Last 6 Calendar months

Madhurima shared this idea 2 years ago
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We would like to have the ability of using "Last 6 Calendar months" as a pre-defined period.

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We need this as an Urgent requirement.So please look into this issue as soon as possible.


Hi Madhurima,

I hope all is well,

I have logged this as an Idea and logged this within JIRA so that our Devs can see this then take appropriate action. Going forwards and whilst we await for this to be looked/fixed. Can I offer the below possible workaround (as mentioned in a previous post to yourself);

  • Create 2 date filters on the report.
  • Have the first filter as user-entry.
  • Have the 2nd filter as 'link to filter' - 6 months

This report will then be a hard coded 'Last 6 months' .



I do want to make you aware that the only problem with this workaround is that you will have to set reports with set periods. See attached images showing this along with a report export for you to import as an example (SKI Team Data).

I hope this is ok Madhurima and with this I look forward to your reply.