End of support for the Yellowfin Legacy App

Mark McGuire shared this announcement 9 months ago

Due to some upcoming changes in the Android and Apple platforms, the legacy mobile app will be withdrawn from the App store on October 31st, 2023.

In addition, our support team will no longer be able to provide support for the legacy app. If you are a legacy app user, we encourage you to consider upgrading to the new app. 

Yellowfin released our new mobile app in September 2019. The new mobile app features a significantly updated User Experience, support for newer Yellowfin features such as Signals, Stories and a social-media like Timeline Feed. In addition, the new app includes a simpler and more secure onboarding process that can be initiated by the System Administrator or by individual users. You can learn more about the Yellowfin Mobile experience here.

For any questions, including questions on re-branding, please contact the support team.

The Yellowfin Team

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