Have a Schedule minimum interval setting

Tarun Pandey shared this idea 50 days ago
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Can we have a way to limit the frequency of schedules? In particular report refreshes?

I know there is a way to set this for broadcasts, but no way to have the same setting for report or filter refreshes.

In our current situation a user had set a report to refresh every minute which locked up the server and what to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the suggestion, and agree we shouldn't just cater for broadcast schedules with minimum interval limits.The idea has been logged and with our product team for further review.

We are unable to provide an ETA at this point in time, however will provide updates here as we get them.

Side note: When we see users that have set a high report refresh, they're usually unaware that report data is live, or it's possible what they're really after is dashboard refresh. /e05a4219559d099769cfa6c0d8663a12

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.