Make it so that Freehand SQL doesn't remove joins

Larry Beasley shared this idea 22 months ago
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I have a requirement and the only way I can think of how to solve it is to use a common table expression. I cannot create one in a view. It can only be created in a freehand report. I have to make the CTE very simple and FINAL because any change to it and the entire report goes away. I'm only using it to pull in 3 columns and then I left join a view. Maybe there's a way to solve my issue without a CTE but I cannot think of one.

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Hi Larry,

yes I can see why a CTE doesn't work in the current Freehand SQL View, because when you create a report from a Freehand SQL View then Yellowfin uses the Freehand View SQL as a subquery within the Report SQL, but obviously a CTE expression as a subquery causes a syntax error.

So I've gone ahead and raised an internal enhancement for the Idea (YFN-10423) of allowing CTE expressions in a Freehand SQL View.

And now....taking a long shot (because I don't know the details of your requirements), I'm just wondering whether the "Use As View" feature in "Report Settings" would help you with your current reporting requirements in any way?