SOURCEFILTERWILDCARD not working as expected

Alankrita Ladage shared this problem 2 years ago

HI Team,

I have setup access filters across multiple orgs but facing issue with SOURCEFILTERWILDCARD.

I have added entry in the config table for default org but still its not populating any values in report filter.

I am filtering data using client reference id

Can you help me with below queries

  • How i can setup the access filters across multiple client orgs using SQL query?
  • if multiple clientorgs are there then should i need to add SOURCEFILTERWILDCARD for each org?


Alankrita Ladage

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Hi Alankrita,

Wildcards are only supported by manually created source filters, essentially everything EXCEPT client reference codes.

The only way you can get all data showing in the default org is to have the default orgs client ref id align with all values across the orgs within the data warehouse itself.

The reason for this is that the values for the source filter come from the Client Ref ID column which you cannot bypass, where with manually created source filters come from the 'where' clause you create, which allows us to bypass it.

So in essence, you will need to have your data returned in a way that allows the default org ref code to return all data.

Hope this makes sense, and sorry for any confusion this caused.




Thanks David.

But even if I am adding manual source filter for admin user I am not able to see any values in report filters although I am able to see all data. The issue is with why we are not getting any values in the filters .

In our case we are having multiple database with respect to each client(having same schema) and we are using source subsititution for this as we have some set of reports and dashboards which we want to share across all client orgs

one question is till not answered do i need to add


this entry which each client org or default will work for manual source filters.

One more question what is exactly the meaning of Inherit Access Filters from Client Source.

This is the one which we wan to solve quickly.

Thank you for quick responce.


Hi Alankrita,

In terms of the wildcard entry, you only need to insert it once with the IpOrg 1, you don't need to insert per client.

As for the question on inherit filters, and also the issue where filters are not being displayed, I have moved this to a private ticket where we can discuss further.


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