never mark data source connection as unavailable when volatile data sources is enabled

Vishal Lahane shared this idea 4 years ago
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So as it stands once Volatile sources gives up (based on your time/retries) the data source gets flagged as unavailable.

so the idea is that When volatile sources is enabled, never mark the data source connection as unavailable. UNLESS the user actually tests the connection when unavailable.


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Hey Vishal,

I Hope you are well!

This has now been raised as an idea to the dev team and the Jira ID is attached to this idea. As soon as I receive any update regarding this idea, I will update you here" Hope that is ok! :)

Thanks & Best Wishes,



Hi Vishal,

After reviewing this idea, I think there is a better solution here.

Rather than remove the ability for YF to stop any data sources from being flagged as disconnected, you just need to configure volatile sources to cater for your outages.

I've posted the resolution here: How can I stop my data sources from being flagged as unavailable?

The reason why the above is a better solution is that the user may have multiple data sources, and some are legitimately no longer available. You would not want Yellowfin to continue to try and use it, as it will not only cause performance issues, though will also remove the ability for users to know that data source is no longer reachable. It will force the user to either remove that bad connection, or resolve the issue (e.g. address has changed).

Will close down this idea, though happy to provide any additional information you require on this.



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