Yellowfin Launches Certified CData Connectors

Mark McGuire shared this announcement 17 months ago

Today we announced a global partnership with CData Software, a premier provider of real-time data connectivity solutions, to extend the capabilities of Yellowfin with 250+ high-performance CData connectors.

This powerful set of data connectors simplifies the process of accessing enterprise data in real-time, enabling users to easily connect to a wide range of popular on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), marketing automation, accounting, and collaboration.

Yellowfin and CData will work together to ensure that CData connectors work seamlessly within the Yellowfin platform. Yellowfin customers will gain access to free tools that can be used individually or within several prepackaged CData solutions. Selected connectors will be available in special Yellowfin bundles.

The new CData connectors unlock a wide range of benefits for analytics users, including:

  • 100% Java architecture based drivers that implement the native protocol without reliance on client-side libraries.
  • Extensive schema discovery capabilities for every data source
  • Easy direct connection to Yellowfin with complex hierarchical data through flexible and extensible NoSQL flattening
  • Better data access with optimised socket-level streaming and compression capabilities
  • Highly customisable and configurable
  • Enterprise-class security
  • And much more

“Yellowfin’s flexible architecture supports live connectivity to multiple data sources. CData connectors support and build on this capability providing more data integration options.” commented Atanas Popov, General Manager of Yellowfin. “CData and Yellowfin share a deep commitment to innovation and this partnership will benefit our global customer base.”

“CData is the standard for enterprise data connectivity and our team works tirelessly to provide the widest range of high-quality, real-time data drivers ,” said Amit Sharma, CEO of CData. “Our extensive experience working with many leading BI and Analytics solutions gives us confidence that CData’s solutions will add significant value to Yellowfin’s many customers.”

Please see here for Yellowfin Data Connectors.


The Yellowfin Team

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