Create field categories from database table names

Mandy Howard shared this idea 7 years ago
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View > Prepare > Field categories: Today we usually organize our fields into folders that are 1:1 to the database (in our case, one table usually represents one form). In order to do this in Yf, we have to create field categories for each table manually then drag and drop fields from the Yf default folders (Dimensions, Date Fields, Metrics) to the appropriate folder.

Can Yf read database table names and create field categories based on this from a specific data connection?

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Hi Mandy,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. At this point in time Yellowfin doesn't have this kind of auto-folder classification capability built in. However, given your use case, I can definitely see how this could be useful! I've gone ahead and converted this to an Idea so that it can be voted on by other members of the community and be looked at the Yellowfin Product Team.

Sorry that I didn't have a slam-dunk answer on this one, but please let us know if you have any further questions!



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