Grouped Filters Setup "Use Min/Max Values" Slider Not Working

Andrew Clauson shared this problem 49 days ago
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Hi there,

I'm trying to configure a grouped filter at the view level (where one filter is dependent on the other), but in both the parent and child filter setup, the "User Min/Max Values" toggle doesn't respond. I've attached a quick screen recording showing the issue.

This toggle works correctly when setting the two filters manually/individually at the report level.

The grouped filter concept is a perfect solution for my particular use case, but a correctly functioning min/max toggle is critical to set the default filter values, or the whole process doesn't work.

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for providing the screengrab, made it extremely easy for me to understand replicate your issue!

I have now raised it to our product team for further review and I'll keep you posted on updates.

For the time being you will need to use report level filters to take advantage of the min/max filter options, though please feel free to reach out for anything else in the meantime.