Can Dashboards and Presentations be exported to PDF in v9?

Yellowfin FAQ shared this idea 3 years ago

I've created some Dashboards and Presentations in Yellowfin 9. Is it possible to export them to PDF? What about other formats like .docx and .xlsx?

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I have also ran into this issue and I am currently enlisting help from other IT staff to add a print button via html, js, and css... (which thanks to code mode, will be a lot easier). However, I am not sure how to grab just the canvas area. I would love a standard export/print option for the complete dashboard!! Along with this, it would be nice to designate printable vs. non-printable (for the export). Just a thought...



Yes. Both of those ideas are exactly what I am referring to! Another "nice to have..." would be the ability to designate certain objects/charts/images/etc. as printable vs. non-printable. There have been times where I want it to show something on screen, but not print. Right now, I am attempting to use CSS (which I am glad I can do) to accomplish this.




Hi all,

that's great news : I was looking for that export feature.

however I have an important question : will javascript be exported on those pdf ?

It's an absolute necessity for us : as Yellowfin unfortunately does not offer any way to present text data from a database, I had to use a javascript chart to do that.

It's not actually a chart, rather a custom function printing really really basic HTML / CSS stuff. Nothing fancy, but I remember being unable to export js to pdf in v8.


Hi Simon,

thanks for that.

FYI here's the javascript function I wrote to address my needs (which is an excellent workaround for displaying text data in Yellowfin).

As you can see, it's dead simple. I guess it might be possible to forbid JS Export depending on the content of the JS Code ...

generateChart = function(options)
    var idChart = options.divSelector.substring(1);
    document.getElementById(idChart).innerHTML += '<h1>' +['site.libelle'][0].raw_data + '</h1>' 
                                                + '<p>' +['site.nbadherents'][0].raw_data + ' adhérents<br/>' 
                                                +['enquete.nbrepondants'][0].raw_data + ' répondants<br/>' 
                                                + 'Ouvert depuis le ' +['site.dateouverture'][0].raw_data + '</p>';



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