How do I get the info_threads page and what does this do?

What is the info_threads.jsp, and what does it do?

The Info_threads.jsp is page that shows what Yellowfin is currently processing. For example, it will show if a report is loading in the browser, or the SQL has been passed to the driver, and results haven't been received yet in Yellowfin. It may also show some processors which have stalled or been blocked.

To get to this page, you will need to open a new browser tab and append info_threads.jsp to your Yellowfin URL
e.g. http://localhost:8080/info_threads.jsp

You will see something like this:

If you are working with one of the YF team, this is a great troubleshooting service.
Save and send over for review if asked. At times, this page might have to be reviewed multiple times over a short period to get an idea of what is loading over that period. 

We have also created a tool to automatically grab these results for you:

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