Function to restore a view, report, dashboard, that have been deleted

Peter Michael Sørensen shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi Yellowfin

I have several times at different customer sites met the fact that BI developers accidentially deletes a view and by that also delete the content that this view is related to.

The same with a dashboard.

We always have to restore the config-database with work-loss depending on the timing of the delete or export/import content again by restoring on another instance, exporting and then importing the content to the production. I know that Yellowfin in the config-database have all the deleted records and associated content marked "DELETED", so it should be possible to build an administrator-function, that could recover an old version of a view, report or dashboard that have been deleted.

Hope this can get a high priority as it is a pain to do that exercise.

Look at this article which describes some of the problem (dashboards/reports)

Regards Peter

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for submitting this idea. I have logged this with our development team, all future updates and correspondence in regards to this idea will be post here.

Kind regards,

Nathan Goddard


Has there been any update with regards to this idea? We are seeing this as high priority as well.


Hi Dan,

I hope all is well,

Unfortunately we have had no movement on this idea raised, however going forward I have placed some notes in this ticket that we have with the development team.

I would also like to question who your account manager is so I can make them aware of this request from yourself.



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