Error running Stored Procedure: because the function is valued function object

David Registro shared this problem 3 years ago

Hi, I have created a function that returns a table, but when I try to use it in YellowFin, I got the following error:

Error running Stored Procedure: The request for procedure ‘GetMILStateReport’ failed because ‘GetMILStateReport’ is a table valued function object.

Does this feature support? What do I need to do to return a result set from a T-SQL?

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Yellowfin only supports single statement queries, and does not support creating functions.

E.g. If you were using something like this:

CREATE Function ufnGetRateReport (@StartDate DateTime, @EndDate DateTime)
It would give you that function object error.

To get around this, you will need to wrap the function in a SP, then call the SP from within YF.

If you still face issues, please let us know.