8.0 Change logs: Patch and Release notes for 8.0

No longer a singular BI platform, Yellowfin has transformed into a suite of five products. The Yellowfin Suite comprises industry-leading components with different capabilities like data prep, automated analysis, storytelling, collaboration, dashboard monitoring, AI, and Signals. Want to find out more? Check out our 8.0 Wiki Page

Below you will find the running change logs for v8.0. We will update this knowledge base article each month that a release is available for download with the corresponding logs. To download the latest available version, login to our Support page and visit the 'Downloads' section.  Don't have a login to the support page? Check out the following article: Getting a portal account

Latest Release Change Log Details

Yellowfin BI 8.0.5
Build: 20200225
Published: February 27th 2020

Enhancements: 14

17805Updated Japanese and Chinese translations for 8.0.5
17500Upgraded Jackson data processor libraries to 2.10.1
17453Support using Filter UUIDs on Dashboards when redirecting to a Dashboard via the SSO login process.
16868Optimised LISTUSERSATCLIENT webservice call
16522Upgrade Application Server to Tomcat 9.0.29 for new installs.
16368Upgraded Jackson libraries to 2.9.10
15074Added licence validation to import process
15996Update Java Mail library to version 1.6.2
17834Changed the way Yellowfin dynamically imports custom header/footer JSP's.
10728Updated Commons Beanutils library to 1.9.4
10727Updated Apache Batik library to version 1.12
6259Updated Axis library with security patch
15907Enable Virtual Tables and Freehand SQL Views for Big Query sources
16184Support the use of master query parameters in sub query filters

Defects: 55

17515Fixed row name translations in cross-tab reports
17481While creating a new RefCode "non-word" ASCII characters are now removed instead of being replaced with their hex value.
18159Fixed a regression where signal jobs with an alternate threshold metric applied would generate new/lost attribute signals for the non-threshold field(s)
18111Fixed an issue where Signals from a deleted analysis job could still appear as explorable on Stories and Timeline
18009Fixed issues with running reports with grouped org reference code filters.
17954Resolve issues with some calculated fields on databases that require column aliases.
17939Fixed an issue with setting the data source for a view level custom query filter when importing a view with the REPLACE option
17915Fixed an issue with incorrect SQL being generated for Date Hierarchy fields
17872Fixed an error that stopped users from being able to resolve tasks in the timeline
17867Fixed an issue with cached access filter values on the dashboard
17807Fixed an issue with materialising clobs into an Exasol target when caching a view
17803Resolved an issue that was causing the timeline to not load in the mobile app
17712Add missing MacOS start up files to Tomcat 9
17658Fixed an issue caused when a user in a system where no favourites are saved tries to access the timeline, profile settings, tasks
17646Fixed a problem that disabled filter search box in report builder
17569Fixed an XSS problem in story editor
17549Fixed a bug that was causing the custom header and footer included as JSPs to break, when the CSRF filter is switched on.
17539Fixed a potential XSS problem in Discussion Polls with Thumbs
17480Fixed the Yellowfin CSRF filter, which was not working properly post Struts-removal.
17464Fixed an issue that broke horizontally locked report header
17463Fixed an issue that overlapped report locked header with its content
17360Fixed an issue with broadcasts for reports with mandatory View Level Filter Groups after the report is replaced via API
17260Addressed issue with broadcasting co-display reports based on report based views.
17239Fixed a problem that caused NPE when creating or updating users with dynamic filters
17224Fixed code that can potentially cause a ConcurrentModificationException while running a report.
17213Apply query limits to view data preview tabs when the datasource supports LIMIT or TOP syntax.
17163Signal Page "relevance" calculation has been updated to only include data from the relevant period(s) of the Signal. Existing Signals are affected by this change.
17064Addressed BigQuery issues with COUNT DISTINCT and access filters
17009We have resolved an issue that allowed users to access Dashboards stored in private folders that they don't have access to.
16897Resolved issue with Report API failing to generate reports when the Administration user didn't have a valid Access Filter for the report.
16866Fixed an issue with view filters in a report used for broadcasting not being updated when view has been changed
16840Fixed a potential XSS problem in page header URL
16580Prevent File Inclusions with Custom Header or Footer
16326Fixed an issue that caused chart tooltip values to be shortened and hidden when there is still space available.
16190Fixed an issue with some chart annotations not being rendered through the REST API
15918Fixed an issue that allowed Activity Stream to function on Stories when the current user did not have permission to use Activity Streams.
15765Fixed issues with an invalid database context being passed to custom Authentication Adapters for Co-Display reports during Broadcast.
15602Prevent error when loading the pre-built content from some third-party connectors, including the Facebook and RingCentral connectors.
15525Fixed a problem that caused advanced functions in exported reports to lose user prompt filter
15389Dimension names in Report Summary look like in the report now
15221Fixed incorrect German translation
15109Importing a view will now inherit the schema set on the target datasource.
14956Fixed an issue that was causing Youtube and vimeo videos to not be embedded.
14935Address XSS issues on the View Drag'n'Drop page
14858Support Virtual Tables that contain dots/periods in their name
14398Remove LIMIT commands from being inserted in SQL generated by sub queries.
14234Fix invalid SQL generated for BigQuery when using Drill Down or Drill Anywhere.
9904Fixed issues with loading existing tables for a ETL output step when the JDBC driver has been loaded via Plugin Management
9753Fixed an issue with grouping non-text data on an Exasol datasource
7980Increased the width of "Long Running Report" window to accommodate longer texts
6260Updated Bouncycastle to version 1.64 and added PDFBox for securing the generated PDF
153Fixed a problem that prevents prompt filter displaying valid results
17834Changed the way Yellowfin dynamically imports custom header/footer JSP's.
15997Reassign broadcast ownership to a nominated user when a user is deleted.

