Twitter connector - Rate limit exceeded

David Registro shared this problem 7 years ago

I have created a connection to my twitter account, which was all successfully.

However my reports will not load content, I just see the message below, even well after 20mins:


In the Yellowfin.log file I can see this error:

YF:2016-09-22 11:31:59:ERROR (TaskScheduler:A) -


Rate limit exceeded

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You will get this message if there are too many calls to fetch Twitter data from the API.

This is based on the YF instance & Twitter account used.

How is the call limit being breached?

Within YF code, there is a limit to ensure that YF does NOT exceed the limit, so it's

impossible to do even if you have lots of tweets.

However, the limit is set at each Yellowfin installation, and the Twitter API

will use the 'same token' when it's the same application and twitter account.

This means, you can have 3 different installs of Yellowfin, all using the same

twitter account, which would mean they all use the same token.

So if the API call limit is 100, and you have 3 versions of YF using that

token, you can effectively be trying to make 300 API calls, which is not going

to be allowed by the actual API, because YF can only limit per installation,

not per total YF installs.

It's the same situation if you have multiple applications using the same API and twitter account, you can run into the same problem.

How do I resolve this?

Find out where the calls are being made from and stop some of them.

Ie. Shut down a YF instance, use a different twitter account.

If you have performed these checks and still running into issues please raise a private ticket with the support team, as we will need to get some twitter account details from you for further investigation.



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