Broadcast reports are being sent to user even if all the broadcasts are deleted from schedule

Ashan Meegoda shared this problem 5 years ago

Hi support,

We have a client wanted to delete all the broadcasts that are being sent to him and his staff member, We have deleted all the broadcasts from schedule management. According to the client, he is still receiving few broadcasts to his email. Please help us to detect and delete the broadcasts.

IpOrg - 17022

IpPerson - 17023

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Ashan Meegoda.

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Hi Ashan,

thanks for the TaskSchedule data, I can see that you have deleted all broadcasts for IpOrg 17022.

Can you please ask your client to forward you the email broadcasts he is still getting, then from them you will be able to get the broadcast subjects and then you can look them up in the ReportBroadcast table:


then you'll be able to identify the BroadcastID:

SELECT BroadcastID 
FROM ReportBroadcast 
WHERE SubjectLine = '<insert broadcast subject here>'

and then you can find out the TaskSchedule ID by running the following query:

FROM TaskSchedule 
WHERE ScheduleUnitID = <insert BroadcastID here>
Or alternatively you could find out the report name from the email broadcast your client sends you, and then open that report in Yellowfin and open the Broadcast dialog and remove the client's name from there:





Hey Ashan,

I believe this has since been taken care of via other channels, if not please let me know.




Yes David, please close the case.

Thank you.

Best regards,


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Thanks Ashan.

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