Parameters for Data Transformation Flows

Stephen Johnson shared this idea 5 years ago
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When I create a Data Transformation Flow pulling data from my SQL database, I would like to be able to manage parameters for that flow. For example, if I only want to copy over data for a particular date range, I want to be able to specify a start and end date parameter every time I manually execute the report. My freehand SQL query can then reference these parameters to only select the data that I am interested in. If I find and correct an error in my source data and want to copy over the corrected data to my output database but don't expect other data to have changed, I'm not copying over a whole bunch of data with identical data. When the transformation is scheduled, the parameters would also need to be given values which could be based on the date or time that the report is running.

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Hi Stephen,

this is another good idea of yours for which there already exists an internal enhancement request (YFN-9030), so I've linked this Idea to the JIRA issue and added a note that you have also requested it.

thanks again for your input!


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