Yellowfin BI 8.0.4
Build: 20191212
Published: December 12th 2019

Enhancements: 60

Added a report format option that allows users to set up a fixed report table header
New Signal type: Step Change. Occurs when a metric goes from one 'stable' state to another at a higher or lower value
13537Moved Signal Configuration outside the view onto a new tab on the Signals browse page
13538Comments:Implemented a new signals list tab for monitoring signals analysis
15430Added option for disabling correlation analysis in Signal configuration"
16068Added correlation percentage value onto correlated lines UI
Added a 'Copy Content Translations' option which will enable/disable content translations from being copied when user copies a piece of content.
Added a configuration that allows administrator to set up a customised email address and sender name used when user shares Yellowfin items via Email
Added Suppress Duplicates option to Cross Tab reports
Added an option to control whether access filters are suppressed from Signal narratives
Added an enhancement to round stacked bar total value with the most specific precision among all sections within the bar
Added an option to apply conditional formats set for a total to the sub totals on the same column. This option is available for Column based and cross tab reports, not row based reports.
Added Portuguese (Brazil)translations
Added Japanese and Chinese translations
Added support for mysql-connectorj 8+ to installer
Added PostgreSQL CITEXT data type support
Added configurable response encoding charset
Added new version parameter to WMS layer requests
Added an option that allows user to revert exporting formatted numeric values as string
Added command line options to disable upgrade version safety checks.
Added functionality that allows users to save View Builder preview auto refresh option
Added LIMIT support for Athena
Added some mitigation against tab-nab attacks for URLs
Added sorting to the horizontal axis for Overlaid and Combined Category charts.
Added the option to enclose all values on a CSV with a value separator of the user's choice.
Added the Signal Analysis name onto "Other Signals" timeline notification to distinguish analyses on the same view.
Added two options for fields on reports that provide control over hiding totals (Display Total Value) and sub-totals (Hide Sub Total on Fields). The new options can be found under the Summary heading.
Added warning text to assisted insights narratives when underlying data has been truncated due to row limits. Also fixed Signals not respecting Analysis Row Limit from data source.
Additional indexes and query modifications for slow repository SQL queries.
Allowed guest user access to client org items via JsApi
Allowed sorting by spaces in report ResultSet
AverageRunTimeRefreshTask has been updated for less database select and update operations.
Background reports will now use the configured Timezone rather than Java's default setting, when a recipient timezone is not available.
Default custom query datasource to that of the report if an over-ride datasource has not been provided on report import.
Disabled generation of redundant signals for change in average on summed metrics when date granularity is equal to date window size.
Enhanced the "New and Lost Attributes" analysis. This now reports about significant attributes which have become insignificant and vice-verse, as well as the existing functionality of significant attributes which disappear entirely and entirely new attributes which are significant.
Ensure third party component licences are still updated when using in-context installs.
Improved performance when determining whether a report is affected by DynamicFilters defined at the view.
Improved support of multibyte characters when creating reference codes
Improved pie chart label placement to avoid overlapping labels more often.
Improved the performance of the Calculated Field save process
Introduced a new licence parameter for allowing access to the REST API for customers who buy user-licences from Yellowfin
Minimise duplicate work when executing dashboard reports.
Modifications that decrease pre-report run loading times.
Only escape SQL Server text literals with N' when the text contains unicode characters.
Optimise Report User Access Check calculation process.
Remove unneeded extra line from the bottom of CSV exports
Removed all Struts components from Yellowfin.
Show which elements are causing circular joins in the View builder
Signal scoring engine ignores watch interactions that are added automatically when a Signal is found to be important
Signals and Stories are now only linked through the Signal item on the Story. This facilitates linking Signals to multiple Stories and vice verse.

Stories will only be linked if the Story contains a Signal item. The Story tab on Signal page now shows a list of linked Stories. You can navigate to the linked Signal from a Story via the explore button on the Signal item.
Skip unneeded report querying when building a report.
Support multi-chart canvas in XLSX exports
The "HP Vertica" database type is now listed as "Vertica"
Thread safety modifications that may prevent incorrect data being logged in the audit table
Updated YUI Compressor library from 2.4.7 to 2.4.8
Updated Jsoup library to version 1.12.1
Updated most of the third party libraries to exactly match the available versions on the maven central repository.
Upgraded jquery library to version 3.4.1.
Utilised locale-dependent character sorting on Reports

