Broadcasting using CC recipients

If you're here, it's a good idea to have read the following first, and ask the question, "am I trying to solve an issue?", if this is the case reach out to the support team to ensure we're addressing the right issues.

What does this feature do?

In cases where broadcast recipients will receive the same report & result set, Yellowfin will utilize the email CC field for all recipients, instead of generating multiple emails. When this is enabled, a single report is generated and sent in a single email, with all recipients in the CC field (you won't have a recipient in the 'To' field). This does mean that any recipient of this broadcast will be able to see all other recipients in the CC field.

Please note that this is only applied in cases where the same result set is sent to multiple users. It does not apply to any reports that contain source filters, or would otherwise generate a different result set based on translations, timezone converters etc..
In these scenarios Yellowfin will fall back to standard broadcasting and generate multiple reports/emails.More information on this can be found here.

Some important things to consider before enabling this

  • Are you broadcasting content to multiple recipients.
  • Are you running into performance issues with broadcasting.
    If so, reach out to the support team before making any config changes.
  • Do most of my recipients see the same broadcasted report.
  • Recipients who receive this broadcast will be able to see all other recipients in the CC field.
  • Is Inline email generation a better option.
  • This feature is only supported on 7.4.6 and later releases.

To enable this option

  1. Run the following against the Yellowfin repository DB
    INSERT INTO "public"."configuration" ("iporg", "configtypecode", "configcode", "configdata") VALUES (1, 'SYSTEM', 'COMBINEEMAILGROUPS', 'TRUE')
  2. Restart Yellowfin for changes to take affect

If you have any questions, or running into issues relating to schedules, please raise a ticket with our support team.

The Yellowfin Support Team.

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