YF 8.0.10 compatibility issue with Open JDK 13,15,16 and 17

Pratiksha Rane shared this question 11 days ago
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We have observed that when YF is configured with Open JDK 13,15,16 OR 17 reports stops working for Date filter

1) either applied Date range doesn't get into consideration and shows all the records

2)or it throws invalid DateTimeFormat error even though it's correct

Could you please confirm if there is any known issue with Open JDK ?

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Hi Pratiksha,

As far as I'm aware, OpenJDK 16 and above are not currently supported by Yellowfin. I'm not 100% sure for Yellowfin version 8, which versions of OpenJDK are supported. If you like I can query this.

Can you confirm that DateTimeFormat errors are not encountered when using OpenJDK 11 in Yellowfin 8.0.10?

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