Resolved Issues: 110

Addressed slow report execution when reports contain certain data-types
Cleanup orphaned nodes when Cluster is shutdown.
Ensure that a filter with custom query in a View filter group is imported correctly when exported and imported with the Custom -> Replace Existing option
Fixed issues with Analytic Function Prompts on dashboards
Fixed problems with report running when restricted co-displays are on a report.
Fixed the corruption of Cached Filter hierarchies when refreshing values at a Client Org.
Fixed a bug that prevented refreshing data of co-display reports when applying filters.
Fixed a bug that made report builder page hanging when a filter is added to the report
Fixed a Facebook authorisation problem
Fixed a bug which prevented changing the data source of a view based on an Oracle source
Fixed an issue that prevented database only upgrades of Yellowfin when using the silent option.
Fixed an issue that caused Story Admins to not see draft stories that they have not contributed to on the Add To Story popup.
Fixed an issue that caused the timeline to not load on the mobile app
Fixed an issue that allowed Users to simultaneously edit Reports
Fixed an issue that allowed users in the client org to access draft contents from the Primary org
Enabled Embed option for sharing client org reports and dashboards
Added a fix so that when adding a default org report to a dashboard in a client org, it is not possible to hide a column on the default org report
Adding a UNION subquery would not immediately refresh report results in the Report Builder.
Addressed issue with finding members of nested LDAP Groups
Addressed issues with loading dashboards on the legacy iOS app
Addressed issues with displaying dashboards on the legacy iOS app
Addressed issues with loading subtabs on the legacy iOS app
Addressed XSS issue on Company Logo image loader
Addressed XSS issue with Map Image uploads
Addressed issues with loading a large number of tasks on Oracle.
Basic conditional formats will maintain their order when adding new formats after deleting old ones.
14775/ 12664
Corrected German translation
Fixed a problem that allowed user to edit hard-coded calculated filters
Fixed a problem that hid CSV entry box within left-side filter panel of dashboard
Fixed a problem that rendered duplicated suffixes and prefixes for labels within the heat grid chart
Fixed a problem that rendered reports containing sub total cells incorrectly in exported pdf
Fixed a XSS problem in client org custom file path
Fixed an error that stopped the browse page from loading due to a deleted user on a private dashboard.
Fixed an issue during exporting to an Excel document when there are empty URL cells
Fixed an issue in reauthorizing Google Sheets tokens
Fixed an issue in the View Builder Field Settings that a field category was not kept open after one field was changed and another field in the same category was selected
Fixed an issue that prevented individual translations being applied on sub-query fields and view name
Fixed an issue that prevented rendering customised footer and header in exported DOCX report
Fixed an issue that prevented translation of filter descriptions for sub queries
Fixed an issue that prevented user broadcasting tabbed co-display reports
Fixed an issue that prevented user from changing the input values when using the date range picker
Fixed an issue that prevented user from moving views and ETL flows along with sub folder by dragging and dropping.
Fixed an issue that values returned for a metric range filter applied to a report based on 3rd-party connector data sources were incorrect
Fixed an issue that was preventing cached filter values from updating on MS SQL server when using source substitution
Fixed an issue that would cause certain timeline cards to not render properly in the Mobile app
Fixed an issue when editing and saving a Dashboard tab, the Dashboard to the right of it would also be updated
Fixed an issue where a name would not display in the person/group search box if the name was too long.
Fixed an issue where advanced conditional formatting logic was not retaining its order after removing report fields.
Fixed an issue where date fields used in view level filter groups would appear multiple times in signal date field selection list
Fixed an issue where images in emails distributed by Yellowfin would not appear in some email clients (Outlook, Gmail).
Fixed an issue where labels may not generate correctly on Combination charts when a sub plot has no series assigned to it.
Fixed an issue where metric trim by value setting on the chart page is lost when the report is imported
Fixed an issue where overlay and combined category charts did not use the decimal place formatting from the data step on labels.
Fixed an issue where overlay charts with timeseries were not setting the vertical axis scale correctly when set to range
Fixed an issue where publishing a story which contains a deleted signal would cause an error
Fixed an issue where Signal Data Filters are not applied when opening Draft Analysis from Signal's Analysis tab
Fixed an issue where Signals could show a change of "-0", now just shows "0"
Fixed an issue where signals from deleted signal jobs would still appear in the signal list
Fixed an issue where the column total option did not show for Numeric Display auto charts.
Fixed an issue where the horizontal label for a histogram chart was not correct when histogram bin count was set to auto
Fixed an issue where the horizontal margin on a chart would not save as 1 but would reset to 0.
Fixed an issue where the report section link was not using the formatter applied to the section field.
Fixed an issue where the task schedule page would not load when a recipient report was missing
Fixed an issue where time slider values on a chart on a canvas may not update when the slider is moved.
Fixed an issue which could cause Signals analysis to fail with calculated fields even when using correct date granularity
Fixed an issue with an empty XML file in the export file when datasource of a CSVView is not available.
Fixed an issue with applying ref code formatter with "trim values" on a numeric-based dimension field
Fixed an issue with being able to bypass restricted role restrictions
Fixed an issue with being able to change a user's role at another client org.
Fixed an issue with crosstab reports that positioned the value of suppressed cell incorrectly in exported PDF
Fixed an issue with duplicated left/right border lines in PDF exports
Fixed an issue with reports becoming inconsistent after the view is cloned and modified
Fixed codisplay reports not being included on FTP broadcasts and long-running email reports. Also fixed a race condition which could cause long-running report emails not to send.
Fixed duplicated correlations shown on Signal page. Some existing incorrectly-shown correlations may be removed by this fix.
Fixed error on signals which only had a single null value for any field in its dimensions
Fixed issue with Dashboard setting translation
Fixed issue with Dashboard warning translation
Fixed issue with tooltips not translated on story boards
Fixed issue with heading not being translated on discussions
Fixed issue with story board heading not being translated
Fixed translations with 'Require Translation' on reports.
Fixed IOException when upgrading very old versions of Yellowfin where the legal folder did not exist in the application folder.
Fixed issue on signal comments where an empty content link could be shown
Fixed issue that prevented the Browse Page to be loaded after Upgrade if a data source record is missing for a view
Fixed issue when cross tab report with two or more Sub Totals is exported to Excel
Fixed issue with column header colour missing for header cells in exported PDF
Fixed issue with header exceeding the table when crosstab report is exported as PDF
Fixed issue with incorrect background colour in dimension table cells when crosstab report with alternate row shading is exported as PDF
Fixed issue with missing borders for dimension table cells when crosstab report is exported as PDF
Fixed issue with saving a view after changing data sources that share the same tables
Fixed issue with silent installer not working due to UnsupportedOperationException
Fixed issue with Snowflake and freehand SQL queries.
Fixed limit schedule period for report broadcasts not working
Fixed issue with translations for Dashboard error message
Limit code locks when database connections take a long time to notify of a connection failure.
Line breaks in data are replaced with an empty String when the report is exported as a CSV
Made narrative and line colours fixed for New and Lost Attributes Signals in the same way as for Volatility Signals. Colours/sentiment for these Signals is no longer determined by the change value and field setting. Lost Attributes always have a bad sentiment, and New Attributes always have a good sentiment.
Made sure that API calls only return JPEG or PNG versions of static images
Optimise check of private report access
Prevent thread leak with Views based on Reports
Remove Servlet Specification 3 references from codebase.
Removed UnboundId SDK optional LDAP adapter and dependencies library
Resolved an issue that blocked exporting reports with subtotal as Excel files by throwing NullPointerException
Resolved an issue with loading content that refers to deleted content.
Resolved issue when adding stored procedure reports on dashboards
Resolved issues with using iOS app on clustered environments with session replication
Support calculated fields on Minus and Intersect Joins
Tabbed Co-Displays will now follow the Main Report tab when exporting to XLS
Consider prefixed spaces when sorting filter values.

