Restrict data for users based on dates

Ashan Meegoda shared this idea 5 years ago

We would like the option to restrict specific data for users based on dates.

For example...

We have recently sold our business. The new owner wants to see the new data from the day he/she has purchased the business.

Maybe an option at the Admin User level to filter data for specific dates set for specific users? This would work so that when a user signs in, they only have access to the data (reports, dashboards, stories etc.) for the dates that have been set.

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Hi Ashan,

Thanks for reaching out. What you're after here I believe to already be possible through the use of Access Filters. Access Filters are used to restrict data based on the user running a report.

You can read more about this functionality, as well as how to set it up, on our Wiki page for Restricting Data with Access Filters. Specifically, in order to restrict data based on a date range, you'd likely have to set this up using a SQL Query Access Filter, which is explained in the linked Wiki article as well.

I did a quick test just to make sure the SQL Query accepted dates similar to the way asked, and this does validate:

Note that this will require some tweaking and re-testing from the way you'd query directly against your RDBMS since this is using Freehand SQL and not MySQL, T-SQL, etc..

Please let me know if this appears to be what you are looking for and whether you have any further questions.



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