An object's description should be visible as a tool-tip in the thumbnail view

Steve Remington shared this idea 6 years ago
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The object description is not visible when displayed in the thumbnail view.

It should be visible with the title as a tooltip when the user mouses over the object thumbnail image or title when in thumbnail view.

One strength of Yellowfin is the ability to record metadata about objects that can make it easy for users to find the exact content they are looking for. Not making the object description available in the thumbnail view decreases usability for users who choose to use the thumbnail view.

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Steve thanks for the suggestion. You are right this would make the user experience better. We will review at our end of month session, good thing for us to consider as we work on the next major release.



Hi Steve,

This is currently in discussion with the team, and was hoping to get some detailed examples of the type of info you want to see and where. When you are talking about thumbnail view, do you mean the reports in the browse page?

Then when hovering over the report you want to see data source, view and report details such as last modified, category etc..?

Or are you referring to something else?





Yes I am referring to the thumbnail on the browse page.

I think the mouse-over pop-up should contain the Report Title and and Report Description. Adding more details could clutter the pop-up. I think this sufficient for most people. If they need other details they can switch to List View.




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