug that in certain circumstances caused Date Ranges to have errors.

229152 - Fixed problems using pre-defined date filters with third-party reports in some cases

229153 - Changed the width of the pre-defined period select box in the filter advanced settings. Avoids ellipsising the text when a long one selected.

229158 - Fixed a bug when adding numeric values to an in list object

229272 - Fix a bug in the import process where replacing a view whose field names changed can break reports based on this view

229319 - Fixed an error that prevented date default values from being saved on the dashboard

229332 - Fixed a bug that stopped the Filter Width format option from working correctly

229347 - Hide display style filter format if Value List isn't set to ref codes

229356 - Fixed a bug that caused the reset button no not function correctly when it's being used with cached filters

229508 - Redshift JDBC Driver and SQL Server JDBC driver can now be enabled through the meta-data wizards

229549 - Fixed error occurring during LDAPUpdateTask

229815 - Fixed an issue where a backslash character would prevent drill through links from working when the child report used an InList filter

229885 - Fixed issue where a trellis chart with two series and a trend would error out during the tooltip generation

229900 - Fixed an error where filter breadcrumbs would display inconsistently when using the Custom option in Pre Defined date filters

230388 - Fixed an error when creating a non auto chart time series chart with a trend and animation is added

230446 - Fixed issue where System was being displayed as the name of the person who replied to a response on a discussion stream

230510 - Fixed a bug where the history panel wasn't shown for KPI reports

230517 - Fix a bug where a report with a conditional drill-through that has a child filter that is linked as "Omit" or "Default" could cause the report to break

230592 - Brushing panel was not visible in popup reports in Activity Stream.

230623 - Fixed an issue in Combined Category charts where the chart definitions are removed, but the series are not updated to point to a new chart definition, and the chart does not render.

230686 - Fixed an issue where the line used for the Event Chart was not using the colour scheme colours, and was defaulting to the library colour

230687 - Fixed issue where dimension was not allowed for the Comparative Infographic label

230817 - Fixed an issue where a split time series multi metric auto chart would not work if the data source was olap.

230831 - Fixed an issue where a Date added to a chart based on a OLAP datasource would be removed when going back to the data page, and then back to the chart page.

230835 - Fixed issue where changing from an auto chart to a scatter chart, and a dimension was used on an axis, that dimension was not cleared out.

230886 - Fix a bug in XLS exports where report footers setup was applied to report headers, thus overwriting any report headers setup

230937 - Fixed a bug on the report data page where the drill-through breadcrumb wasn't showing when there were no results, preventing from going back up the drill-through hierarchy

230986 - Fixed issue where in some cases the person search was not working for some databases

231139 - Fix an export bug where a report's cached filter was exported as a custom query filter

231349 - Fixed issue where heat grid did not show the metric colours correctly when the Horizontal or Vertical axis was a metric

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20160524
Yellowfin 7.2 update
Published: 27 May, 2016

150132 - On demand loading for Custom Query Cached Filters 196769 - Added support to control export permissions at the report level.

225008 - Changed the admin page left panel to show the number of days left in the licence just if the user has the licence function role and it is primary org (same rules used to show the licence management link).

225014 - Allow report-on-report views to be used in advanced sub queries, if the original report is a third-party data source

225271 - When deleting a user from the default org that also exists in other client orgs, there is now an option to chose to delete the user from all client orgs or just the current client org.

225287 - Implemented Google Maps GIS polygon support in the javascript API

227319 - XML/A driver upgraded

228031 - Updated help text in the view builder to add extra clarification when using restricted columns

Resolved Issues:

169852 - Fixed issue where strings were not translated on the CSV export settings panel 185346 - Fixed issue time units were being shown when yearly comparison was turned on

187471 - Fixed an error when trying to test a custom query against an unavailable data source

188683 - Fixed issue where chart settings were being shown in some case that were only for timeseries charts, when timeseries was off

189738 - Added help text for the chart option 'Hide Negative Prefix'

194108 - Fixed issue where user could see the distribute options when distributing a dashboard or report on the dashboard and distribute role turned off

194882 - Fixed an issue where Japanese text was not displaying correctly on the delete client org page

197649 - Allow sorting format options for tabbed section fields

198883 - Fixed an issue where the installer would fail if using PostgreSQL and a database name with capital letters

199155 - Fixed an issue where users removed from the default client org could not log in correctly when added back to the default client org

199428 - Fixed issue where unable to use the 'Full' drill option on Combination charts

201308 - Fix issue with "cannot delete" third-party task on schedule management page

202428 - Fixed an error that caused the default values to appear incorrectly when using numeric sliders and setting the default filter value to minimum or maximum.

204054 - In the report creation initial page, the search box also searches views based on the fields name/descriptions.

