When using 'Save to Disk' can we have an option to specify a report sub-folder

Rishabh_Awasthi shared this idea 2 years ago
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When using 'Save to Disk' option for report broadcasts, can we have a way to specify a sub-folder for the report?This way the report will always be saved into it's own relevant folder.

Right now Yellowfin only allows a single location for all files.

Maybe we could have a way to allow additional save locations?

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Hi Rishabh,

I think there are a few things here and we need to ensure we get this idea logged that best matches your use-case.

-Is this just to stop overriding of files? If that's the case we can review the other idea here: https://community.yellowfinbi.com/topic/stop-files-being-overwritten-when-using-save-to-disk-or-ftp-broadcast-types

-Is this to allow you to save to different folder paths? If this is the case it makes more sense to change this idea to reflect that.This way you can create multiple save paths at admin level , an on report level choose which path suits you best.

Hope this makes sense!




Hi David,

Requirement here is ability to have multiple folders (folder paths) for 'Save to Disk' capability. That way Customer can segregate reports for BU, Customers, Regions and so on. While setting up broadcast, user can select one of the folder path.

One of our Customer quoted that they have 300+ end customers using solution. Due to lack of this capability today, there are resources assigned to copy report copies into separate end Customer specific folder (only accessible to respective end customer). Having this capability will eliminate manual intervention required for report distribution.


- Rahul


Thanks Rahul for the feedback!

I'll raise the enhancement to be able to create multiple save paths at the admin level, and the end user then has the option to choose one of the paths created.

In terms of a customer with over 300 end users using this option, I would suggest that they look at local FTP options (it's very easy to set up), as that would get them what they need today, without needing further manual intervention. Hope they're aware that is an option :).


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