Yellowfin 9.8.0 has been published

Mark McGuire shared this announcement 20 months ago

Yellowfin 9.8.0 is now available on our Yellowfin Releases page.

For information relating to how to access the builds page, please see here.

This release includes a large list of items, including;

  • Significant update to our Guided Natural Language Query (NLQ) capability.
  • We have added the ability to create Synonyms for fields, so your users don’t have to remember the specific name of a field in order to use it in a question.
  • Over 50+ resolved issues, addressing filters, charts, signals and other key components.

For more detailed information on these items take a look at our release notes.

As always, we welcome feedback and questions on our latest release.

We have re-released this version/build;, with this comes 2 further bug changes:-

  • Resolved an issue with client organisation broadcasts linking to the default organisation in cases where dashboards are created in the default organisation.
  • Resolved an issue with PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift drivers added via Plugin Management causing errors when connecting to these databases.

The Yellowfin Team

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