Broadcast reports individually instead of bulk sending

If you're here, it's a good idea to have read the following first, and ask the question, "am I trying to solve an issue?", if this is the case reach out to the support team to ensure we're addressing the right issues.

What does this feature do?

Yellowfin allows you to generate and send every broadcast as soon as the email content has been generated. This means rather than hold the email content in memory until it's built the entire recipient email list, it will just send it out as soon as each report/email content is done. If you were to have a single report being broadcast to 4 recipients (each which have the exact same result set), instead of Yellowfin holding the email content in memory until it has generated the emails for all of the 4 recipients, it will only hold 1 email then send, generate the 2nd email and send etc.. This conserves memory, though at the same time can cause a delay between emails. Don't use this option if you need each user to receive the email at the exact same time.

Some important things to consider before enabling this

  • Are you broadcasting content to multiple recipients.
  • Are you running into performance issues with broadcasting.
    If so, reach out to the support team before making any config changes.
  • Does it matter if recipients receive the report at different times.
    The 20th recipient in the list has to wait for 19 reports to be generated and sent before they will get theirs. 
  • This feature is only supported on 7.4.6 and later releases

To enable this option

  1. Run the following against the Yellowfin repository DB
    INSERT INTO "public"."configuration" ("iporg", "configtypecode", "configcode", "configdata") VALUES (1, 'SYSTEM', '


  2. Restart Yellowfin for changes to take affect

If you have any questions, or running into issues relating to schedules, please raise a ticket with our support team.

The Yellowfin Support Team.

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