Allow data transformations in client organizations

Ian Thompson shared this idea 2 years ago
Not Planned

Currently Data Transformations are only available in the default organization.

Expanding this functionality to client organizations is not currently in the road-map but if you are interested in having this ability, please up-vote this idea.

If this feature is important to you, we would also be interested in knowing a bit more about your use case.

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YellowFin is used as our advanced reporting solution for our Point of Sale software.

Multi Tenancy feature is the foundation of enabling clients to report their sales figures.

We have a need for a few of our clients to be able to regularly import reservations data from csv provided by other systems into our client's database to allow reporting of the combined reservations and sales figures. We were hoping to achieve this with the Yellowfin 7.4 transformations feature.




Just to revisit this.

Unfortunately at this point in time, this is not something that is planned for the roadmap.

If the need for this grows, we can revisit.

Sorry for the bad news Ian.