Picklists for parameters in stored procedure based views

Mike Ryan shared this idea 7 years ago
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Hi there, if this is not the right place to submit a feature request please let me know!

I would like to put forward an enhancement request to allow picklists for the parameters in views based on stored procedures to make things easier for the end user.

One of our stored proc views is to generate frequency rate calculations. In short, it is a way of measuring and comparing how often certain types of events happen, such as lost time injuries, restricted work injuries, total recordable injuries etc.

At present, the user must type in the frequency rate types that they want to view in the report, such as LTIFR, RWIFR, TRIFR.

There is a finite number of options they can choose from, and they can choose more than one. An input may be LTIFR, RWIFR or simply LTIFR itself.

It would be great if they could instead choose these from a picklist. We currently have 15 options.

In this particular view, every parameter except the start and end date come from a short list of options which never change.

A couple of extra points:

  1. The user should also be able to type options in - they shouldn't be forced to use the picklist
  2. It would be great to have hints available for each option so if they mouse over, they get a description of each available option e.g. for LTIFR they would mouse over and see "Lost time injury frequency rate".

Please let me know if any further information is required!

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Mike, thanks for the idea. I have moved this from a ticket to a post so we can gather feedback from other users. Our team reviews the ideas posted each month and works to determine if they fit into our product roadmap. We will review and update shortly.



Hi Mike,

Apologies for the delayed response on this, It's caused quite a lengthy discussion.

Unfortunately at this point in time, Yellowfin will only support an 'equal to' parameter when based off a stored procedure.

So while you can cache your parmater using a custom query, it will only ever be an equal to.

We do offer a '2nd layer' of filtering, which will allow you do use 'in list' , but it's only applied after your parameter has been passed.

E.g. If you have a parameter than returns Country, that is an equal to.

Yellowfin will let you drag in State, or City as a standard filter, which you can change to 'in list' and cache.

It's not exactly what you were after, but it's the best we can supprot with current architecture.

Apologies for the inconvenience on this.



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