Yellowfin BI 8.0.3 
Build: 20190905
Published: September 5th 2019

Enhancements: 1

APIs created for new mobile app

Resolved Issues: 9

Address role change by unauthorised users
Fix security issues with report thumbnail images.
Fixed an issue that prevented displaying frequency options in the user's preferred language
Fixed an issue where timestamp range inputs could pick up values from other input views on the page
Fixed multiple issues with links to the Timeline not loading all the content, also email links should have been to content where appropriate
Passwords are no longer logged to the install log when using the command line installer
Prevent callbacks on performing an action that could breach the licence.
Restrict access to report meta data via Ajax request.

Yellowfin BI 8.0.2 (with translations)
Build: 20190820
Published: August 20th 2019

Changes logs for this release are identical to previous 8.0.2, this release just includes additional translations. 

Yellowfin BI 8.0.2
Build: 20190702
Published: July 2nd 2019

NOTE: This release contains all enhancements and fixes from 7.4.10 and earlier, along with the items below.

Enhancements: 38

Added a datasource row limit to be used for analysis reports, such as data discovery and signal analysis reports.
Added a message for Signal analysis results so that when there is only one analysis result, we instead show a message saying no significant results were found.
Added a new translation resource for changing a Signal to closed status as some languages translate this differently from close when used as an action eg. closing a page.
Added an enhancement so that all Signal comments appear underneath the Signal they are related to
Added functionality that allows you to see the summary of a published Story from within the Story
Added new functionality to display notifications regarding signal owner change, new comment in signal and new publish signal story in watcher's timeline
Added the ability to "clear" all signals attached to Signals jobs
Added the ability to use report column formatters on the chart page for tooltips. Also enabled this option for Signal charts.
Added thumbnail and drop-down menu to the Signal timeline alerts, which allows users to dismiss and open the Signal
Added two settings to outlier advanced settings, set whether to create outdated signals but ignore them for notifications, and whether to ignore outdated signals altogether and never create them. Default settings are to ignore from notifications, but to still create them.
Approvals: Content is put back in draft mode if it is rejected instead of being deleted when tasks are disabled.
Changed alignment of "Open Draft Analysis" button on signal page analysis tab
Changed alignment of signal list page search box
Changed signal chart annotations to reflect the positive/negative colours of the related signal
Changed the grey on the Signal charts for the confidence interval to a darker grey so that it can be seen on all monitors
Changed the owner icon on the Signal list to be transparent when there is no owner.
Changed the Signal emails so that they have additional information in them.
Fixed an issue where a notification email is sent to a user when they share content to a group they are in, now the email is suppressed for that user.
Fixed an issue where distributing a Signal to over 100 people could cause the email to fail and moved some emails to run in the background when the email configuration option is turned on.
Fixed Signal distribution emails to ensure they translate the narratives into the users preferred language if this is a multi language environment.
Implemented a fix that generates a signal when there is a sign change in linear trends between two periods. No thresholds are applied for linear trend change signals that have a change of sign in slope.
Implemented the support of seasonality in Analysis Engine and respective visualization on Yellowfin side
Made a change so that we use the user's preferred date format on Signal narrative
Made a change to the Analysis reports for Signal to change the colour name of one of the charts from 'Relative Change' to 'Change in Proportion'
Made sure that when the silent installer for upgrades is validating information, including the database connection, that any errors are written to the upgrade log.
Performance improvements added to the Browse Page
Performance improvements to the Signal loading process
Performance improvements to TimeLine loading process.
Performance improvements when loading user favourites
Relevance tab now shows relevance with analysis filters taken into account
Removed all bundled JDBC drivers from new installs except for HSQLDB, PostgreSQL and jTDS and MS SQL Server. Customers are able to supply their own JDBC driver via a prompt in the installer.
Removed filtered time series from Linear trend change signals and prevents the storage of those lines in the database.
Removed timeline notifications for Signals that the user has dismissed.
Signal analysis jobs can now be filtered, so that signals will only be detected on subsets of filtered data.
The Signals workflow for calculated fields, custom functions, and date aggregations has been improved.
Updated the correlation narratives on the Signal page to use short description instead of column name for grouping key names.
Updated the rollover state of the Watching button to show the intended action.
Updated the UI for Signal ratings

