Update Renamed Fields on View Replacement Import

Danielle Howes shared this idea 11 months ago
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I made changes to a View and renamed 2 fields and moved them to a new Field Category folder.

I then import this View into production to replace an existing View. I received the error that the renamed fields were "missing" and after import these fields were removed from existing reports.

Can we implement a feature to mitigate this?

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Hi Danielle,

Thanks for reaching out with your Idea. Worth noting for other readers here is that when editing a View, these changes automatically propagate to existing reports. If one were to export all reports based on the updated View during this process and replace all target reports, this should effectively mitigate the issue.

As revealed in the private ticket, in cases where Client Organizations may be creating their own local reports this isn't always an option.

I'll keep this post updated with further information regarding a decision on this Idea.