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Amir Shaikh shared this idea 7 days ago
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Hi Experts,

Would like to know if the below queries can be considered as an enhancement in future release:

1. I have built predefined report which is published for other users. </br>It has 2 predefined filters with type 'Contains', but it's not satisfying. </br>What I would like to achieve is to give possibility to user to choose by himself filter type (equal, like, contains etc). Is there such possibility?

2. When I manually start to type a word in a filter field in predefined report I would like to get automatic suggestions (e.g. I type 'ab' and I would expect suggestions ilke 'ab', 'abc', 'abcd' in a list below). Is there option like that?

3. Is there a possibility to turn on filtering data directly on all columns (like in excel for example) in predefined report?

4. When user chooses filter value he has to click 'Go'. Is there an option to just click 'Enter' instead? It would be far more natural. I couldn't find such an option in System Configuration.

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Hi Amir,

Thanks for reaching out with your ideas and suggestions. Let me address each one-by-one - these will require separate Idea tickets.

1. The operand type's available to users will depend on the format of the field itself, but the option is there (the three dots next to the field name in filter list):


2. I definitely see the viability and usefulness of this one. We can change this ticket to an Idea item to track this one after clarifying #3.

3. I'm not quite sure how functionally this would be any different from having the corresponding field in a filter list to the left of the report - this would merely be another mechanism to add the filtered result to the WHERE clause. Can you possibly expand on why this would be particularly useful and why the existing functionality wouldn't suffice instead?

4. There is a pre-existing Idea ticket for this, which you can reference here. I've gone ahead and added you to the client list in our internal task of those interested in seeing this implemented.

I look forward to your feedback.