Resolved Issues: 91

Added a delete Story event to the event table for deleting a Story from the browse page and from the Story page.
Added a tooltip for the Story favourite button when hovering over it to show what it does.
Added missing role function DISTRIBUTESIGNAL to the Signals product
Added missing text to the licence management page for the tooltip for client sources
Changed Serif to Sans Serif for the font family for Story and for various buttons
Clustering fixes for slave-only nodes
Do not breach the licence when the SignalsConsumers parameter is 0; instead disable Signals.
Fixed a bug that distributed Signals and Dashboards to inactive users who were a member of a group
Fixed a bug when custom function for calculated field contains special character(s) in its parameter settings
Fixed a NaN/Infinite error when running Signals analysis in some cases
Fixed a performance issue which was causing a long delay while typing into a Story
Fixed a problem installing and upgrading when the config database is Sybase SQLAnywhere.
Fixed a UI issue that created extra line breaks for the key figure in the Signal timeline notification
Fixed an issue that froze the page when creating a third party data source with Microsoft Sql Server as configuration database when importing a connector
Fixed an issue that prevented a REST API configuration file from being updated when upgrading Yellowfin to a more recent version.
Fixed an issue that prevented dependent filters from populating values on OLAP reports.
Fixed an issue that prevented details from appearing in the story summary window if no reports had been opened previously.
Fixed an issue that prevented instances on HSQL databases upgrading from version 8.0.0 or later.
Fixed an issue that prevented users tagging a group in a signal comment
Fixed an issue where a "No metrics" message would show while related/correlated metrics are loading on the Signal Page
Fixed an issue where a failed auto-save on a story could prevent successful save requests from saving new content.
Fixed an issue where a new chart could not be added on the chart page if there were a significant amount of filters on a report.
Fixed an issue where a user tagged in a Signal they did not have access to, would mean the Signal showed on their timeline.
Fixed an issue where alternate threshold field dropdown would not update when changing selected analysis fields in Signals setup
Fixed an issue where an error could occur on very long dimension values/names on signal creation
Fixed an issue where assigning a Signal owner with a comment caused that signal to be duplicated in the Signal List page.
Fixed an issue where canvas text widgets were not exporting to PDF
Fixed an issue where charts in the Signal analysis and data discovery could have too many legend items and not show the chart. Legend items will now be hidden when they are more than 5 items. Also removed the trend legend items from the legend for Analysis reports.
Fixed an issue where curved timeseries lines were using default chart colours instead of the colours specified.
Fixed an issue where default chart colours were being applied on non auto time series charts for the combined series trends
Fixed an issue where hidden system reports could show up in the Export list and DataSource/View usage summary
Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add a subscriber to a dashboard.
Fixed an issue where long names on the Signal list broke the layout of the page.
Fixed an issue where narratives on time series analysis charts in Signals could be missing date values
Fixed an issue where panel series selection was not using different configuration colours, additionally fixed an issue where multiple series selection was not keeping the same configuration colours when other series were selected or deselected.
Fixed an issue where saving a image would cause a truncation sql error if the name or description was over 256 characters
Fixed an issue where Signal narratives contained incorrect large numbers
Fixed an issue where some Signal timeline notifications would not have a type name next to the title. Also changed the text on "Other Signals" notification title.
Fixed an issue where sometimes signal annotations would not appear on chart. Signal annotations should now be rendered at the end of the last bar of either previous or current period in bar charts.
Fixed an issue where sometimes users could see some Signals which they should not have access to from Access Filters
Fixed an issue where the add new image popup was hidden behind the add comment popup on the timeline
Fixed an issue where the approval status is incorrect in the report toolbar
Fixed an issue where the baseline period (lag) setting is not applied for a Signal job in some cases
Fixed an issue where the content create menu does not appear for a user who can only create a Story.
Fixed an issue where the count of the discussions on the Signal list page were not client org specific.
Fixed an issue where the dates shown on Signal narratives could be incorrect in some circumstances
Fixed an issue where the list of options for window offset in a Signal Analysis Configuration would show the incorrect text.
