BigQuery (BQ) database view is still visible in YF even after it is removed from BQ database

Vefa Gulecyuz shared this question 2 years ago

Hey guys, we are connecting to a Big Query (BQ) data source. We have database views in Big Query and we use those db views in Yellowfin to create YF views.

We needed to remove a db view from BQ and created a new one. However, after we removed the db view from BQ, it is still available in YF.

What I expected is that once we remove the db view from BQ, YF view would give us a warning saying that db view is not available anymore and if we want to replace it with another one. YF still thinks that BQ db view is there. When I try to access the data of non-existing BQ db view, YF does not show any data, naturally. (Because there is no such a db view)

I think something went wrong in YF repository db and the non-existing db views are still considered as existing.

Attached is a screenshot showing YF repository db's reportview table. viewid 1940064 is the new view I that want to use and 1914445 is the db view that does not exist anymore in BQ. However this db view still has a status OPEN. I assume that this status should not be OPEN, right?

I did this process in Posgresql db and it worked as expected. It might be related to BQ data source connector.

How can I get over with this problem? Is there somehow caching in YF repo db that did not detect deletion on BQ db view? Can I change simply the status of non existing db view to something other than OPEN without breaking other things?

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Hey guys, any updates on this?


As for BQ data connector, I use this one - odbc drivers.

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