204112 - Fixed issue where Full drill through used with drop down series selection would not allow the dimension axis on the chart be used as the hyperlink

204545 - Added new option on the chart page to compliment the chart link option, to allow the link to open in a new window or the current window

208946 - Fixed an error validating a calculated field if it included an empty string

210854 - Fixed an error when popup entry style filters which sometimes caused the wrong descriptions to be displayed in the popup summary

210890 - Added text for 'back to top' for several languages that were missing this.

212071 - Fixed issue where in some cases the specified suffix used on a chart axis would replace the decimal point in the data

212455 - Fixed issue where Time series was showing as 'on' when it was not. Added new 'Default' option so the chart default to use time series or not is used.

214802 - Fixed an error that caused the Refresh Cached Filters button to not appear straight away when creating cached filters on the report output page

215630 - Fixed an error that caused KPI dashboards to not function correctly in some cases

215909 - Ensure there can't be references to deleted users on the timeline

216213 - Fixed an error that sometimes caused users to not be able to edit a report from the output page

216981 - Fixed issue where formats used to override labels on 3D Pie Charts were not being applied

217594 - Fixed an error that caused numeric sliders to display the lower bound incorrectly

217639 - Fixed an issue where broadcast delivery rules were removed when editing reports in some cases

217821 - Changed the default category spacing from 4 to 2 for bar and column charts

218341 - Fixed an issue that caused the filter breadcrumb value selection popup to move while scrolling

218405 - Fixed issue when a GIS map has a dimension colour, do not show the custom colour range options in the series menu

218757 - Added an option to the discussion stream settings popup to delete the stream

219307 - Fixed an issue where the config item SKIPEMAILDUPECHECK was not being respected by the UPDATEUSER function in web services

219455 - When deleting content with long names, don't show a scrollbar in the confirmation popup

222512 - Add warning when deleting a report that has been enabled as an access filter source

223047 - Fixed problem where trellis charts would not show a dimension colour field as a greyed out problem field

223065 - Fixed a display error that occurred when changing the operand of a pre-defined date filter.

223501 - Fixed an issue where the report preview from the timeline's broadcast info panel did not work correctly in some cases

223606 - Fixed some issues occurring when creating a sub query on a report after toggling the auto refresh option

223700 - Fixed a bug that caused drop down selections in filter breadcrumbs to not fit properly

224198 - Corrected text on the share view window.

224201 - Fixed an issue where the share view menu option was hidden incorrectly.

224204 - Adds seperate role functions for distributing Storyboards and adhoc emailing

224721 - Fixed an error that caused the filter box to appear in front of the edit report details popup on the output page

224934 - Fixed an issue where the "Autorun Report on Load" filter option was not being applied correctly

224940 - Fix issues with creating a calculated field against a on advanced subquery based on a Report on Report view

225138 - For a rastermap having series selection, the correct series name was not being set for the tooltip whenever the series was changed. Fixed this.

225196 - Fixed an issue when adding sections into OLAP reports. Getting a NPE.

225281 - Fix a UI issue where report column drop down menus wouldn't display in the right position if the report table was wider than the browser window

225340 - Fixed an issue where users created in a client org could not log on when added to the default org afterwards

225358 - Added sort order to the folder creation popup

225378 - Fixed issue where non-applicable trend fields which are greyed out on the chart, were still showing in the chart series settings

225516 - Fixed an issue on some charts where the trend and forcecast lines were not following the chart settings

225517 - Fixed an issue where fields used as a size or colour on a treemap that had aggregation COUNT applied to them, were being counted rather than summed

225594 - Series selection dropdowns weren't working on a multichart canvas, after charts were dragged in and the user exited edit mode. It worked only after the page was refreshed. Fixed this.

225605 - Fixed an issue that caused the financial year pre-defined filter to calculate the end date incorrectly in some cases

225769 - Fixed an issue where dimension field could not be ordered in descending order on cross tab reports using metric total values

225785 - Removed third party sources form the data sources list in the filter formatting, custom query option.

225834 - Fixed an issue with MS SQL Server data sources. When more than one driver is available, the connection wasn't working.

225922 - Added an enhancement so that if a trend line has all values as 0, the trend line is not drawn

225923 - Fixed an issue where trend lines did not use the conditional format colours

225928 - Fixed issue where unable to add a metric colour on some charts when a metric was used with trends on an axis

226024 - Fixed issue where unable to drag trend functions onto an auto chart split by dimension

226071 - Fixed issue where a chart with series selection and two trends would not generate the chart properly

226096 - Hide Edit View button for Report From Report subqueries

226144 - Fixed an occasional issue using broadcast delivery rules with date fields coming from SQL Server

226152 - Fixed the export menu in the report JSAPI. Now only shows the export options allowed by the report settings.

