Cannot set child filter as 'Reference Code' when a parent filter has been set

anqi shared this problem 2 years ago
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When creating filter group in the View, filters can be sorted by reference code (Value List Setup --> Reference code (pic 1 below)


However, if I have a filter with a parent link, then the Value List Setup does not have Reference Code to select (pic 2 below). Is there another way to show those filers (child filters) sorted in a specific code specified in Reference code? thanks


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Hi Emily, thanks for the screens!

Firstly, I'm able to replicate your scenario which I agree is a little strange and suspect it's related to some UI in consistencies which we can address in a future release.

However in the interim, I think there is a way for you to achieve what you're after. Here is what I did;

1. At the view level ensured my field was formatted as 'reference code'


2. Now in the report, that field is formatted s a reference code, whether or not it was used as a filter;


3. If I now set up the dependency, the values are shown as a reference values, and also sorted the same


Can you confirm this works for you? (I'm using 9.6.1, just in case there are some differences with my steps).




thanks David

though because I used a filter group, in the report, I can't click into the specific filters. Is there another way around it? thanks



Sorry I completely missed that Emily!

Ok I did the same at the view level, which almost worked (as you can set the filter format there) however once I set it all up, the report starting giving me errors.

Unfortunately I don't see a way around this with view level filters.

I have since converted this to a problem (and updated the title) as this will need to be addressed by a future product release.

So when it comes down to it, you can only get around this with report level filters, I wish I better news for you Emily!

I will however keep you posted on any further updates regarding this task.

Please reach out in the meantime if there was anything else you were after.



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