Better formatting options when using crosstab Reports

Mark shared this idea 3 years ago
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When we create a cross tab the default is for the Row Dimensions to be vertically middle aligned in their cell (when Suppressed Duplicates is selected). It would be nice if we could choose to Top (or Bottom) align, as well as other formatting options that are present in standard Report building.


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In Addition to that mentioned in the initial request (the most important requirement)

It might be hard to see - but the formatting of the Cross Tab Dimension Values and Measure Headers does not match that of the Column and Row Dimension Headers - It would be nice to have better




They appear to have Blank or White Borders on them - even though this has been removed (as best as can be) - as per the settings chosen below






Note - Export to Excel also does not Include the Formatting on Measure Headers/7edaff3194343ff3563c4ba609e8a623



I am sure you are aware of the other ideas surrounding formatting Cross Tab Reports and Column Headers... But, I thought it would be nice to make mention, if not.

just to name a few...



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