226160 - Fixed issues with monochrome colour formats in time series charts. In crosstabs, the colour was not being applied. The chart-level setting was not taking effect for all charts.

226161 - Fixed issue when using a chart on a cross tab, if the field had a ref code colour, and the field was used as the colour and the horizontal axis, both field drop down menus would show the colour menu

226172 - Fixed an issue with the report export settings when a report has co-display reports. When exporting takes into account individual report settings.

226219 - Fixed issue where trending was attempting to apply combined series when there were no series to combine

226406 - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused date pickers to appear incorrectly

226463 - Fixed an issue when resetting a filter that had a default value set to dynamic date, and then gets changed to a in list/ not in list filter.

226464 - Fixed issue where animation added to a chart with a trend would cause an error on some charts

226556 - Fixed error when attempting to apply Percentage of Total or Percentage of Max conditional formatting to a meter chart, these are not applicable conditional formatting types, so do not apply them

226607 - Fixed issue where clicking to load older activities on the Activity Stream would cause an error when no records were in the Event Archive table.

226673 - A tabbed section chart was not fitting within the default dimensions of a dashboard portlet. Fixed this.

226758 - Fixed an issue that caused BIRT and Jasper reports with filters to not load properly in some cases

226822 - Fixed an issue that caused upgrades to 7.2 from much older builds to fail in some cases

226837 - Fixed a problem that sometimes occurred when linking filters that were already cached

226843 - Fix a bug where drill through report wouldn't open from a storyboard

226844 - Fixed multiple issues when using series selection with Trending

226846 - Fixed issue where comments added from Discussion and Timeline had blank eventTypeCode entries in the Event table

226860 - Fixed issue where it was possible to create trends off fields that should not be on the chart.

226882 - Address issue with licence code

227052 - Fixed issue where portlet on dashboard was too small for the chart and the chart would not render, and fixed error in a small number of cases where conditional drill through would not work

227290 - Fixed an error broadcasting reports in some cases due to invalid org logo settings

227298 - Fix a bug where a report crashes if it contains a union sub query as well as a non union sub query

227314 - Subquery dependencies not found for export when based on a Report on Report view.

227403 - Fixed an issue where notifications from Smart Tasks may not be sent

227407 - Disable Minus/Intersect sub queries for reports based on RFR view

227416 - Fixed horizontal bar auto charts split by dimension showing trends as problem fields when they were not

227481 - Changed the advanced filter settings in the report builder to display all third party filters in a single list with no where clause operator options.

227553 - Adds "withMultiChartCanvas" CSS class "div.i4DashReport" elements that contains multichart canvas

227558 - Cached Query on Demand now available on View

227708 - Fixed an error that occured in some instances when validating between filters

227842 - Ensure access filter stop referencing report when report that has been enabled as an access filter source is deleted

227843 - Fix a bug where copying Jasper or Birt reports leads to a blank screen

227857 - Fixed issue where the series selection style option was showing on charts when it was not relevant, and the series selection on/off toggle was hidden

227929 - Fixed issue where unable to reset the formatting or the chart when the chart is created off a cross tab

228073 - Fixed an error that sometimes caused a reports custom query to be overwritten by another reports

228357 - Refresh Filter link enabled for On Demand Cached Filter at view level

Yellowfin BI 7.2 - build 20160428
Yellowfin 7.2
Published: 29 April, 2016

210392 - Add two new slide events for storyboard for changing the content and changing the text, event shows in the activity stream for the slide 216548 - Added new folder creation popup to the admin console

218420 - Added the ability to delete multiple tasks on the task management page, like you can on the browse page

225736 - Added new audit content for 7.2

Resolved Issues:

204059 - Fixed an error that caused the selected folder to not be displayed properly when opening the browse page 207283 - Fixed a bug that caused HTML tags to show in some cases on the dashboard filter display

207768 - Fixed an error that prevented numeric fields using Org Ref Code Formatters from using the Reference Code value as a conditional format

208845 - Fixed an error that caused dashboard tabs that had already been added to a user's dashboard, to be shown when a user creates a Pre-Build Tab

209267 - Add the people who have voted for a resolution to the people associated with comment.

209369 - Update content usage sparkline generation to take current day into account

210625 - Fixed an error when switching between "Top" and "Left" filters and "Left Side Nav" filters that caused the open filter button to not function correctly

210819 - Don't show poll results for rejected proposals on the associated timeline item

210855 - Updated document attachments' icons on Timeline so they're dependent on the documents' file types

211180 - Enhancement to add the ability to add a discussion to a comment

213234 - Fixed an issue that caused the date picker to appear incorrectly in Storyboard

215080 - Show tasks' priority on their associated timeline posts

215802 - Fixed an issue where people added to private discussions and timelines were not showing straight away in person comment tag search results.

