Silent Installation Failing To Find Installpath

Jared Holtgrewe shared this problem 4 years ago

This is my Silent installation

C:\<yellowfin>java -jar "<yellowfininstaller>" -silent "C:\<>"

action.adminuser.username=admin action.adminuser.password="YeLLOW"Fin" option.installpath="C:/<YellowfinInstallPath>

When I parse this through the command prompt I get an error.

Missing key: option.installpath

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This is occurring because you have an unescaped quote on the action.adminuser.password argument. thus creating a new string which includes the installpath argument.

When performing post-installation arguments during a silent installation in the Windows command prompt, it is recommended that any of the values entered do not contain double quotes as this will close or open a string and obfuscate anything contained within, even other arguments you may be attempting to parse.

The above command will set the admin password to test. If the value we wanted to set the password as contained a double quote:

the administrator password would then be te. The third quote as mentioned previously is signalling the beginning of a new string. It is best practice to never let there be an unescaped quote within a command line argument. Following this practice should help prevent any unwanted errors during silent installations of Yellowfin.

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