8.0.2 failing to install into MySQL with driver 8.0.16

Yellowfin FAQ shared this problem 4 months ago
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When installing Yellowfin 8.0.2 using the latest MySQL jdbc driver (8.0.16), the installer fails with an ERR_UPDATEQUERY error:


The installation log file shows this:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'yellowfin802v.etlrunlog' doesn't exist
Note: The above errors may slightly differ across environments

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This issue will be resolved in a future release, updates will be communicated via this post.

However, in the interim you can get around this using the previous 5.1.47 driver (see attached)

If you still run into issues using the older driver, or if there was anything else you were after, please reach out to us.