Fixed an issue where the new comment indicator was not working correctly for Signal comments.
Fixed an issue where the Signal cleanup task would fail due to a NaN error or an infinite value error.
Fixed an issue where the Signal moving average was inconsistent with what was shown on the report.
Fixed an issue where the text colour for the people search, when adding an assisted insights run from the dashboard to the activity stream, was yellow instead of black
Fixed an issue where the title slide was displayed on a Storyboard when closing associated content slides.
Fixed an issue where the view names on the new report popup was using a font which was too small
Fixed an issue where the webservice LISTPERSONFAVOURITES was throwing an IllegalArgumentException
Fixed an issue where trimming an auto chart single metric and turning on the other bar, caused the chart to not render
Fixed an issue where users could see comment mentions from Signals without role access
Fixed an issue where View names with special characters would display incorrectly in the View drop-down on Signal List page.
Fixed an issue where yearly comparison was using the first default colour, instead of the entire colour scheme
14055Fixed an issue which caused assisted insights dimension comparison to compare the dimensions backwards
Fixed an issue which prevented displaying the story title on the Activity Stream header
Fixed an issue which prevented getting export dependencies from client organisation content via webservices
Fixed an issue with calculated totals on calculated fields which include date/time fields in their calculation and those date fields have totals applied, which stopped affected reports from being edited/copied.
Fixed an issue with chart trending, where if you have null values in your dataset the trending line may not show for average, accumulation and trends.
Fixed an issue with Signals where charts and date narratives could be incorrect in some cases
Fixed an issue with the FILTEROPTIONS report service which prevented it from returning values from the correct client organisation.
Fixed an issue with Treemaps where it was possible that the top level labels could draw over themselves in the upper left hand corner when the chart had a lot of data.
Fixed case sensitivity issue for BannerDocumentId index on Story when installing
Fixed edge cases for analysis tab on Signals page where an outlier Signal occurs immediately after the lag period
Fixed error preventing Yellowfin being installed on MySQL v8 and incompatibility with Signals and MySQL v8
Fixed issue where sometimes annotation dots on the Signal chart date slider would be in the wrong position
Fixed issue with "maximum open cursors exceeded" in Oracle sources
Fixed NPE when upgrading yellowfin, where the upgrade dir is the web application context directory.
Fixed problem in installer that prevented the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver from being extracted. This caused an NPE when upgrading.
Fixed the report table cell styles of PDF export where suppress duplicates caused borders to break.
Generated ScheduleUUID values for tasks without one and prevented new scheduled tasks from being entered into the database with a null ScheduleUUID.
Implemented a fix for proper metric selection when running correlation
Implemented a fix that increases the precision of CreationDateTimeGMT field in ContentInteraction table to allow storage of milliseconds for users' actions. This should significantly reduce the risk of duplicated actions at the same second.
Implemented a fix which takes the metrics of the assisted insights into account when running the analysis tab on a Signal
Issue with case-sensitivity in LDAP group matching resolved
Resolved an issue that prevented Primary Org Stories from being copied in a Client Org
Resolved an issue that was causing a date in the Report selection popup to not be formatted according to the users preference
Resolved an issue that was not allowing users to connect with each other when the email server is not set up.
Resolved an issue which prevented a user from navigating away from the Signal page, when an 'oh no' error occurred.
Resolved issues with using Custom Image Formatters with Session Replication
Signal related and correlated lines now appear in a consistent order. Related lines are ordered alphabetically, while correlated lines are ordered from most to least correlated.
Signal setup for metrics now uses default field aggregation setting as default aggregation type when setting up a new field, if the aggregation type is supported by Signals.
Stopped notifications regarding Signals created on inaccessible views from appearing on private timelines
Update xstream library to remove security vulnerability
Updated the text for the LDAP group role mapping
Updated third party component licences and attributions
Upgraded moment.js to 2.24.0
14055Fixed an issue which caused assisted insights dimension comparison to compare the dimensions backwards

Yellowfin BI 8.0.1
Build: 20190221
Published: Feb 21 2019

More update on change impact with video here...

This release contains all 7.4 fixes from 7.4.9 and earlier.

