Identify which table/join is causing the 'circular join' message

Dor David Makmal shared this idea 8 months ago
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When working with large views (which most of ours are), when we run into a circular join issue, it's near impossible to figure out which join it's referring to.

Can you please have a way to visually identify the bad join? E.g. Maybe show the join line as red etc.. even doing it at the log file level is good enough, just need something to help!


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Hi Dor,

Thanks for the suggestions. This has been logged for further review.

In most cases of view edits, you're not modifying that many tables/joins, so shouldn't be too bad to figure out which tables you just added/modified.

To help us understand how this impacts you, can you please attach a screenshot of this issue in practice, and why it's not easily identifiable.



In my experience the most common issue is understanding the join-from/join-to logic baked into Yellowfin. Another experience I learned is that joining using multiple table conditions is simply not possible unless you construct a virtual table.

Here's an example that is completely logical yet not possible in view editor(without a virtual table):

Select *
From TableA
Left Join TableB on TableB.pk_id = TableA.fk_id
Left Join TableC on TableC.pk_id = TableB.fk_id and TableC.ex_date > TableA.ex_date
This is simply not possible without a virtual table. All joins using the standard GUI interface are predicated on one table to another without the ability to include a column from another table as a join condition. That would be a nice feature.


Thanks Larry, yeah there a lots of features that would be awesome to cater for.

One step at a time ;)


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