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I've a data source based on oracle DB. The data source has a access filter named bl_site_id which is a SQL based filter. The query retrieves a bl_site_id from an application table for matching yellowfin user id.

There's a view on this data source. View has multiple tables having column bl_site_id. There exists a table parent_table which is a driving table. In this table too exists column bl_site_id. I've attached the bl_site_id access filter to the column bl_site_id in this table.

Now ive a reporting requirement where i want to filter data from another table called another_table apply the bl_site_id access filter on this table too. I want to do so, because i do not want to join the another_table to parent_table using bl_site_id.

I therefore want to attach bl_site_id access filter to another_table.bl_site_id too. In the view format under access filter option, I however, do not get bl_site_id listed in the drop down if i try to attach the bl_site_id access filter to another_table.bl_site_id. I however, see it under the parent_table.bl_site_id listing.

Can someone please throw some light on why I cannot attach bl_site_id filter to also some other column.

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Hi Girish,

I don't know the exact reason that you can apply the same access filter only once within one Yellowfin view, however I will try and find out if it is very important to you (I should warn you that it mightn't even be possible to find this out if the original specification is gone and so is the original developer), but suffice to say I know that it is not a bug because it has always been that way for many years now. I imagine that it could simply be that many years ago the scenario that you have described didn't occur to the developer(s) involved in the Access Filter functionality, or maybe it is not technically possible.

More importantly, does your customer consider this a high priority requirement? If so then please let me know and I'll raise an enhancement request for you.