Enhancements: 50

Added the ability to Action a Signal. Signals can be actioned from the Signal list page or the Signal itself. Signal actions are on a per client org level

Signal Actions are:
  • Owning a Signal - Signals can be assigned to a person who is shown to own the Signal. A user can assign themselves an owner or someone else can assign or reassign a person to a Signal
  • Sharing a Signal - Signals can be shared with other users with Signal access, and they recieve an email and a timeline alert of the Signal share - This also makes them a watcher of the Signal.
  • Dismiss Signal - This removes the Signal from your list of All Signals and unwatches the Signal. This is only for the one user, unlike Closing a Signal
  • Closed state for signals that disables most actions on the signal and removes it from searches unless using the "Closed" filter. This closes the Signal for all users
Enhanced the Signal scoring Model to include the number of times a Signal was opened by user, the number of discussions on a Signal by user, the grouping keys for the Signals that the user is watching and which Signals a user has given a thumbs up/down.
13828Updated the style of the Signal List Page
13738Updated the style of the Signal Page UI
13867Added a new heat colour set (orange, grey, blue) to the chart builder, and changed the Signal analysis report charts to be follow the good/bad colours in blue or orange
13781Added a parameter into the Signal job config settings for choosing a separate metric which is used for pruning and relevance instead of the Signal's own base metric. If the job contains any metric fields which have a ratio calculation, or an average aggregation, then the pruning metric is mandatory because using the existing pruning/relevance calculations on those metrics doesn't make sense. Metrics which are available as pruning metrics are those which do not have a ratio or average aggregation, and are selected in the data discovery setup, and are either not present in the current job's metrics, or if they are present, the selected aggregation must be SUM.
12814Added an email notification to alert the user when a Signal is added to the users timeline
12536Added new alert on the timeline for other Signals found when running a Signal job, which then links to the Signal list page, filtering by the view used for the Signal job
13140Added email notifications for watchers of a Signal so they are notified when a Comment is added, the Owner changes or a Story is published on the Signal.
12923Added a new drop down filter for all the views, which Signals are generated from, on the Signal list page
12543A copy of the Signal analysis report can now be launched from the analysis tab on a Signal page
13835Changed the name of step Signal to breakout and updated their narratives with the new wording - Prolonged Spike and Prolonged Drop
12585Changes were made to the Signal chart so that the good/bad colouring is used. Other colours on the Signal chart were also changed so that important information is highlighted.
12688Fixed the import, export, cloning and copying views so that Signal job configuration is also copied
13952Fixed the unbalanced outlier periods in the Signal analysis report results
13255Fresh installations of Yellowfin having a Signals licence will have the "Signals Consumer" function switched on by default for all roles, and "Signals Config" switched on for System Admins.
12494The story header image is hidden now when the Story is viewed on a Signal
12580Added correlation analysis to Signals
12773Implemented full support for client organisations for Signals
11213Implemented pruning for Signals based on contributions on compare and target periods
13144The filter on the Signal page now defaults to 'My Signals' and the 'Last 7 days'
12974Changed the caching of Signal time series to be turned on by default
12969When navigating from the Signal list page to a Signal, the Signal list page will still be filtered to the previous filtered state
12965Added the name of the view that the Signal is based off to the Signal page, Signal list page and Signal timeline alerts
12933Changed the Signal rating from a star system to Thumbs up / Thumbs down
12538Applied the good/bad colouring the Signal timeline alert, Signal annotations on the chart and on the narrative on the Signal and Signal list page
12548Added a fix so that when you leave the Signal page, you return to where you were previously
13899Removed the window size option in the Signal job configuration
13785Fixed an issue where the configuration option for the state of the week was not used in either charts or in the Signal analysis
13950The Signal job analysis threshold sensitivity values were changed to be more balanced
12562Selecting users and groups in the access step during Signal configuration is now restricted to those available in the organisations selected in the clients step. Any previously selected options that are invalid will be removed when moving from the client step to the access step.
12643When Signals are generated and a user is notified, the user is now also automatically watching that signal
13220Updated Signal types dropdown to be a static list always containing all options. Also grouped together some Signal types for clarity to remove all of the cluttering sub-types.
12296Changed the title of the Story save pop-up from 'Save Story' to 'Publish Story', Removed dropdown menu from Save button, Replaced the text on save button with 'Publish'
12334Added functionality to create a new Report from within a Story
12817Added functionality to indicate the drop points when dragging a content within Story.
12124Added the ability to insert public PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau reports into Story
11235Added functionality to request a Story to be written for a Signal by using the existing task system
13422Added a new potential ENTRY parameter for SSO calls : VIEWSTORY
12412Enhanced the Story tab in the Signal Page to show you the name of the author writing the Signal Story.
13385Added some mitigation against tab-nab attacks for URLs
11291Annotations now appear as small white dots on the date slider.
13817Added a new feature that allows the user to trim dimensions from a chart that do not meet a specified threshold of values. This feature is applied to the charts on the Signal analysis tab
12804Fixed an issue where a very long annotation name would not wrap on an annotation tooltip
8181Updated text when creating a view based on multiple tables or stored procedures to "Create View" instead of "Edit View"
12404The add tag box has been removed from the annotation creation popup