216504 - Fixed issue where the timeline page would become the task page, when closing a discussion stream opened on the task page

216723 - Fixed an error that caused filter text suggestions to not work on the dashboard

217467 - Fixed an issue when creating single table views. Yellowfin created tables were available in the list if the view that created the table had been deleted. Now shows only SPREADSHEET tables.

218279 - Hide "move/delete all posts" options for empty discussion lists

219311 - Removed some options that are no longer relevant to the filter UI

219409 - Fixed a bug where the generated SQL for union sub queries might contain unnecessary joins

223067 - When creating a third party report from the view summary page, mandatory filters with no "EQUAL" operators were being created with empty () default operator.

223367 - Fix issue where resolving a comment via the iPad app, the comment was no longer visible in the web based application.

223376 - Fixed an error that caused all reports to be run automatically after a report had been drilled on.

223581 - Fixed an issue with Amazon RDS data sources. Not working when using an engine different from MySQL.

223605 - Fixed UI issue on timeline where the people panel opens behind the discussion stream panel

223615 - Fixed an issue where comment threads' "+1"s weren't showing on some timeline posts

223669 - Fixed an error that stopped users from being able to see a private co-display report when they were part of a group that had access to it

223684 - Fixed issue where a heat grid would not be generated on an auto chart with a dimension in the vertical axis and a dimension in the horizontal axis

223711 - Fixed an issue then updating changing a third party mandatory filter in the filters advanced settings. The filter logic wasn't being updated properly.

223740 - Fixed a UI issue on Timeline where an item can overflow the bottom of the page after resizing the browser window if that item's height is initially greater than the browser'

223745 - Fixed multiple visual issues with activity stream's drop down menus

223750 - Fixed an issue with third party available filter operators. Was showing YF operators and not the connector's column operators.

223765 - Fixed an issue with the selected platform icon in the new view search box.

223859 - Fixed an issue with third party dataset names. Datasets with "." or "-" were throwing a NPE.

224070 - Additional security for Report From Report Views.

224086 - Fixed UI issue on discussions where the discussion stream panel couldn't be closed after the user joined or left the discussion

224412 - Fixed an issue where reports embedded via the javascript API may not be rendered at the correct size

224549 - Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when using Left Side Nav filters and date range filters.

224561 - Fixed an issue where the Accumulative Total analytic function was not behaving correctly for null values in cross tab reports

224563 - Fixed an issue when using Storyboard in Internet Explorer that sometimes caused it to load incorrectly

224579 - Fixed a bug that could occur when updating a storyboard slide's title if that slide had no subtitle

224668 - Fixed UI issue causing tables to have fixed height on the data source edit page

224722 - Fixed an issue where formatting was not applied to a series if drop down series selection is used and the series was not included on the chart

224750 - Fixed a bug causing JS code to not run properly when quotes are used as a decimal separator

224812 - Fixed an issue with the create report popup tooltip. When hovering over a view name, the tooltip that opened was preventing from clicking the view link.

224851 - Fixed a bug where a user with "Edit" access to a content folder wouldn't be able to open reports from that folder

224856 - Fixed an error when switching between parent folders in the Edit Folder popup.

224907 - Fixed a bug where a comment's attached YouTube video's start time was being ignored

224912 - Fixed an issue where panel series was used with Forecasts and Trends on a Line chart with Timeseries

224914 - Fixed an issue when using the create folder popup in firefox that caused the less option to be hidden

224921 - Fixed a JS error occurring when adding a thumbnail for a new discussion from the admin console page

224929 - Fixed issue where chart would not render if a Moving Average Trend was added to a chart with more periods required than the dataset contained

224938 - Fix null pointer error when creating a Z chart - Did not stop generation of chart, just showed in logs

225000 - Fixed a bug on fresh installs preventing from seeing view fields in the report builder if the view was created from a Freehand SQL report

225104 - Fixed a problem when using Auto Complete filters in Side Nav in IE

225112 - Fixed error that caused Filter Text suggestions to not work correctly in Storyboard

225134 - Fixed issue where null values used for an axis on a heat grid would cause the chart not to be generated

225189 - Fixed a bug where content folders are duplicated

225277 - Reinstated the Dashboard Report Loading option in Content Settings

225404 - Fixed a problem where advanced functions were not being applied to data returned from web service and DashXML calls

225405 - Allow view's Freehand SQL calculated field to be used in report calculated fields

225502 - Fixed a bug where the same date couldn't be used as the start and end of a date range

225748 - Prevent an error that could occur when saving an SQL access filter whose query uses tokens

225915 - Fixed an error when adding a new date value with the date picker in an In List date filter

225918 - Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when using a dial.

225921 - Fixed an issue where deleting a parameter from the report output page would cause an error

226679 - Fixed an issue when creating CSV data sources.

226755 - Fixed an error when displaying the values of numeric filters

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