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Larry Beasley shared this idea 6 years ago
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Please log this as an idea. I created a view that needed a self join but it's kind of tough keeping up with the columns. I gave the tables alias's and created two folders, "Client Visits" and "Follow Up Visits" to match. When I pressed the toggle button I was disappointed to see that the business description of the columns did not support displaying the table alias. Would it be possible to add the table alias? Currently, there is no way to tell the columns apart without trial-and-error. After looking around a bit, I do not see any reference to the table alias or any way other way of determining which column is which. Even the column format tab displays the exact database name. In order to make the determination, I ran a query outside of the app and the used the returned data to mark which fields were which.

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Nevermind. I have add from table fields set to automatic. The table fields toggle button displays the alias. I could have dragged and dropped my fields into the correct folders from there. Other than that, I guess the table alias would be helpful throughout if that was an option.


Hi Larry,

OK I've changed this Question into an Idea and raised an enhancement request for it (YFN-9533).

That workaround is easy enough, but nevertheless, I think it would be helpful to have the option to toggle to table alias as well as the original table name.

thanks for your input!



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