Defects Fixed: 70

13206Fixed an issue where no Signals would be shown in on the Signal list page, which could occur when Signals had been generated and then all Signal jobs in the system were deleted.
13210Fixed an issue where in certain cases a Signal with no narrative could be generated
12776Fixed an issue where sometimes access filters were not being taken into account when performing Signal processing, resulting in incorrect timeline notifications and in some circumstances, to users seeing Signal's without the required access
13933Fixed an issue where the Signal analysis report was limited by the row limit of the datasource, so the limit was removed for these analysis reports so all the data was analysed
13386Fixed an issue where updating view access would not re-check existing users settings on Signal jobs
12884Fixed issue where sometimes a sql error would cause there to be no items shown on the Signal list page
13117Fixed problem with Signal and Story functions not working when CSRF filter was enabled.
13603Fixed an issue where the target and compare period were in the wrong order on the Signal analysis report
13494Added a check for when a view has a invalid source filter code which would stop a Signal job from running, invalid source filter codes are ignored
13893Implemented a fix to prevent dropping a lot of report run events for Signal tasks when not necessary
12843Improved performance of of Signal list page by adding caching and speed improvements
12212Invalid schedule values will now prevent advancing to the next step during the Signal configuration.
13729Made changes so that Signals found in previous job runs are not delievered to the timeline, so that only new Signals are delivered
13888Made changes in some of the parameter descriptions of the Signal set up config to be more informative
13392Fixed an issue where the filter results on the Signal page do not always match the filter values
13192Fixed an issue where the discussion count was not updated on the Signal list page
12970Fixed an issue where Signals may not be displayed on the Signal list page when the user has scrolled down the page and then applied filtering
12376Fixed an issue where a user was unable to edit a list poll on the Signal page
13464Added a hidden system content folder for the Signal analysis reports
13094Removed the "load more" button from Signal list page to match browse page behaviour.
13698Removed the ability to comment on Signal comments on timeline
13453Fixed validation for Pruning threshold algorithm parameter in the Signal job configuration
12770The granularity for a Signal job configuration has been changed so that it is now restricted by the minimum granularity on the date view field used to setup the job.
13106Fixed an issue where watchers list showed all users even though they are restricted by access filter
12862Fixed an issue where the share Story UI did not display correctly in Internet Explorer
12867Fixed an issue where charts on a Story created from a Snapshot were showing raw data rather than ref codes
12880Fixed an issue where saving a Story would remove the status of favourite
13186Fixed an issue where incorrect notification emails were sent if the Story was Private.
13501Fixed an issue that excluded the followers of a Story’s collaborator when sharing the Story
13143Fixed an issue that caused a Story to be locked even if there is no one editing it.
13233Fixed an issue that caused an error when switching charts of a Report in the Story page and editing the same Report at the same time.
13288Fixed a problem in the share popup for Story in the browse page as it was not consistent with the Story page
12188Fixed an error that prevented migrating private stories when user gets removed by Admin
13412Fixed an issue that caused a loader to stay on the page when a Story is closed.
13942Fixed an issue that caused an error when opening a Signal Story of a Signal that was deleted
13720Fixed an issue that caused long report tables to flow outside its container in a Story
13421Fixed an issue that caused Snapshots, with custom Date filters, to not be rendered properly in a Story
13457Fixed an issue that prevented Users from creating Signal Stories in one org, if it had been created in another org
13246Fixed an issue that showed a button in Stories, to navigate to the linked content even if the user did not have access to it
13837Fixed an issue when a story is re-published after being shared. Opening the story from the shared url woudl give you error
12684Fixed an issue where the report headings were not sticking to the top of the report, for a long report included on a Story with a scrollbar
12170Fixed an issue where the chart brushing menu was showing behind the chart tooltip
12881Fixed an issue where the tooltip on the date slider did not show correctly in the Story editor
12077Fixed an issue that caused overlapping of the Activity Stream over the Story header
13305Resolved an issue that was not allowing a user to set external URL parameters to Story URL's
12671Updated functionality so that old Snapshots would only be deleted if they were not being used in an active (OPEN, PENDING or DRAFT) Story.
10888Added a servlet filter to enable adding OWASP Secure headers to all HTTP responses.
10356Approval notifications will now be sent to every member of an approval group, when group approval is set for a report or view.
13127Fixed 404 error when creating a view translation file.
13483Fixed a bug that prevented line chart formats appearing for overlay charts.
13018Fixed a bug that prevented the like button from displaying on root comments
13322Fixed an error saving roles when signals consumer role has been switched on but the deployment is on a pre-signals licence.
12882Fixed an issue because of which tasks were not being re-allocated when a Slave node becomes Master.
12941Fixed an issue preventing associated content from being added to a Storyboard
11568Fixed an issue preventing upgrades from 7.1 to 8.0.1 for Oracle or PostgreSQL
13854Fixed an issue that generated duplicated narratives when copying a report containing data insights
13105Fixed an issue where deleting a Client Organisation would crash the instance of Yellowfin.
12794Fixed an issue where multi metric split scatter auto chart did not render with a dimension colour and a trend
13089Fixed an issue where Radar charts were not generating
13055Fixed node discovery after temporary network outages in a DYNAMIC cluster
12866Fixed problem where events were not visible across all nodes in a clustered environment.
12755Fixed the plural textbox to only appear next to included dimensions in the assisted insights key variables tab.
13580Fixed an issue where multiple nodes starting up concurrently may not always get configuration from one another
13441Fixed an issue where a blank date picker says that its inputs must be valid when it is not mandatory
13300Fixed an issue where deselecting a field access filter in View settings inserts the word 'None' in the database in the users current language
13819Fixed an issue where a linked Filter with Offset does not apply on sub-query
12649Removed deprecated options on the comments to set an activity type and stream for a new or edited comment
13079Updated bundled postgresql jdbc driver to 42.2.5.jre7
10623Updated MySQL JDBC driver to 5.1.47
6257Updated the Apache Derby library to version 10.14
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