Unable to export report at Client Org if linked to a Dashboard that exists at Parent Org

Angela Williams shared this problem 5 years ago
Defect Fixed

Discovered an issue where unable to export (Admin export) a report that was created in a Client Org if it drills through to a Dashboard that lives in Parent Org.

The issue does not occur if drill through configured to point to a Report that lives in the Parent Org, only an issue if drilling to Dashboard.

I was easily able to recreate this using Ski Team data.


Parent Org

  • normal Ski Team data source
  • normal Ski Team View
  • normal Ski Team reports/dashboards

Create a Client Org, if not one already

  • In Client Org, create a new Report selecting the Ski Team View (published at Parent).
  • GOOD:
  • -- Configure drill through to a Report published at Parent.
  • -- Admin > Export > Select report just created. Exports fine.
  • BAD:
  • -- Change drill through on your report to drill through to a Dashboard published at Parent.
  • -- Admin > Export > Select your report. Unable to export due to errors indicating content has been deleted.

When drilling through to a report from parent org, the export is not including that parent report or content folder as children in the export. Report exports successfully.

When drilling through to a dashboard from parent org, the export is including the dashboard and content folder/subfolders as children in the export. Report does not export successfully.

Need to be able to successfully export reports created in Client Org that happen to have drill throughs to Dashboards that live in Parent Org. Currently have found no way to export these reports. If there is a work around, please advise.

Thank you,


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Hi Angela,

thanks for the detailed replication steps and for alerting us to this bug - I have been able to reproduce it over here so have raised a product defect (YFN-11663) so that it gets fixed. Unfortunately the only workaround I can think of until this gets fixed is to turn off the Drill Through in the report just for the export, and then after you have exported the report and then imported it, reconfigure the dashboard tab to the Drill Through.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this bug.




Hi Angela ,

Just wanted to let you know that this task has now been completed and included in the latest 7.4.10 release.

Change logs for the release are here.

Would love to get confirmation your issue has been resolved with the latest release, so please let me know how it all goes post update, and of course reach out if you have any questions on this.



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