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Lawrence Brown shared this problem 1 week ago
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We have a problem with one of our clients with the Great Britain geopack and we have split the postcodes into area, district and sector to link with the geo pack. However, the area and sector links aren't working (see image.)


Our understanding of the postcode format is in the image below


It looks as if all the links that have a single letter for their area do not work.

Have we not split it as it should be for the link to work?

We"re running 7.35 with the 20170908 patch.



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Hello Lawrence,

We are looking into this for you!

I see from you image that the it's not just the outward code that is affected by only having a single digit, the inwards code is too.

There seems to be some logic issue around postcode area or sector with a single digit.

I am setting up a replication of this to investigate further.

I will update this ticket with my progress as I go.

Best regards,



Hi Pete,

Thanks for quick response.

We've been invoiced in quite a lot of postcode/logistics based projects in UK and therefore have quite a sad knowledge of them so feel free to ask any questions if you need to!

Talk soon,