How can I stop my data source from being flagged as unavailable?

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Every now and then my data source connection goes down, and in order to get it back up I need to open it up and test the connection. Until that happens my reports would not run as Yellowfin is not aware the connection is back up.

How can I get around this so that even if the connection goes down, YF picks it back up once it's back online?

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In order to do this, you need to configure your volatile sources to cater for this down time.

Before continuing forward, it's important to keep in mind we are focusing on data source connectivity and that none of this will make sense unless you have read the following articles:

Now in order to solve your problem.

What you need to do in this scenario is configure volatile sources to be able to cater for the outage. For example, if you know your data source connection drops out for no longer than 3 mins, you can configure volatile sources as follows;

Volatile timeout = 3000

Volatile retries = 500

This would mean that the connection will be tried for 3 secs, 500 times. So this will cater for a 25min DB outage.

During this period, as Yellowfin is trying to use the connection, it won't flag the connection as unavailable until it finally gives up after 25mins.

How this looks to the end user is that the report/dashboard will continue to load. So they may think the report is taking a long time to run.

This acts the same for background tasks, the scheduled items will continue to try, and not give up until it hits that 25min limit.

If you have further questions on this, or still have troubles after catering for connection down-time. Please reach out to the support team so we assist further.



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