Deselect a group of columns, based on name

Mandy Howard shared this idea 6 years ago
Not Planned

By default, no columns are selected to be included in the view. I have to select and open the metadata for each table, expand columns, and click "select all." Then, for each table, I will deselect the same few fields across all tables because I do not want these exposed to end users. There is not a way to search for a specific field across all tables and deselect it from my view.

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Hi Mandy,

I can understand your use-case, and how having the ability to search for a column across all tables, will easily allow you to de-select it.

However we don't believe this is something that would be good for the greater user-base, as it really relies on having the same columns across multiple tables, and then not wanting to select them.

While this specific idea is something that is not currently planned, we will need to revamp that stage of the view builder in the future, so when that does happen, we will revisit this to see if it's something we can include.

Apologies for the bad news on this request.



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